Petrol snow blower Champion st656

Petrol snow blower Champion st656

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In recent years, snow blowers have been increasingly purchased. Today we will look at a product created by the Americans - the Champion ST656bs snow blower. Snow throwers are produced not only in the USA, but also in China. The American and Chinese assemblies are not much different. Indeed, for the manufacture of units, high-quality components are used, which ensure trouble-free operation for several years.

Important! Each Champion product comes with a one-year warranty.


The Champion ST656 petrol snow blower is a versatile machine, easy to operate, the creators have taken care of it. It is not difficult to operate the equipment, the main thing is to study the instructions. With the help of a snowblower, in a matter of time, you can clear the site not only of fresh, but also packed snow, which is exactly what our readers write about in the reviews.

  1. The machine is equipped with a 5.5 horsepower four-stroke engine. Thanks to the air cooling with a full fuel tank, you can work for a long time without stopping to rest.
  2. Thanks to the two-stage snow-handling system and the serrated-edged auger, snow is easily blown up. The teeth are made of durable metal, they can crush even small ice deposits.
  3. The Champion ST656 petrol snow blower can clean up to 56 cm in one pass. The snow mass is thrown in the desired direction by 12 cm, and the operator can adjust the height and angle of snow throwing while driving using the handle.

    The outlet chute on the Champion ST656 snow blower must be directed to the side where there are no people or fragile objects, because when cleaning the auger device can catch small stones or other solid objects, and, therefore, cause injury and damage.
  4. To select the direction of movement of the gasoline snow blower Champion 656, you need to move the handle. After all, both wheels are subject to the drive of the chassis. If you need to make a sharp turn, then you need to rearrange the quick-release cotter pin on the left wheel.
  5. All the necessary tools to operate the snow blower are located directly on the handle and panel.
  6. Skids are provided to protect the large bucket from mechanical damage.
  7. You can work on the snow blower at any time of the day, as it has a halogen headlight.
  8. Snow blower Champion ST656 moves on wheels. Tires with a diameter of 33x13 cm have large aggressive treads that adhere perfectly to the surface. Therefore, the snow blower is stable even on icy surfaces and on small slopes.

Technical specifications

Champion ST656 snow blowers are headquartered in North America. But some factories also operate in China.

  1. On the C 160F four-stroke engine, the OHV valves are located at the top.
  2. For power supply, it is necessary to use high-quality gasoline, and for this model of the Champion ST656 snowblower, only one brand is suitable - AI92. The fuel tank can be filled with 3.6 liters of fuel at a time.
  3. The oil needs synthetic grade 5W 30. The use of gasoline and other brands of oil will lead to serious problems.
  4. Crankcase with a volume of 0.59 liters, with a capacity of 4.1 kW or 5.5 l / s. At rated power, the Champion ST656 runs at 3600 rpm.
  5. Quality spark plugs made of platinum, and as the owners of the Champion ST656 snow blower note in the reviews, have a long working resource.
  6. The two-stage auger has a three-blade impeller.
  7. To start the snow blower, a manual and electric starter is provided (operates from a 220 volt network).
  8. The gearbox on the snow blower is multistage with five modes of forward movement and two on the reverse. The operator chooses the speed of the snowblower independently depending on the density and height of the snow mass using the gearbox.
  9. Snow blower weight Champion 656 - 75 kg. One operator handles the transfer to the place of work. It can be loaded onto a truck by two people if necessary.

Petrol snow blower Champion ST656 during operation:

Owners need to know this

  1. Firstly, right away when you buy a Champion ST656 snow blower, remember, or better write down its exact name. Don't forget the ID and serial number as well. This information will be required if you have to contact the service for repairs or to order original spare parts for the snow blower.
  2. Second, write down for yourself the address of your nearest service center and Champion authorized dealers. The warranty card, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase of the Champion 656 snow blower, should be kept among the important documents along with the receipt.
  3. There are special labels on the body of the snow blower, it is necessary to understand exactly what they mean. Moreover, some of them are warning.

We hope that the article will be useful for future owners of Champion ST656 snow blowers.

Reviews of the owners of the snowblower Champion 656

Anton, 32 years old, Yekaterinburg

Che pion ST 656 bought a snowblower two years ago. The title Champion corresponds to the quality of the work. The noise is minimal, but the power is excellent. The only thing that doesn't suit me about the Champion ST656 is the short handle. But maybe this is just for me?

Sergey, 41 years old, Moscow region

I like the car, I use the Champion 656 petrol snow blower to clear the snow near my own parking lot. There were no problems in the first winter, I hope, and this winter my Champion will not let me down. Snow removes like a beast.

Nikita, 67 years old, Yaroslavl

I bought the Champion snow blower for my own needs. You yourself understand that at my age, swinging a shovel is already inconvenient. And I have a decent area. Now with Champion ST656 I am a champion myself - I can do the job instantly. It is not difficult to operate a snow removal machine, there were no particular problems in two years. I recommend.

Violetta, 35 years old, Murmansk

Probably, many will be surprised by the feedback left by the woman. I must say right away that I am a tractor driver by profession, I worked on this machine for several years in the harsh northern conditions. So it didn't cost me anything to deal with the Champion 656 snow blower. The Champion's technique, I can tell you, is excellent. The self-propelled gasoline snow blower is easy to operate, perfectly removes snow. But we have it quite high. If you do not do the cleaning on time, then it is difficult to take snowdrifts above half a meter, it can stall. It is difficult to go up the hill. I also did not like the handle - it is short.

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