DIY crafts from car tires and tires do-it-yourself

DIY crafts from car tires and tires do-it-yourself

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The use of car tires in the country is justified, as is the use of plastic bottles. This is a cheap and quite practical material for creating a wide variety of objects and things that may be needed for work, leisure, and even designing the landscape of a summer residence.

Until recently, we talked about crafts at the cottage from improvised means, created TOPs of the most interesting things, and determined rating and exclusive ideas for using old and used things to create something new. We used wood, metal, plastic and glass bottles, but today it is the turn to pay attention to no less interesting material - car tires. Getting tires for use in the country is very simple, and working with them is not at all difficult. Therefore, we offer to devote some time and explore new ideas. Also, immediately we ask you to actively participate in the discussion of the article, because the opinion of each reader is very important for us!

Soft ottomans

For comfortable seats in the country during the holidays, you can use car tires. To do this, they turn into ribbons of fabric or straps that are simply intertwined. There is nothing complicated in such a technique, and in a practical way we found that it takes literally an hour to design a soft ottoman from a tire.

You can use tires of almost any diameter and size for the production of "country furniture", but try not to choose the most dilapidated ones so that reinforcing fibers from the main material do not cause you any troubles in the form of scratches and cuts.

Donkey with a wagon of tires

Remember, not so long ago we studied in detail the original works of some summer residents - wooden horses in the country? They were made of timber, logs, branches and other materials that you can not buy, but simply found in the country. Today, we propose to consider the horse model in a new light. It will be no longer a horse, but a donkey from a car tire.

The production of such a creature takes only two tires, which simply take up space in the garage or barn. Using a sharp knife, a little knitting wire and imagination, you can build a nice decoration for the lawn in the country within a few hours. In addition, it is quite possible to create not only a small burro, but also a wagon, and, for example, to install flower pots in it, thereby creating a mobile flower bed.

Tire parrots

Starting a conversation about exotic birds, we immediately present to you an image of such a masterpiece.

It looks like a real art, to which a professional had a hand. But if you look closely, then in the production of such birds here there are no difficulties. If you organize your work, make a simple drawing and pick up a quality tool, you just have to follow our instructions:

  • Make a tire cut on both sides, leaving only a small strip of the inner circle. That is, you get a solid small radius of the product, and divide the big one in half;
  • Next, draw a slice along a small radius, on both sides, whereby you get the desired shape with which you can carry out decorative work;
  • At the edges of the slice, the head of the parrot and its tail should be made. We dissolve the source material into several strips and sharpen them at the end, and also cut out the resemblance of the head of a parrot from rubber, only in shape;
  • The rest is done by bright colors, with the help of which a piece of black rubber acquires the desired shade and a clear image of a beautiful bird.

The frog princess from the wheels in the country

Got some old tires? Then in the territory of the summer residence you can create a very pleasant and funny picture - a frog sitting on the edge of the lawn.

The whole process takes several hours, in terms of costs - you only get paint for decoration.

First, two tires are laid on the ground, next to each other, close to each other. A third is laid on top of them, so we get a garden figure, somewhat reminiscent of a pedestal.

We fill the tires with earth from the inside and proceed to the design:

  • Two shorter and thicker branches and two long but thinner ones form the frog's legs;
  • Wooden blocks of a special form, which can be cut with an ordinary hacksaw, complement the legs;
  • From plastic bottles, we cut out the eyes and the crown for our dear “princess”, the rest is simply finished with paint.

DIY Tire Crafts

Tire beds

Some time ago, when we talked about interesting ideas for a summer residence, we stopped at creating flower beds from tires. Today we have only a reminder, as well as a call to use not only the rubber part, but also metal rims from the wheels, on the basis of which you can build reliable and durable stands for flower beds.

Bird figures

Decoration for gardens and lawns can also be made from old tires. Today we have a pretty nice white goose, the production of which was spent only one car tire.

