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Zucchini Roller

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Zucchini is one of the most rewarding vegetables in the garden. Unpretentious in terms of growing conditions, providing a harvest not only in the summer season, but also during the winter harvesting period, it always pleases lovers of gourmet dishes. Gardeners try to simultaneously grow zucchini varieties with different ripening periods. Such a sensible approach makes it possible to feast on healthy zucchini all season. Among the early ripening varieties, it is especially worth highlighting the "Rolik" zucchini.

Description of the variety

According to its characteristics, it belongs to the ultra-early ripening varieties.

The description of the advantages of the "Rolik" marrow can be started exactly from the ripening period. In 35-40 days after germination, the fruits are ready for consumption. The second important criterion is the high yield of the Rolik variety. Among the main advantages of zucchini:

  • resistance to cold weather, which makes it possible for early planting;
  • good transportability and presentation;
  • the ability to grow in any soil;
  • high level of fruit taste.

It is the latter characteristic that makes it possible to use Rolik zucchini not only fresh, but also for culinary preparations. And the early ripening period makes it possible to harvest a good harvest before the onset of extreme heat.

The fruits of the "Rolik" marrow are white. They have a smooth, beautiful oval shape. The bark is smooth, of medium density. The pulp is very tasty, juicy and tender. Even a photo of the fruit looks no less appetizing than real zucchini.

Growing rules and care

To grow a good harvest, you need to plant quality seeds. The package must contain a photograph of the variety.

Attention! Zucchini "Rolik" is distinguished by good germination and friendly growth of seedlings.

To obtain high-quality seedlings, a nutritious soil mixture is prepared. In early April, seeds are sown in separate cups or special containers. Seedlings of "Rolik" squash are planted for permanent residence according to the 70x70 scheme. When planting directly into the ground, two seeds are sown at the same time in one hole. After emergence, the weaker shoot is removed.

Further care consists mainly of proper watering and nutrition. The main requirement for watering is that it must be timely and regular. When growing "Rolik" zucchini, in addition to fertilizing, it may be necessary to carry out measures to combat melon aphids. This variety is quite resistant to the effects of other parasites. Most often, "Rolik" zucchini are affected by aphids in years with unfavorable climatic conditions. In case of mass defeat, leaves are deformed on zucchini, flowers and young ovaries fall off. Gardeners prefer to fight pests with non-chemical means. These include:

  1. Infusion of wood ash (for 10 liters of water - 2 glasses). In addition to ash, you will need a piece of crushed soap (household). Both components are poured with water, stirred and insisted for a day. Spraying the leaves is done weekly.
  2. Tobacco infusion (1 liter of boiling water and 60 g of tobacco). Laundry soap (10g) is also added to this composition. Insist day and spray the leaves once a week.
  3. Dandelion infusion. You will need 450 g of chopped leaves and a bucket of hot water. Insist for two hours. Spray the leaves either in the morning or in the evening as desired.

Among the chemicals, the “Rolik” squash in case of aphid infestation is well-helped by the “Iskra”, “Strela”, “Intavir” and “Decis” preparations. Any tool is used according to the attached instructions.

Important! Be sure to follow the safety rules when working with chemicals and the last treatment should be carried out one month before harvesting the fruits.

If it is necessary to fight the pest during the period of fruit ovary, then use the biological insecticide "Fitoverm".

The main advantage of "Rolik" zucchini can be considered good reviews of summer residents. Among those who grew this variety, people of different ages and taste preferences. Almost everyone liked the "Rolik" zucchini.


Tatyana Peregoeva, 46 years old, Novosibirsk

Not a single season is complete without zucchini. Zucchini "Rolik" is very early. I use small fruits in salads instead of cucumbers. This happens when the cucumbers are not yet ripe. The zucchini taste is excellent, the harvest is always wonderful. I am very happy with the variety.

Zinaida Volkova, 55 years old, Barnaul

My profession does not allow me to spend a lot of time in the country. Therefore, I always choose those types of vegetables that do not require careful maintenance. Zucchini "Rolik" has been helping out for several years. Even without constant watering, we always have a good harvest. If pests appear, then we cope very quickly. But, usually, we manage to harvest the fruits before the drought.

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