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Apricots in the suburbs

Apricots in the suburbs

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Just a panacea was the desire to grow apricots in the country. It just doesn’t work out yet. Maybe someone has a similar experience? The plants that I plant have not even a hint of flowering.


Perhaps you have planted an apricot variety that is not suitable for your climatic zone. For the Moscow Region, the most winter-hardy, productive, disease-resistant, with excellent taste fruits are the varieties Iceberg, Alyosha, Varyag, Aquarius, Countess, Winter-hardy Susova, Lel, Tsarsky, Black Velvet. It is important to remember that apricot loves light and warmth, so you need to plant it in well-lit (especially in the morning hours) sections of the garden.
It is advisable to plant apricot on the south side from buildings, fences or specially made shields painted with whitewash to better reflect sunlight on the trees, which will improve their illumination and heating, in addition, such buildings will protect plants from cold northern winds.

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