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Does garlic help raspberry sprout

To prevent raspberries from growing, plant garlic around the perimeter, and raspberries will not go beyond this line. Friends, is that true?


I don’t know about garlic. Something like beans. I stumbled along raspberries. Raspberry did not cross the line. Interesting. But the fact 🙂

Nonsense! raspberry roots creep to a depth of a meter, and garlic is good from pests.

Garlic does not save!

It all depends on the variety. There are varieties that do not grow far, but there are those that no one and nothing will hold)

Sorrel, spinach comforting seems. Carrot,.

I dig in strips of slate, it does not grow anywhere further.

I planted the garlic near the raspberries, I got a mixture: either garlic in raspberries, or raspberries on a garlic bed. Do not plant garlic near raspberries

If you plant a remont raspberry, you don’t need to worry, it won’t run away,

Running, even like.

Tell me, please, to what depth do you dig the slate?

30 - 40 cm.

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