Lunar calendar melon planting dates in 2019

Lunar calendar melon planting dates in 2019

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Melon planting in 2018 is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the lunar calendar

You can get a good crop of gourds in the climatic conditions of Russia. It is only important to consider the timing of planting, as well as know about a few tricks of caring for plants. Melon planting in 2018 is carried out both taking into account the characteristics of the region, and in accordance with the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

The timing of planting melons for seedlings

Interestingly, melon came to Russia from Turkey, Egypt and India. Moreover, this melon mastered in our area in the 16-17th centuries, so we can say that the experience of growing berries has long been mastered.

General rules for determining dates

It is believed that seeds should be planted on seedlings as early as possible in order to be in time for the warm season. This is not entirely true. In fact, it is necessary to focus on the climatic features of the region and, if possible, take into account long-term weather forecasts - about when spring is expected to arrive in 2018.

The recommendations for planting dates for different regions are as follows:

  1. In the Urals and Siberian regions, it is necessary to choose early and mid-ripening varieties, for example: Lyubushka, Barnaulka, Rannaya 133, Nectarine, Delano F1, Dream sybarite. Seeds are sown on the basis that seedlings must be transferred to the open ground after 3-4 weeks. It turns out that this can be done at the end of May.
  2. In the middle zone, the Volga region, Moscow region and neighboring regions, the climate is milder, so you can start sowing seedlings at the end of April. Accordingly, seedlings are transferred to open ground at the end of May or at the very beginning of June. Suitable varieties: Caramel, Yukar F1, Cinderella, Altai. Galileo, Assol, collective farmer.
  3. Finally, in the south of the country (Crimea, Kuban, Stavropol and other regions), you can plant seeds in early April, and in early May, plant seedlings in open ground. Any varieties are suitable - both medium and late ripening: Cantaloupe, Gulaba, Lada, Turkmenka and all of the above.

It is important to consider the features of the region for melon

Lunar calendar day selection

Also, when sowing seeds, many gardeners are guided by favorable and unfavorable days in accordance with the data of the lunar calendar. The recommendations apply to all melons, including watermelons and pumpkins:

  • end of March - the 27th and 28th (suitable for the southern regions);
  • April - from 5 to 9 (again better for the south) and from 20 to 24 (for the middle lane);
  • May - from 4 to 9 and from 19 to 23 (preferably for the Urals and Siberia).

If it’s impossible to meet these dates specifically, you should at least keep in mind which days are unfavorable. It is believed that the full moon and new moon are the most unfortunate moments for working with melons (and many other) cultures. Therefore, in 2018, the following days are excluded:

  • March 17 and 31;
  • April 16 and 30;
  • May 15 and 29;
  • June 13 and 28.


If you choose the days at random, it is preferable to use the period of the growing moon (between the new moon and the full moon), excluding adverse dates.

Lunar calendar for 2018

Sowing seeds in open ground

Planting seeds in open ground is possible only if 4 conditions are met at the same time:

  1. Daytime temperature is about 23-30 ° C.
  2. At night, the thermometer does not fall below 14-15 ° C.
  3. Soil temperature is about 18-20 ° C.
  4. And another important point is the absence of the threat of frost on the ground.

Thus, June generally fits this description:

  1. In the middle lane is the middle of the month.
  2. In the Urals and Siberia - in the second half of June.
  3. In the southern regions - mid-May.

Moreover, in the Siberian regions and in the Urals (sometimes in the middle lane) even in early summer, short-term frosts are sometimes possible. Therefore, just in case, you need to take care of additional insulation with cans, films (or immediately sow the seeds in the greenhouse).

Planting melon seeds in open ground is possible only subject to the conditions

Technology for the preparation and planting of seeds for seedlings

So that the first sprouts can develop well and subsequently bring a normal crop of sweet, juicy melons, gardeners need to ensure the correct temperature, water regime, as well as timely fertilizer. Here are some simple rules that everyone should know.

Seed selection and preparation

First of all, it is important to consider that the best seeds are not from the last harvest, but at the age of 2-3 years. You can buy them in a special store or use your own material (then you need to choose seeds of varietal rather than hybrid varieties).

In any case, a preliminary selection is carried out - only whole seeds that are healthy in appearance are taken. If in doubt, carry out a simple test: prepare a solution of salt 3% and put the seeds. Pop-ups are dummies that must be discarded right away.


Immediately before planting, the seeds are pickled by holding in a 1-2% potassium permanganate solution for one hour. After that, they must be thoroughly washed.

The best seeds are not from the last harvest, but at the age of 2-3 years

Soil requirements

For melon, soil is selected that contains equal mass amounts:

  • peat;
  • turf land;
  • humus (or compost).

It is preferable to take just sod, and not garden (heavy) soil. It will not be superfluous to add a pinch of sand and ash. If there is no confidence in the cleanliness of the soil, it is better to carry out a disinfection first - spill it with a 2% solution of potassium permanganate or hot (but not boiling) water.

For melon seedlings it is necessary to provide optimal lighting

Landing technology

Planting seeds for seedlings is quite simple:

  1. Two grains with hatching sprouts are taken for each glass.
  2. Planted to a depth of half a fingertip (no more than 2 cm).
  3. You can sprinkle with earth on top, but not tamp.
  4. Next, the containers are covered with a film and cleaned in a warm place (temperature not less than + 25 ° C). Normally, the sprouts appear after 5-6 days.

Features of watering and lighting

Next, it is necessary to ensure optimal lighting - since the daylight hours in the spring are not long enough, they are illuminated with a lamp for 2-3 hours a day (in addition to daylight). Watered with settled water at room temperature as the earth dries up (the soil should always be moderately moist). However, excess moisture is also not allowed.

Planting melon seedlings in a greenhouse

Thus, even in Siberian latitudes it is possible to grow your melon. The selection of the right variety, as well as the planting period in combination with optimal conditions for the care guarantees a good harvest.

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