How to grow green onions without land

How to grow green onions without land

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Seedling onions without land allows you to grow a feather at home at minimal cost. Onions grown without the use of land are in no way inferior to the culture growing in summer cottages.

Conditions for growing onions

Onions are cold-resistant crops and grow at temperatures from + 18 ° C to + 20 ° C. When growing on a windowsill, care must be taken that the culture does not experience increased exposure to sunlight or heating batteries.

Advice! The growth of the bulbs can be accelerated by raising the temperature to + 24 ° C. However, the formation of greenery stops at + 30 ° C.

Humidity is not a prerequisite for growing onions for greens. For more juicy greens, it is recommended to occasionally spray the onion feathers. In this case, moisture should not get on the bulb.

Immediately after planting, the onions are harvested for 3 days in a dark place. During this time, the formation of roots occurs. Further, culture needs access to light. In winter, use LED lighting or special plant lighting.

Preparing the bulbs

For growing onions without land at home, early ripening varieties are chosen that quickly form a green mass. The bulbs should be about 3 cm in diameter.

The following varieties of this culture are grown on the windowsill:

  • Strigunovsky;
  • Troitsky;
  • Spassky;
  • Union.

To solve the question of how to grow onions on a windowsill, you first need to carefully prepare the bulbs. This procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. First, remove the top layer of husk.
  2. Then, about 1 cm of the neck is trimmed to stimulate feather growth.
  3. The bulbs are placed in warm water for 2 hours.
  4. The planting material can be planted in the chosen way.

Ways to grow onions without land

There are several ways to grow green onions at home. If the culture is grown in a bag, then the preparation of the substrate is required. A simpler method is to plant the bulbs in egg trays. It is recommended to use the hydroponic method to obtain a large harvest.

Growing in a package

To get onion feathers at home, use a substrate. Its functions will be performed by coniferous sawdust, sphagnum or toilet paper. The order of how to plant the onions in the bag is the same regardless of the material chosen.

Pressed sawdust is best suited for growing this crop in a bag. First, they are placed in any container and filled with boiling water. When the mass has cooled down, you can start planting.

If toilet paper is used, then it must be folded in several layers and filled with boiling water. The resulting mass is used for planting bulbs on a windowsill without land.

The prepared substrate is placed in a plastic bag. When growing onions in a bag, they must be tightly installed in a substrate, the layer of which should be more than 2 cm.

Advice! It is necessary to maintain the moisture content of the substrate for the growth of the root system.

After disembarkation, the bag is inflated and tied. Be sure to exhale several times into the bag, since feathers grow actively in the presence of carbon dioxide.

In this state, it is kept until the feather grows to its edge. The first harvest when growing onions in a bag without land is obtained 3 weeks after planting.

Growing in egg cartons

Another great way to grow onions for feathers is to use egg cartons. For this, both plastic and cardboard gratings are suitable. In the case of using plastic grates, a small hole must be made in each cell.

The landing procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Warm water is poured onto a baking sheet or plastic boxes, after which egg grates are installed on it.
  2. In each cell, you need to plant one onion that has undergone the necessary processing.
  3. Periodically add fresh water to the baking sheet.

Growing hydroponically

To grow green onions, you will need several cans of sour cream or yogurt. In each of them, a hole is made in the lid for the onion.

Then any fertilizer for vegetables containing phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen is taken. It is diluted with water in accordance with the instructions. To prevent rotting of the bulbs, add a drop of hydrogen peroxide.

Important! The resulting solution is poured into a jar, closed with a lid and an onion is placed on top. Its roots should reach to the solution.

Periodically (every 2-3 days) the water in the jar is changed. The planting material must remain dry to prevent rotting.

To get a large harvest of green onions without land, you can create a hydroponic plant.

First, a container with a height of more than 20 cm and a foam plastic with a thickness of more than 5 cm are taken. Tapered holes are made in the foam plastic, where the planting material is placed.

A water spray is placed at the bottom of the container, which is connected to the compressor. The intensive growth of feathers is provided by the enrichment of water with oxygen. With this super method of growing onions, a feather grows 30 cm in two weeks.


Onion feathers can be grown at home without using land. Such methods yield good yields and are inexpensive.

The bulbs can be planted in a substrate that is placed in a plastic bag. For planting, you can use egg trays or plastic containers. Special conditions for growing greens are not required, it is enough to maintain the required temperature and provide access to moisture.

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