Royal mushrooms: description, gathering places and cooking methods

Royal mushrooms: description, gathering places and cooking methods

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Royal honey agaric or golden flake (Pholiota aurivella) is a common variety that has a pleasant taste and good nutritional value. A huge number of mushroom dishes can be prepared from fruit bodies.

Description of the appearance of royal honey agarics (golden flakes)

The edible appearance is the hat of large sizes, wide-bell or flat-rounded shape. The color of the hat is rusty-yellow or dirty-beige-golden, covered with red flaky scales. The leg is relatively dense, yellowish-brown, with multiple brownish scales on the surface, framed by a small ring of fibrous type, which disappears in adult specimens. Wide plates grow with teeth to the stem; they have a light straw, olive or brownish color. The pulp has a pleasant mushroom aroma, whitish-beige-yellow.

Taste qualities

According to mushroom pickers, the taste of this edible variety is practically not inferior to ordinary honey mushrooms. Mushroom pulp of fruit bodies is perfect for use in hot and cold snacks, exotic salads, is widely used in the preparation of first and second courses. Excellent fleshy flesh, as well as the presence of a very unusual and rich taste and aroma, have long made royal mushrooms incredibly popular with culinary experts in many countries.

Useful and healing properties

The healing and beneficial properties of the mushroom pulp of this variety are due to the very rich chemical composition. Golden flake is considered extremely beneficial to the human body, due to the high content of trace elements and amino acids against the background of low calorie content.

Mushroom dishes are especially popular among vegetarians and everyone who, due to various circumstances, is forced to adhere to a low-calorie, but completely balanced diet. The pulp contains an increased amount of calcium and phosphorus, which allow, if necessary, to fully replace fish dishes.

Where does golden flake grow

Mushroom pulp is characterized by the content of:

  • dietary fiber - 5.1 g;
  • water - 90 g;
  • unsaturated fatty acids - 0.2 g;
  • monosaccharides and disaccharides - 0.5 g;
  • ashes - 1.0 g;
  • saturated fatty acids - 0.2 g;
  • vitamin "B3" (PP) - 10.3 mg;
  • vitamin "B1" (thiamine) - 0.02 mg;
  • vitamin "B2" (riboflavin) - 0.38 mg;
  • vitamin "C" (ascorbic acid) - 11.0 mg;
  • vitamin "E" (alpha-tocopherol) - 0.1 mg;
  • vitamin "PP" (Niacin equivalent) - 10.7 mg;
  • Calcium - 5.0 mg;
  • Magnesium - 20.0 mg;
  • Sodium - 5.0 mg;
  • Potassium - 390-400 mg;
  • Phosphorus - 43-45 mg;
  • Iron - 0.7-0.8 mg.

It is also very important to consider the harm that can be caused by mushroom dishes. It is undesirable to use fruiting bodies for people with gastrointestinal pathologies, as well as in the presence of a history of food allergies or individual intolerance.

False doubles

The most common false double of an edible royal honey agaric is considered to be the inedible fire flake (Pholiot flammans). This variety does not contain toxins in its pulp.but the bitter taste of fruiting bodies makes them unsuitable for food use. A common saprotroph is characterized by a hemispherical or conical, convex and flat-convex hat, with folded edges, covered with dry scales of bright yellow or yellow-orange color.

The mushroom flesh is yellowish-orange or brownish, with an unexpressed earthy aroma, and an unpleasant taste. Narrow-growing plates, often located, grayish-yellow or brown. The leg area is hollow, with the presence of a fibrous-film ring, with a surface covered with bright yellow or brownish scales. Fungal spores are yellowish-brown, oblong. Fruit bodies of this species grow massively on deadening or highly decaying wood, mainly conifers.

The use of royal mushrooms in medicine

If there is anemia in the history, then mushrooms having a high content of magnesium and iron will become an excellent therapeutic and prophylactic agent. Among other things, mushroom dishes will become useful if the human body contains insufficient essential minerals and minerals. Tinctures are made from the pulp of golden scales. which are effective in the treatment of thrombophlebitis and diabetes, due to the content of anticoagulants. Among other things, the use of fruiting bodies prevents the active growth and development of tumors.

Useful properties of honey mushrooms

Royal mushrooms in cooking

One of the most common species belonging to the Strofari family is widely used for culinary purposes. Golden scales are not only tasty, but also edible mushrooms, but before use, the collected fruiting bodies should be preliminarily boiled for a quarter of an hour.

Pre-prepared royal mushrooms have excellent taste and are perfectly combined with meat dishes, fried potatoes and stewed vegetables. Golden flakes very well proved in mushroom platter, when cooking stew and patty filling. In addition, various, tasty and healthy preparations for the winter are made from such mushrooms, including pickling and pickling, drying and freezing.

Mushrooms with sour cream sauce

Separate the caps from the legs, and then thoroughly rinse the fruiting bodies under running water and cut. Boil fruiting bodies in salted boiling water for half an hour, then drain and cool. Fry in vegetable oil with half rings of onion for half an hour, adding spices and seasonings. Pour the finished dish with fat sour cream, then decorate with finely chopped greens.

Mushroom cream soup

Cut the cream cheese into small cubes or grate on a coarse grater. Cut the potatoes into medium-sized cubes, chop the onions in half rings, and chop the carrots on a coarse grater, then fry the carrots and onions in warmed vegetable oil until a golden color is formed. Pour potatoes and mushrooms into boiling salted water, and after boiling add diced cream cheese. About a quarter of an hour before being cooked, add roasting to the soup, grind it in a blender and bring it to a boil again with constant stirring. The finished dish is decorated with greens and croutons.

Places and collection rules

Any edible species of honey mushrooms most often grow in groups, and royal mushrooms are no exception. Fruit bodies grow en masse on rotted stem parts of trees, as well as on old and actively decaying stumps. Occasionally, fruiting bodies can develop near the roots of dead deciduous trees and conifers.

What is the difference between honey agarics

At the time of fruiting, a golden flake enters the last summer decade. Mushrooms actively bear fruit until the middle of the first autumn month. Somewhat lesser royal mushrooms are found in old pine forest zones and in spruce forests. Collect fruiting bodies in wicker baskets in the early morning. It should be remembered that overgrown or rotting, worm mushrooms, as well as mushrooms growing along highways or near major megacities, are absolutely not subject to collection.

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