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Why the hydrangea leaves turned white

Why the hydrangea leaves turned white

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Hello. Tell me, please, what about hydrangea?

this is a comparison

So what about hydrangea ????

Nearby three more and feel good.

nobody answered anywhere with her. Subtracted that acidity in the soil may not be enough. Acidified. But it didn’t help.

this happens every year in mid-August. I also acidified, mulched pine and spruce needles, anyway such a picture from year to year ....

For me it looks like chlorosis. Try to give iron on the sheet. The plant is clearly weakened, maybe with root problems. It is necessary to acidify wisely

well, judging by the fact that the other five hydrangeas are doing well, everything is fine with acidification. But about the iron, thanks, I'll try.

Maybe what ailment attacked this particular bush? It’s strange somehow, next to all the bushes are normal, one bush I suffered from a mole (or someone else, when I was tired of saving the bush, dug up, then I saw what trouble was with the roots). Well, as an option, I share my experience ...

I unsubscribe to you and maybe someone else will be interested. This is really chlorosis. at first it acidified the soil again and after 3 days it was treated with iron according to the sheet. You can take either iron helac + epin or citric acid + iron sulfate. processed yesterday, hydrangeas clearly prettier. try it.

Thank you so much)))

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