Peaches in their own juice

Peaches in their own juice

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Peach is one of the most fragrant and healthy fruits. Its only drawback is that it deteriorates quickly. Having canned peaches in your own juice for the winter, you can enjoy desserts with their addition at any time. There are several types of recipes, each of which deserves special attention.

How to make peaches in your own juice

Peaches are rich in trace elements and vitamins. Particular benefits are observed for children. The product contains substances necessary for the growth and development of a child. But for adults, it is considered no less useful. In cases where the harvest is plentiful, cooking peaches in your own juice for the winter is an excellent option. When choosing fruits, the main focus is on maturity and the absence of dents.

Most often, fruits are canned without the skin. To remove it, the fruits are scalded with boiling water and then placed in a container with cold water. The skin will be easy to peel off. To remove it, just hook it a little with a knife.

Before harvesting peaches for the winter, you need to sterilize the jars. Previously, the container is carefully checked for chips and damage. Sterilization is carried out using steam or heat in an oven or microwave. Experienced housewives most often use the first method.

The finished product can be served as a dessert. Peach syrup is often used to impregnate cakes, and canned fruits are used for baking decorations. In the process of preservation, peaches can be combined with grapes, apricots, melons and various berries.

Advice! The amount of sugar in the recipe can be varied at your discretion. If the fruit is sweet, you can reduce the amount.

Peaches in their own juice without sterilization

Harvesting peaches in their own juice for the winter can be done with or without sterilization. The second option is in no way inferior to the first. To prevent the product from spoiling during storage, special attention is paid to cleaning the container and lids. It is necessary to treat them with hot water. To prevent the can from bursting during use, do not allow cold water to get on it.


  • 200 g granulated sugar;
  • 1.8 liters of water;
  • 1 tsp citric acid;
  • 1.5 kg of peaches.

Cooking steps:

  1. The fruits are washed with cool water, after which they are pierced in several places with a toothpick.
  2. The fruits are laid in a pre-prepared container as a whole.
  3. The next step is to pour hot water into the jars and close them with lids.
  4. After 15 minutes, the water is poured into a separate container and citric acid with sugar is added to it.
  5. After boiling, the syrup is poured into jars.
  6. The closure process is carried out in a standard way, using a seaming machine.

How to cook peaches in your own juice with sterilization

Sterilization ensures longer storage of the product. It is done in several ways. The most common practice is steam sterilization. To do this, water is collected in a large saucepan and put on fire. Instead of a lid, they put on a special metal plate with a hole for the cans. A glass container is placed in the hole upside down. The duration of sterilization of each can depends on its volume. It will take 10 minutes to disinfect a liter can. The recipe for peaches in their own juice for the winter with sterilization involves the use of the following components:

  • 6 peaches;
  • 4 tbsp. water;
  • 1 tbsp. Sahara.

Attention! The indicated amount of ingredients is calculated for the preparation of 1 liter of dessert.


  1. The fruits are washed thoroughly and the seeds are removed. The pulp is cut into large cubes.
  2. Fruits are placed in sterilized jars, covered with sugar.
  3. The next step is to pour water into the container.
  4. Filled cans are placed in a sterilization container for 25 minutes.
  5. After a specified period of time, the jars are removed from the pan and sealed with a sterilized lid.

Peach slices in its own juice: recipe without water

The recipe for peaches in their own juice without added water is no less common than other variations. Several varieties of peaches can be used as the main ingredient. Dessert according to this recipe turns out to be fragrant and very tasty. Despite the thermal effect, the fruits retain a supply of useful components for a long time. The recipe uses the following ingredients:

  • 1.5 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 4 kg of peaches.

Cooking algorithm:

  1. The fruit is washed thoroughly and checked for defects.
  2. Without removing the skin, the fruits are cut into oblong slices, simultaneously getting rid of the bone.
  3. Fruit pulp is spread in a container in layers. Sugar is poured after each layer.
  4. Within 40 minutes, the filled cans are sterilized in a container with water. During this time, the fruits are completely covered with syrup, releasing juice.
  5. After sterilization, the jars are twisted in the usual way.

How to make peaches in your own juice without sugar

A distinctive feature of the recipe for peaches in their own juice without sugar is the possibility of use by diabetics and people who monitor their weight. The following components are required:

  • 1.5 kg of peaches;
  • 1.8 liters of water.

Cooking process:

  1. The fruit is peeled by immersion in hot water, after which the pulp is cut into large cubes or wedges.
  2. Sterilized jars are filled with fragrant fruits and filled with pre-warmed water.
  3. The container with peaches is re-sterilized within 20 minutes.
  4. The blanks are closed with cans.
  5. A warm blanket is laid out in a dark and dry place. Sealed jars are placed on it with the lids down. From above, they are additionally covered with a cloth.

How to roll peaches in your own citric acid juice

Citric acid has an antimicrobial effect, which prolongs the shelf life of conservation. In addition, it is capable of removing potentially hazardous substances from the body. Peach slices in its own juice with the addition of citric acid are prepared from the following components:

  • 2.5 liters of water;
  • 4.5 g citric acid;
  • 600 g sugar;
  • 1.5 kg of peaches.

Cooking steps:

  1. Unspoiled medium peaches are peeled under running water.
  2. After peeling, the fruits are placed in glass jars.
  3. Hot water is poured into the container and left for 30 minutes.
  4. The water is poured into a separate container for further preparation of the syrup. At this stage, citric acid is added.
  5. After 5 minutes of boiling, the product is poured with the resulting syrup.
  6. Banks are rolled up using a special machine.

How to cover peaches in half in your own juice

For cooking peaches in halves in their own juice, small fruits are used. The following components are used in the recipe:

  • 1 liter of water;
  • 2 kg of peaches;
  • 2 hours citric acid;
  • 400 g of sugar.


  1. Fresh fruits are washed and wiped dry with a paper towel.
  2. After peeling, the peaches are cut into halves.
  3. While the components are being prepared, the jars are sterilized in the microwave or oven.
  4. The cut fruits are carefully tamped into jars and poured with boiling water.
  5. After 20 minutes, the water is poured into a saucepan, mixing it with citric acid and sugar.
  6. Liquid is again poured into the container and hermetically rolled up.

Storage rules for peach preparations

Subject to the rules of preparation, preservation can be stored from 1 to 5 years. During the first days, the banks try to wrap them up in warmth by placing them on a blanket. Banks must be placed with their lids down. Shake them periodically and check for swelling. In the future, a cooler storage location is selected. The room temperature should not be below 0 ° C. The maximum storage temperature is + 15 ° C. Experts advise putting preservation in a basement or dark cabinet.


Peaches in their own juice for the winter, as a rule, are harvested in large quantities. This saves you the trouble of buying a product throughout the year. Canned fruits are a great addition to baked goods, fruit salads and cooling cocktails.

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