What unpretentious varieties of chrysanthemums to plant

What unpretentious varieties of chrysanthemums to plant

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Question from Galina: "There are a lot of beautiful flowers in my garden. I decided to supplement my collection with chrysanthemums. What unpretentious varieties will you advise me? Should this plant be prepared for winter? If so, how?"


Chrysanthemums can really become a real decoration of any flowerbed and front garden, if you select the appropriate varieties, which we will indicate in our answer.

Choose varieties

Perhaps the most unpretentious of chrysanthemums are Korean perennial small-flowered chrysanthemums that can grow in any region. The plant has many beautiful varieties:

  • Helios;
  • Intimate;
  • Nobel Rose;
  • Camina Red;
  • Chio-chio-san;
  • Padre White;
  • Fidelity;
  • Apple blossom;
  • Veronica;
  • Gir-gar;
  • Gagarin's smile.

Chrysanthemum propagation and care

In the spring, for reproduction, it is necessary, when the aerial part of the plant is formed, to break out root shoots. The use of cuttings or parts of the stems, as is often done with phlox, is not recommended.

To make the flowers larger, the buds appearing on the axillary stepsons should be plucked. In addition, it is necessary to leave 8-12 stems on one bush, cutting off all unnecessary as early as possible.

In autumn, the ground part of the plant is cut off. Top dressing of Korean chrysanthemum is carried out with the help of organics in early summer, with mineral fertilizers in the middle.

Chrysanthemums Landing and care

Winter care

After the final freezing of the leaves of chrysanthemums, their stems are trimmed off the ground.

It is not worth sheltering the bushes, since the main danger is not freezing, but warming up during periods of thaws in winter and snowmelt in spring. In the spring, when the chrysanthemums begin to grow, all the remains of last year's stems are removed.

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