As you can see, it is laid on its side and trimmed, its main part forms a decorative design with slices, and the cut part forms the neck and head of the bird.

It is very difficult to make a head out of rubber alone, and therefore a tree is used for stability and shape.

After the formation of the image, a new garden figure is painted.

It is also noteworthy that as a result we get not just a garden figure, but also an excellent flowerbed for planting ornamental plants.

Old Tire Pool

Of course, in order to make even the smallest pool, it will be necessary to take a serious-sized tire, for example, from a tractor or a large loader, and so on.

It is difficult to work with dense material, but cutting will not be necessary, because we have a ready-made form that can be filled with water. It remains only to make a reliable bottom, so that when filling such a pool of water, it does not immediately leave.

Initially, you should choose a place to install, cover it with a dense material that will create a base. It can be screenings or clay, but it can also be ordinary lawn ground with grass, the main thing is that it be settled.

Now we spread a piece of awning or a special film at the installation site, which is used to arrange artificial ponds in summer houses. Along the perimeter of our wheel, degrease the tent and generously lubricate with special glue. It can be glue for rubber or even a universal “Velcro”.

A wheel is laid on the awning, presses the awning with its weight, and remains in this position for a day. After that, it is necessary to additionally process the glued seam with sealant inside and out. After another day, you can pour water inside and use a completely tight cover from special equipment in the form of a country pool.

Track in the country

If there is a slight slope in the territory of the summer residence, a descent to the water or a passage through a ravine, it is possible to use tires to ensure maximum comfort on the way of movement. With their help, strong and durable steps are created, on which it is convenient and safe to walk.

When constructing a staircase of this type, we recommend that you fasten the products well on the slope, fill them inside with a dense layer of soil, sand or screenings, but do not forget about the internal cavities, which must also be filled.

Original garden figures

We have already studied some of the options, but now we move on to real fairy-tale characters who can appear in any country house.

First of all, we represent the bears from car tires, which are organically formed and installed, decorated and endowed with a special way. As you can see, next to them are pretty flowers from plastic bottles, which we talked about recently.

Next, we have beautiful swans at the entrance to the summer cottage. This is a more subtle and lengthy job, which requires free time and some skills.

Next in line is a caterpillar, which really isn’t easier. This is a nice figure of vertically mounted tires that fit snugly together at a slightly different height. Painting and simple design help complete the image.

At the very beginning of the article, we mentioned wooden horses and showed you a donkey from tires, but now we got to the horse from the old tire, the construction of which and the full design will take you no more than a couple of hours. Agree, this is not so much to create your favorite summer cottage toy for children or grandchildren. The figure is formed very simply - a tire is installed in a small hole, which is concreted. Further, it is made out and tinted, supplemented with a head and mane, and immediately after that it becomes a pretty object in the exterior of the cottage.

Tire furniture

Oddly enough, but tires can play the role of not only original decorations for the landscape of a summer cottage area, but also become really practical furniture. We already examined one of these examples at the beginning of the article, but here we came across some very good ideas.

A nice summer cottage set is presented to your attention, for the production of which tires and a metal frame are used. But as you can see, this is not simple, but wicker furniture, and therefore interest in it is increased.

A similar set is a little lower, but it is already upholstered furniture for a summer residence. Naturally, not the most practical option and far from the ultimate dream, but very pretty!

Practical use of tires

In conclusion, we present to you the idea of ​​constructing a cesspool, a home-made septic tank or a special pit for a country toilet from old tires. We won’t talk in detail about the construction of a toilet or cesspool, since the site already has thematic material, but just present you another useful direction in which you can use tires from a car.

What can be done from car tires

The human imagination has no boundaries, and the desire to achieve the maximum in practicality in the country, is often the main goal. This is precisely what we consider to be the reason for the development of new opportunities and the implementation of even those ideas that initially might not seem very traveling. Today we presented you with a considerable list of decor items, furniture and even sewer elements from old tires, and therefore we are waiting for your reaction to the material a little lower in the comments.

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