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Is it possible to cut greens from onions

Is it possible to cut greens from onions

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Hello, they planted onions, the heads are small, is it possible to cut greens from it, or then there will be no heads?


Will not

Well, you don’t need to cut the whole greens, but you can even pinch a couple of feathers from the onions on the salad.

Smart people say that picking greens from onions intended for growing onions is impossible. However, as far as I can remember to this day, we always violated this rule. Previously, out of ignorance, and now from our own experience, a normal onion grows. I’ll say more, not just normal and excellent. In that year, the mother-in-law 200k m traveled to look at our bow.

but please tell me how to dig it deep? And yet, I plant such an onion on the green of the house, as a result, when the feathers grow, the onion itself dries up, as it were. I don’t understand how a large onion should be formed then? Also I’ll plant the first year, sorry for the stupid questions)

I totally agree!!! I also have turkeys, so the little one doesn’t start eating without onions, so I’m pinching on everyone))) and the bulbs are wonderful !!!

don’t need to bury it, make either a groove or holes with a stick (this is best done together). My soil is loose, so I use it directly with my hands, I apply a little pressure.

and then it grows back))) I'm serious)))

I just planted it at home, when its roots grow, it all lays down and rises on them ... And the bulbs? That is, greenery grows, the bulb dries up and then starts to grow again?

right, you pinch him, as it were, and not tear off completely.

this is magic, thanks))) but you don’t know, greens and sorrel can already be planted?)) Volga. And corn and peas and pumpkin

I did not get that!!???

I have already answered above ... And about the rise. So I put the onion in the ground, and when the roots grow, they do not grow in the ground at first, but simply grow and raise the onion. And in the end, instead of beautifully planted onions, half are lying on the side and curves.

Got it !!!! I’m just pushing it back while it’s small. You can pour the earth if you’re afraid.

did you plant onion or just small onions? Otherwise, I also did not understand how it rises with its roots)

small onions. Sevc seems to be seeds, right?


I live in the northwest, last year’s sorrel is already plucked, dill emerges, plant no fear. Corn was planted at home on seedlings that week (does not have time to ripen), peas calmly tolerates to-5, but I'm not in a hurry, the rains have been charged. Many are already beets and planted carrots, they say that onions should be planted before the 6th, I don’t know.

Julia, like this? Then you just need to plant a little deeper or, with the earth, you can sprinkle it if it comes out to the surface. And then I met when people put a simple onion, only a small one and plant onions and wait for it)

yes, such))) not not, I specially bought these malyavoks in a gardening store))) and can you plant sevs on greens? Or is it necessary? I just read about these three types of onions and got confused.

oh thank you))) we also have rains, I hope to stop by the weekend.

I call this sovka) it is sown for the first year and you can take a feather from it, and these little ones planted on their heads in the second year. But from him I pluck the feathers in places while they are young)

I always plant onions, carrots, beets, garlic, dill, sorrel in the fall)) and peas are possible.

I want to put some of these little things on the greens, some on the heads. And I bought seeds, sort of like greens - and then we'll see what's what. And in order to get such onions, what should I do? Where do they come from then germinated seeds? Dig? And there will be seeds in umbrellas, right? Now I write and regret that I did not go to the garden as a child))

that is, now I can’t wait for the sorrel? ... (((

simple onion, small current, can be planted under certain conditions. The trick is that onion is a two-year culture. In the first year, so it is believed, it’s like what is on your palm, and the second year is a bulb, but !!!! This is there, in those areas where the climate is chilly, but in the southern regions, on large agricultural complexes, no one pokes this in the spring, and the climate allows you to grow a onion in a year. But the same small onion - it also remained an annual. And it will grow into a bulb for the second year. But it’s better to plant such a namego in the winter.

why? Wait of course. But longer.

these are not types of onions, this is the age of onions

these little heads themselves are tied up, they just dig them out in the fall) And the seeds can be collected from the feathers when the little ones are planted in the second year, such caps with seeds are formed there) So this is a two-year process for growing onion heads. It's easier for the little ones ready to buy)))

Well, yes, age))) like onions, everything is complicated))) I was told not to even try to plant garlic like it under very. And in the fall, I did not think about the garden)))

Thanks for the detailed answer

I planted peas about two weeks ago, in an old greenhouse (my husband did not want to disassemble), I had already risen! I also planted the onion set on the weekend, but I cover it a bit with earth, from the birds, and plant the sorrel at any time, nothing will happen to it!

and what kind of onions are sown in the south in order to grow heads in one year?) I've been poking like this all my life, maybe you should try what you wrote about)

Autumn, tell me, please, which sowing is better ... small or larger? Someone says that the smaller the sowing ... the larger the bulb grows out of it., And someone says ... vice versa.

cool))) I still want peas at home on the balcony, let them hang out))) then we'll go on the weekend and come off))))

I planted peas at home in the spring, but the earth was moldy. He must have been cold and damp. And it's dark at home (

and plant garlic, it is not only planted in winter! I planted with onions!

plant and garlic, it is believed that the garlic that is planted in the spring is better stored than the autumn planting)) but I plant this way and that, I did not see much difference in storage))

and garlic seeds? ... Or what?

Tell me, please, which sevka is better ... small or larger? Someone says that the smaller the sowing ... the larger the bulb grows out of it., And someone says ... vice versa.

onion sets if planted on a turnip and not on greens, then you can’t tear off the feather the onion will be smaller

What am I supposed to do with beans? I already poked her in the ground, and then I came to my senses that she might freeze, it’s not May month


with ordinary garlic?

I always look like in the photo I take it, it’s smaller, and the onion turns out normal, just don’t have to thicken, I take about two onions that I want to get the calculation between.


yes, I’ll gut the usual head on the teeth and into the ground, but it is necessary that it should not be processed with anything, as in grocery stores, it does not sprout.

large in the photo. And I bought quite a little one))

oh, how much less?)) Maybe something like that on that photo seems)) for me it's a little thing)) somewhere on average 6 by 6 millimeters))

you can steam and plant seeds for seedlings, such as planting leek, then it is possible to get a bulb of normal size, but it's too late. thereby thinning and allowing the rest of the onion to gain size,

nuuu ... then, and not only I took such a tiny little thing))))), but in the photo they seem strong ...)))

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