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Plums got sick

Plums got sick

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Fruited for several years, everything was great. Three buckets were collected. But now the fruits are covered with some kind of muck. Resin appears in places on the fruits, and a worm sits inside the plum. This is the second year. And on all the trees. On the fingers count the whole berries: (What to do?


Apparently this is a plum moth - a dangerous common plum pest. Even before flowering begins, it is necessary to spray the tree, using for this anti, garde, ash, methion, cidal, dursban, phosphamide, metaphos, chlorophos, karbofos. And after 15 days, re-spray the plums. And 15 days after the second spraying, you need to carry out the third spraying of the trees, but no later than 30 days before harvesting. Also, do not forget to attract sparrows and titmouse to the plots. Birds do pretty well with insects on trees.

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