Time for a change

Time for a change

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Good day, dear creators and visitors of the site DachaDecor! I want to tell you about the new life of my old garden.

A plot of 15 acres in the far suburbs was received by my grandmother 28 years ago. Since then, along with my parents, like many summer residents of the “90s,” my grandmother grew vegetables and berries - an aid for the winter, as well as a large number of a wide variety of flowers.

Time passed, we grew up, and the main concern for the site lay on our shoulders with my husband. My husband is a man-made man, which he just can’t do, and he is also a big fan of building and repair magazines.

Looking at photographs in magazines, I got excited about the idea of ​​creating a garden “like from a picture”. A prerequisite for me was the presence of a pond (passion for aquariums was not in vain))).

Solved! My husband is engaged in construction, I am in the garden. After 3 years, I can proudly boast of some corners of my favorite garden, among which there are unique objects, such as an artificially created horse swamp with only amazing flora.

As usual, you just have to start, and it is already impossible to stop ... I plan to give the whole site a new look for the 30th anniversary of the beloved garden.

Author: Olga Zudlova

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