Do it yourself do-it-yourself topiary of roses

Do it yourself do-it-yourself topiary of roses

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Topiary made of roses looks quite interesting, since there is the opportunity to choose a lot of materials to create a real masterpiece. Making topiary for many becomes a fascinating hobby, as it is a whole art that captivates and fascinates.

Trees of happiness decorated with roses can be very different, since flowers can be picked up:

  • artificial;
  • made of corrugated paper;
  • made from satin ribbons.

In addition, you can think over a large number of options, most importantly, be creative when creating crafts. Anyone can make a topiary without much difficulty, since the step-by-step instructions in the master classes are very simple and understandable.

Artificial Rose Topiary

It is very simple and exciting to make a tree of happiness from roses with your own hands, in particular, a master class on creating a topiary from artificial flowers will be interesting. Such a topiary can be an original gift or just decorate the interior.

This tree is perfect for those who do not have time to care for fresh flowers.

To create a topiary of artificial roses, you must first prepare the materials and tools, namely:

  • foam ball;
  • stick for the trunk;
  • artificial roses;
  • flower pot;
  • sisal;
  • gun for hot glue;
  • alabaster;
  • paint;
  • decorations.

Initially, you need to paint the trunk of the future tree with soft pink acrylic paint and give it the opportunity to dry well. Then you need to attach the barrel to the foam ball, gluing it with hot glue.

If artificial flowers are collected in a bouquet, then they need to be divided one at a time and glued to them leaves. Then you need to glue the flowers to the foam ball, well pressing each element, holding glue to dry. The ball must be glued so that there is no empty space.

Beads can be wrapped around the trunk on a fishing line, while they are well secured with glue. To prepare the basis for the topiary, you need to dilute the alabaster with water to a state of thick slurry, and then put it in a flower pot and insert the tree trunk. When the alabaster hardens and dries, you can start decorating. The decor is sisal fibers, to which you need to glue a rose. You can additionally decorate the tree with beads, attaching them to the flowers, stick the butterfly.

Thus, you can make topiary with roses of different colors, which can become a real home decoration.

Rose Topiary

Dry rose topiary

Since a variety of flowers are used to make the tree of happiness, including real dry flowers, the topiary with roses can be very different. Topiary of dried roses looks quite interesting and unusual, however, to make it look more attractive, additional decorations are used.

A master class on creating topiary from dried roses involves using not only the flowers themselves, but also leaves, beads and sisal fibers to decorate the crown of the tree. This will help give the composition more originality and make it more realistic. So that the flowers have a beautiful appearance, you can top them with acrylic varnish, which will help give additional shine.

Roses from satin ribbons for topiary

Topiary made of satin roses looks beautiful and unusual, since such flowers act as an interesting decor. To make a topiary of satin roses, you must first prepare them. To make flowers from satin ribbons, you need to take a skewer and insert one end of the ribbon into its incision.

Then you need to twist the tape a little around the skewer and, continuing to wind the ribbon, bend it a bit with your own corner. The bottom of the satin ribbon should be held with your fingers. It is necessary to form a flower with petals, until you get a beautiful rose. The edge of the tape must be glued to the base.

Thus, you need to prepare a lot of roses made of satin ribbons. Then, to create a crown of topiary from satin roses, you need to take a foam ball and insert rosettes on skewers into it so that there is no empty space. In order for the tree to have a more lush and high crown, roses from satin ribbons need to be made with a high base.

The master class (topiary of satin roses) is quite simple, since the crown of the tree can be made very quickly and easily.

DIY tree of happiness

Paper roses topiary

Topiary of roses can be made of paper flowers, which can be made of any material, in particular:

  • plain paper;
  • corrugated paper;
  • napkins.

MK (topiary of paper roses) is quite light, most importantly, you need to make flowers in advance. Plain paper is good for making flowers, but it needs to be prepared in advance. On paper, you can make beautiful transitions. To do this, take a watercolor paint and paint the paper sheets with flowers of the same gamut, while making smooth transitions of tones.

To make paper with an interesting texture, you can dye it with a foam sponge. For paper roses, you can use ordinary double-sided colored paper. From it you need to make roses, twisting the petals around the base. You can make beautiful topiary with paper flowers by adding crown of the tree with bows of satin ribbons and beads.

Roses from corrugated paper look beautiful and interesting, as this material can be very convenient in work and allows you to create quite believable flowers.

To make roses from corrugated paper, you need to prepare a lot of petals initially. Inside the flower should be a ball of plasticine or paper. Then, prepared petals need to lay out the prepared ball in layers. Corrugated paper stretches very well, so the petals are unusual in shape. Fasten the petals with a thread at the very base. Then tighten a little each petal so that they look more natural.

A master class on making topiary is simple, the most important thing is to be patient and prepare a sufficient number of flowers. To make a tree, you need to glue the trunk for it to the foam ball. Then paint the ball in one tone with the flowers and let it dry well. When everything is ready, glue the roses with hot glue to the base, leaving no free space. Next, you need to decorate the trunk and put it in a flower pot filled with plaster diluted with water. When the mixture has dried, decorate the pot, and the topiary of corrugated paper is ready. To decorate the pot, you can use beads, sisal and much more.

Topiary from napkins can be very different, as there are many ways to get beautiful and neat buds from such material. To make topiary from paper napkins, initially you need to prepare the roses themselves. To make such flowers, you need to take a colored napkin and put a pencil on top of it. Then wind it on a pencil, leaving about 4 centimeters.

Press the napkin on the pencil closer to the center to get an accordion. Externally, such a napkin should resemble a skirt. Two such parts need to be twisted in a spiral, one around the other. The base for the flower must be fixed with a thread. It is necessary to prepare 15 flowers for making topiary from napkins.

To make topiary from napkins, you must first prepare the base. To do this, you can take a finished ball of polystyrene foam or make it out of paper, soak it with PVA glue and tie it with threads. To make the product more beautiful, you can paint the ball in the color of napkins.

Initially, you need to glue the tree trunk to the ball, and then decorate the crown with roses from paper napkins, without leaving any free space. Then decorate the trunk by painting it with acrylic paint or wrapping it with satin ribbon, and install it in a flower pot with gypsum. When the gypsum dries and hardens, make out the pot itself and the top layer of the base. The napkin topiary is ready, it can be a good gift or decoration.

Topiary of roses - an original tree that can be just an excellent gift. You can create roses from a variety of materials, it all depends on your own imagination.

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