How to quickly sort out lingonberries from garbage

How to quickly sort out lingonberries from garbage

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Sorting out lingonberries at home is difficult. Small berries are mixed with garbage during collection. It is not possible to manually clear large quantities of crops. Comes to the aid of ingenuity, household appliances and appliances.

What are the ways to clean lingonberries

Small fruits are tedious to collect, and there is no desire to clean them before processing. To quickly sort out lingonberries at home, you need to turn on your thinking, come up with a convenient device. Household appliances available at home will help speed up the work. People who often visit the forest for berries know how to quickly clear the harvested harvest from debris. The most common ones are:

  • Inclined plane and vacuum cleaner. The household appliance is in suction mode.
  • Wide basin and vacuum cleaner. The household appliance works in the same way in the suction mode.
  • An inclined plane or a wide basin plus a vacuum cleaner working for blowing.
  • Manual screening in high winds.
  • Sifting on a fine mesh sieve.
  • Applying an inclined rough surface to adhere debris.
  • The classic way of rinsing with water.

Any of the methods helps to quickly clean the lingonberries from debris, eliminates the exhausting procedure - sorting out each berry with your hands.

In most methods, the principle of cleaning is based on the fact that the fruits are heavier than the garbage. Most often, dry leaves, small twigs, cobwebs fall between them. Light debris is sucked in by a vacuum cleaner or blown out by a strong air stream.

The mechanical cleaning method works according to a different system. Debris sticks to rough surfaces or falls into the sieve mesh. The fruits remain clean on the work surface, ready for further processing.

The video shows an example of a quick cleanup:

How to quickly peel lingonberries with water

To process lingonberries at home, you still have to wash them. The method of cleaning debris with water solves two problems at once. Another advantage of the method is the preservation of the integrity of the berry. If it is sorted by hand, sifted through a sieve or subjected to any other mechanical stress, part of the crop will necessarily be damaged. The berries will remain intact in the water, and all the debris will go away.

Important! Only cold water is used to clean the fruit.

For rinsing, take a deep container. Better to use a bowl or wide saucepan. Cold water is poured into the container, the freshly harvested crop is poured, left for about 15 minutes to soak off the dirt. After the time has elapsed, light debris will first float to the surface of the water. It must be collected and discarded. Further actions are aimed at mixing the fruits in water with your hands. The berries will be washed, the debris will float up. As the water becomes polluted, it is changed. The process continues until the liquid becomes clear. The water is drained through a colander, and the fruits are used for further processing.

Attention! Lingonberry does not creep, crack in water and absorb it. The berry can be peeled without fear in this simple way, without worrying about its quality.

How to quickly clean lingonberries from debris with a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner in many ways helps to quickly sort out the berries of the lingonberry, separate them from light debris. The cleaning technology includes the following steps:

  • A gutter is assembled from a flat smooth board 30-40 cm wide and two rails for the sides. The length of the structure is arbitrary, preferably more than 1 m.
  • On one side of the gutter, the support is fixed from below to imitate a children's slide. A bucket is placed under the lower edge of the structure.
  • A vacuum cleaner is installed near the slide. A working attachment - a brush - is removed from the hose. Turn on the device.
  • Berries are poured in small portions from above along the gutter. They roll down the chute into the bucket, and light debris remains on the board and is sucked in by a vacuum cleaner operating in suction mode.

It is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning with a suction power regulator. The appliance is adjusted so that it picks up only light debris without fruit.

Will help clear the garbage from lingonberries faster video:

The method is good because one person can sort out the berries. It is important to securely fix the chute initially so that the hands are occupied only with the vacuum cleaner and filling in new portions. For large-scale crop cultivation, the cleaning method is also suitable, but the structure is increased in size. The gutter is made up to 3 m long and more than 50 cm wide. Such a machine needs to be serviced by 4 operators. Two people on both sides of the gutter stand with vacuum cleaners, one does the backfill from above and another substitutes the bucket from the bottom of the descent.

