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Where plastic panels are used: the most practical options

Where plastic panels are used: the most practical options

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Plastic panels are a convenient material widely used in home repair. The scope of plastic panels is directly determined by their inherent qualities, among which are both with a plus sign and a minus sign.

The advantages of plastic panels

When answering the question of where plastic panels can be used, one should start from their advantages, due to which it actually becomes advisable to use the panel accordingly. So, the panels are characterized by:

  • Resistance to humidity, and even through the joints with proper installation of moisture can not penetrate.
  • Long term trouble-free operation while maintaining a presentable appearance.
  • High resistance to mechanical stress.
  • The exterior design of the panels may resemble stone, wood or other materials.
  • Installation of panels is possible on almost any type of wall, in addition, with the help of panels, the wall can be aligned.
  • When using panels, it becomes possible to lay wiring under it, rather than picking walls for this.
  • Panels may have sound and heat insulation properties.
  • In normal use, the panels do not emit harmful substances.
  • The possibility of using panels does not depend on the heating factor of the room, since this material does not depend on the temperature regime (only sudden temperature changes can pose a threat).
  • Keeping the panels clean is not difficult, just wipe them regularly with a cloth dampened in a detergent that does not contain abrasives.

Decorative panels

Disadvantages of PVC panels

None of the building materials is perfect, and there are some drawbacks to PVC panels, the severity of which depends on the quality, or simply is a property of plastic.

  • Plastic is a material of artificial origin, when burned, for example in case of fire, rather hazardous substances will get into the air. This factor imposes certain restrictions on the use of panels in residential premises, it must always be taken into account.
  • Plastic panels of low quality sometimes have a specific smell,
  • Sudden changes in temperature can damage plastic panels.
  • Plastic as a whole is not highly resistant to shocks and deforming effects. It’s good that replacing a damaged piece of the panel is usually easy.

Decorative panels in the design of the bathroom

As you can see, decorative plastic panels have an impressive list of benefits. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to use panels in any room of the house, but such a property as moisture resistance has made panels particularly popular for wall and ceiling cladding in the bathroom, shower and other rooms in which water is actively used.

Under aesthetic plastic panels you can easily hide water and sewer pipes.

Access to the pipes hidden under the panels can be obtained much easier than when they are covered with ceramic tiles.

Many will appreciate the rich color palette of plastic panels and the ability to choose the desired shade that is optimal for the design of the bathroom.

Lining the walls with panels of light tones, you can visually increase the area of ​​the bathroom. But dark shades are often used with success when designing a bathroom.

So in this regard, the panels provide an opportunity to show art and design creativity and design the room in a completely unique, unique way.

Plastic panels in the kitchen

Often you can see the walls lined with decorative panels in the kitchen. For the kitchen, PVC panels are convenient in that they are easy to clean. The inevitable spots of fat and mud raids, which all housewives are relentlessly fighting, will no longer be a big problem.

Again, there is almost always the opportunity to choose a color scheme for panels that will harmoniously blend with the color of the kitchen furniture and floor. Since the panels tolerate low temperatures well, they can be used to decorate balconies, open verandas and terraces.

Plastic panels for wall decoration

Of course, this does not exhaust the scope of the panels, and for sure someone has personal experience or opinion on where it is still advisable to use plastic panels. You can write about this in the comments. We recommend reading the article - block house (imitation of logs).

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