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What berry bushes or trees can be planted behind the house

What berry bushes or trees can be planted behind the house

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Dear gardeners! Tell me, which berry bushes or trees can be planted behind the house? The place is protected from the wind, but the sun is there only until noon. We live near Baikal, in the Sayan region. Frost to -45-47. In summer, frequent frosts until July (sometimes up to -8). For example, can red currant grow there? We ourselves grow blackcurrant, honeysuckle, gooseberries. They planted an apple tree, but it is especially frost-resistant. Krasnoyarsk seedling. And then in the first year the crown froze, had to be transferred to a branch. Colon-shaped apple trees also fall off. We plant them at an angle of 45 degrees to the south, so that you can bend and fall asleep with snow. And there the orientation of the house is such that it is impossible to tilt them successfully. In general, there is a place, but we don’t know what to put there.


Irgu try

We have almost always a shadow behind our house - black chokeberry and Japanese quince (quince covered with snow in winter) are growing. Kuzbass.

alas, it is practically inedible.

Is quince short? Why is she under the snow? The black chokeberry was just uprooted.

Bring Schisandra from the forest, will grow

no more than 1 meter

and what do they do besides jam? Well, it’s also not very tasty, is it?

my antivirus screams that this site has malware.

it is sour, but it blooms beautifully)

So I have a drain there now. It also blooms beautifully, but it is impossible.

why? Very tasty. Maybe you have some sort of wild? My Canadian is growing, a huge bush, the only negative is that if you gape, then the birds will peck

are you talking about irga? She’s tart. Not? Do you need to cook it so that you can somehow use it? I looked at the recipes for its preparation and refused. Everything is there with additives. I asked the neighbors. Everyone says, like a chokeberry. You can eat, but ....

No, she looks like blueberries, not tart

1. apple trees on a dwarf stock and lay if they themselves do not spread - Carpet, Snowdrop, Sokolovskoe ... forget about the columns, why do not you need fruiting bushes? 2. Of the berry berries, of course, honeysuckle will grow perfectly, red currant too. Plant an irga, felt cherry - they will grow. 3. You can try cranberries, cranberries, blueberries and endemic varieties of types. (C) Vladislav Kundasev asked the agronomist

at least three felt cherries should be planted; one will not bear fruit

I don’t know. the agronomist needs to be specified. 3 so 3, even good for my taste. Honeysuckle would plant 10 varieties, no less.

Have you ever tried honeysuckle, so tasty?

most importantly the very first and useful, large. Looks like sour watery blueberries. Different varieties with different tastes and prunes and other sweet.

We have red currants growing with a bang, the Far East, the Amur Region, in the winter we bend and cover the tops, although the last frosts until June 15

If you approach wisely, then the grapes are planted, and even get a harvest, nobody will tell you for sure, you need to try, experiment

It is so strange to read that fruit is being weighed down. Probably just as strange to the southerners when we northerners put climbing roses on the ground, some boxes, spruce branches))

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