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Walnut is not only very useful for the body, but also trees are not very tolerant, low temperature. It easily adapts to different weather climatic conditions. I want to plant, in my own country house, a couple of trees. I know there are different varieties, but which ones take root and the better to fertilize?


In my country house planted a variety of walnut “Ideal”. This variety is distinguished by good frost resistance, is planted for the winter, and shoots are already visible by the summer. He bears fruit twice a year. In addition, he is very easy to care for. The plant is very fond of moisture, so on dry days I water it manually. On average, 3-5 buckets of water are consumed per tree. I fertilize it twice a year: in the spring - with nitrogen fertilizers, in the winter - with mineral fertilizers. You can also plant such varieties as Bakhchisaraysky, Belbeksky, Virovsky. All these varieties are frost-resistant and not whimsical to care for.

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