Important! The productivity of the cleaning method in 1 hour: one person - a bucket of lingonberries, four machine operators - up to 12 buckets.

It will be possible to sort out the lingonberries qualitatively if they are whole. The crushed fruit secretes juice. It sticks debris to the skin and can only be removed by rinsing in water.

How to sort out lingonberries from garbage with a vacuum cleaner: method number 2

The second way to quickly clean lingonberries is easier, since it does not require the manufacture of an inclined gutter. The design has been replaced with a regular bowl or any wide container like a basin. Cleaning performance decreases, but faster than hand-fingering.

Fruits are poured into the container in one layer. The brush is removed from the vacuum cleaner hose, the suction force regulator is wound so that only debris is drawn in, and the berries remain. During cleaning, the contents of the container are periodically stirred by hand. Clean berries are poured into a bucket, and the basin is filled with a new portion of dirty fruits.

How to quickly sort out lingonberries with a fan

The third way to clear debris from lingonberries will require the use of a vacuum cleaner, which can be connected to a hose for blowing. In the absence of such a unit, a hairdryer or a powerful fan will do. You can think of several cleaning devices: a sieve, an inclined chute, a wide basin.

With a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer, garbage can be blown out of the lingonberries, covered in one layer in the basin. If it is rolled down an inclined chute, the devices can be replaced with a fan. An improved fixture can be made if desired. A powerful fan is fixed to the fine-mesh sieve from the bottom side. When turned on, the air flow passes through the cells, blows lingonberries covered with a thin layer, removing light dirt. After cleaning, the berry is poured into a bucket, and the sieve is filled with a new portion.

How to clean lingonberries after a forest by sifting

The simplest cleaning of wild berries can be carried out without any tools. You will need two wide containers and a strong wind. The essence of the method is to sift the fruit. A basin is placed on the ground. It can be replaced with any blanket or film. The container with lingonberries is raised to a height of 1.5 m, little by little they begin to pour out. The wind will blow light debris to the side, and heavy berries will fall.

Advice! If it is a calm day outside, at a distance of 40-50 cm from the falling berries, you can install an ordinary household fan on a stand.

Peeling lingonberries on a fine mesh sieve

The forest berry is contaminated not only with leaves, but also with sand adhering to the skin, dust, and grains of earth. Such heavy dirt cannot be removed by blowing or suction. Before using any of the listed cleaning methods, it is advisable to sift the fruits. A fine-mesh sieve is used so that the berries do not fall out through the holes. After sifting, all grains of sand will wake up. Fruit with large light debris will remain inside the sieve. For further cleaning, you can turn on a vacuum cleaner, fan or hairdryer. If there is little garbage, it is easier to sort out the berries with your hands.

How to peel lingonberries on a rough surface

The cleaning method requires the manufacture of an inclined gutter. It is necessary to do the same procedures as with the vacuum cleaner method. The only difference is that the device is not needed. The bottom of the gutter is covered with any rough cloth. The berries are rolled on top in small portions. The dirt will stick to the fabric, and the peeled lingonberries will fall into the bucket. Shake out the litter as it gets dirty.

Do I need to wash the lingonberries after cleaning

The question that the forest berry after harvesting must be sorted out, no one doubts. Do I need to wash it. It all depends on how to process lingonberries for further storage. If the fruits are temporarily stored in the basement or refrigerator, will go for drying, then you do not need to wash them right away. They will disappear faster from water. If, after cleaning, the processing of lingonberries for jam, juice, compote immediately follows, then it is imperative to wash it. The same goes for freezing.

In conditions of poor ecology, wild berries are heavily contaminated not only with dirt, but also with heavy metals, chemical impurities spread with the smoke of fires, bacteria, and fungal spores. Wild animals and birds carry the eggs of parasites, which fall on the fruit with wind or rain. All this must be washed off.


It is sometimes easier to sort out lingonberries at home if you combine several cleaning methods. The choice of method depends on the degree of contamination as well as the type of debris.

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