Promising business - growing parsley for sale

Promising business - growing parsley for sale

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Growing parsley can be a good source of income. Of course, for sale you will need to grow greens, which has an attractive presentation and at the same time in large volumes, so that the profit is tangible. Therefore, today we will focus on the features of parsley cultivation in order to implement it.

The highest demand for parsley is observed in spring and autumn, at which time peak prices for greens are formed in the market. Therefore, it is in the autumn, spring months that you should get good parsley crops. You will definitely need to apply the method of growing in greenhouses to get stable crops in the cold. The greenhouse is useful for growing parsley in the spring, for winter you will need a glazed greenhouse with a heating system.

Selection of cultivars

The next important step is to study parsley cultivars suitable for growing. Demand is mainly used for leaf varieties, varieties with ordinary leaves are used in the preparation of various dishes, and varieties with curly foliage serve as decoration for table decoration. In addition to greens, parsley gives quite tasty root crops, but the demand for them is extremely low and their sale of profits, as a rule, does not promise.

A parsley start-up business should take into account that not only good seeds germinate, but about 70%, so it will be beneficial to increase the seeding rate, and then thin out weak plants. Parsley sprouts appear 15 days after sowing, harvesting time occurs in 60-85 days and depends on the properties of a particular variety.

The arrival of fresh parsley can be achieved by sowing most of the year various varieties of parsley, distinguished by the timing of the onset of ripeness, do it every 15-20 days.

Growing parsley in a greenhouse: tips and tricks

Parsley cultivation cannot be called a complex or very laborious process. The key points in this case are as follows:

  • compliance with the rules for sowing seeds and planting roots;
  • creation of favorable conditions for parsley.

As in some other types of greens, parsley contains a high concentration of essential oils that slow down the germination of seeds. To neutralize this factor, the seeds are soaked in water for about 30 minutes and then left in a bag of gauze where they sprout.

When the sprouts hatch in the seeds, they are slightly dried and the sowing begins in pre-prepared beds with moistened soil. After sowing, it is recommended to water the beds.

A gap of 30 cm should be left between adjacent furrows, the seeds are buried 1 cm into the ground. After emergence, seedlings need to be thinned out, leaving the strongest plants, while trying to keep at least 8 cm gap between the individual plants.

Parsley needs regular watering, while it is impossible to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water in the beds. Also, proper care of parsley involves the application of mineral fertilizers and loosening.

Collecting ripe parsley, it must be cut low to the ground, it will not take a lot of time to grow.

All about growing greens

The main costs associated with the cultivation of parsley for sale is the purchase of seeds, fertilizers and devices for heating and lighting in the winter, which is necessary because in a short day the plant does not have time to get the required amount of light, therefore, fluorescent lamps are widely used in greenhouses. Other significant costs for a business based on the cultivation and sale of parsley are usually not required, and the profit it promises is quite high.

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