How to make a mailbox do it yourself

How to make a mailbox do it yourself

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Each type of house or housing has its own unique address, to which various letters and telegrams arrive in a timely manner. In order for your correspondence to fly around the fence or the site, you need to correctly equip the mail device. Typically, such a product can be purchased at hardware store: Their prices are very affordable, and the choice of material is very diverse. However, many people like to make a box for letters with their own hands.

Types of Mailboxes

In order for your beautiful mailbox to not stand out in the general picture of the house, you need to choose its design and size correctly, as well as determine the place where you install it. It is necessary to take into account its availability and convenience for receiving letters. When choosing a box, you need to decide how you will use it: will it decor element or a valid device for letters.

There are several main types of boxes:

  • Traditional.
  • American
  • English

If you do not know how to make a mailbox with your own hands, then the traditional type is ideal for you. The name of traditional caskets for letters speaks for itself: this is the simplest and most convenient form, which is made from improvised building material. They can be made of cardboard, plastic, wood, metal and have the most unusual shapes.

The appearance of American mailboxes is very similar to traditional, but they have one feature that helps to find out if the letter is in the mail. The fact is that in private areas of America, when delivering letters, the postman himself picks up special flag, which speaks of receiving a letter.

The English look is significantly different from the two previous ones. More often it is made of a metal pipe. Accordingly, special doors are cut through it, and a hole for letters. After which it is painted, decorated original pictures, and is installed as a pedestal.

There are also special, unique and extraordinary types of mailboxes. They are made independently not only from improvised means, but also from any unnecessary materials. So, using an ordinary plastic bottle, you can make an excellent mail device. The main thing is that the bottle should be of a large volume, ideally from 5 liters. Such material will not leak or get wet, which will ensure the dryness of your letters. And if the box is well decorated with decorative material such as paper or decoupage, it will calmly replace the usual store one.

You can make a box of racks with your own hands. To do this, you need tools: a hammer and a saw. With accurate calculation and correct drawing it will take very little time to make such a box. The main thing is not to forget to install waterproof material on top of the box for the safety of letters.

Do-it-yourself metal mailbox is much more difficult. Here at least the skills of a welder or tinsmith will be required. When creating a letterbox made of thick metal, you will definitely need a welding machine. And to decorate the product, you need tools that allow you to process metal. Forged metal items are usually made from thick metal, which look very exquisite.

Homemade tin box for letters to make a little easier. Nevertheless, the skills of a tinsmith will greatly help in such a production. Usually such a look is not particularly decorated, unless you can unusually apply paint.


On the Internet you can see a special workshop on how to make a mailbox out of wood with your own hands. However, there are certain subtleties of this work.

First you need to decide what kind of tools and materials will be needed. The main materials include:

  • Plywood and wooden blocks.
  • Nails or screws.
  • Hammer or screwdriver.
  • Wood saw or circular saw.

After everything you need is assembled, you can begin to manufacture the drawing or search it on the Internet. In all the drawings, the box for the blank is initially made, and only then the lid and bottom are assembled. The main thing is not to forget about the hole for the letter itself. The hole should be marked and done before attaching the cover, so that it would be convenient to process it from two sides.

After the product is ready, you can proceed to its decoration. Decorating mailboxes is not limited to anything. You can use everything that your ingenuity and imagination is capable of. Any color of paint, decorative elements, construction accessories - you can use anything you like in your decoration. There were times when mailboxes were decorated various toysdolls. But this is not all - lovers of bright lights can decorate them with electronic bulbs and lights.

Installation Features

So, when your invention is ready for use, you need to immediately think about how to position it. A street box for letters is better to install on the fence. It can be installed both from the outside and from the inside, but do not forget that when installing from the inside, you will have to make a hole in the fence. This option is the most practical, but it is worth remembering that the letterbox should be clearly visible not only in the daytime, but also in the late evening.

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