How to make a fountain from a pot for indoor plants

How to make a fountain from a pot for indoor plants

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Many people think that a garden fountain is an inadmissible luxury. Today Olga Dannik, some of whose works are already known to you, will prove that to make such a water decor you only need desire and imagination. And it will take quite a bit of money.

Today I’ll tell you how from the materials at hand I made a decorative fountain in the corner for a coffee party. Just once, an ordinary female whim leaped over me: I wanted to drink coffee and listen to the murmur of water. They say it calms the nervous system very much ...

What worked for the fountain

Sometimes, sorting out old, already unnecessary things, you find them a new use, give them a second life (and they also say that with old things you need to ruthlessly say goodbye ...). So I freed the old painted clay pot from the indoor flower (no, I didn’t throw the flower away, just transplanted it into another container), washed and cemented the drain hole.

The murmur of water is different

It was possible to calm down on this - pour water, lower the pump pump, put on the desired nozzle and that’s all. Sit and listen to the welcome sounds of falling water.

But I also wanted to regulate this murmur myself. Yes Yes! You will not believe it, but it turns out to be possible! For example, if water jets fall without interference into the water - there is only one sound. And if along the way they meet smooth sea pebbles - the sound is different. I myself did not believe this until I checked.

I prepare "obstacles"

Just drop the pebbles in the water - it will not do anything. No effect. I found an old plastic bowl, made a hole with a hot Phillips screwdriver (held above the burner) (and made a bigger hole in the center - for the pump tube). This will be my springboard for sea pebbles and water.

But so that the water does not get cloudy, and the pot does not deteriorate, I used an ordinary dense garbage bag for protection. Wrapping its edges, wrapped it several times with a twisted cord. For the decor. I just want to get the right amount of such a cord over time and completely decorate the old pot from the outside (give it another new life).

The "bridgehead" just sits on the hole of the pot. But I, so that the pump-pump stood at the bottom more steadily, put on it an old wire fruit vase, and on top - a "bridgehead".

Gently introduced the pump tube into the hole in the center, secured the nozzle. She laid pebbles, trying not to close the holes for the drainage of water into the pot. In addition to pebbles, the murmur can also be regulated by adding or draining water from a bridgehead.

I sum up the wiring

My corner for coffee is located under the windows of the summer kitchen. A few years ago, a telephone cable was also brought there. And I decided to use the “beaten” way - to pass electrical wiring from above through a telephone cable so as not to drill a special hole in the house.

No sooner said than done. And so that rain and snow could not harm me, she put the wiring in the corrugated tube. I now have the extension cord plug in the kitchen, and I fixed the socket for the fountain ... under the table. There certainly no rain and snow will penetrate.

Fountain decoration

Now it was necessary to somehow decorate the fountain. Artificial fern came in handy. Cut off its branches, covered a bit of the edge of the pot. Over time, a living fern that grows behind the fountain will rise and add its chic leaves to its plastic counterpart, creating one big picture.

Of course, the decoration of this fountain leaves much to be desired, but ... Firstly, flowers will still be planted around the fountain that will cover an unenviable pot with a lively multi-colored wall, and secondly, it is important that there is still room for decoration ideas. And most importantly - you can drink coffee with the murmur of water. Female whim is satisfied.

Do you agree with me?

Olga DANNIK, photo by the author

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