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How to do beautification of a summer cottage with your own hands

How to do beautification of a summer cottage with your own hands

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Many of us associate a country house homeowner not with growing vegetables and fruits, but with great outdoor recreation. Accordingly, there is a need to improve the summer cottage, which will allow you to comfortably spend time relaxing here all year round. Such improvement implies the correct design and landscape and competent planning of the recreation area in the household territory.

What includes landscaping

The term landscaping is commonly understood as landscape design, as well as proper planning of the location of various functional areas on the site. That is why it is necessary to approach this work in a comprehensive manner, correctly defining your requirements and wishes for the personal territory. Depending on this, it will be necessary to draw up a work plan, subsequently putting it into practice.

Landscaping experts recommend planning several functional areas on the site. It can be a recreation area, a functional area with a summer kitchen, a barn and a utility room; it will be necessary to allocate several tens of square meters for beds and perennial plantings. All such work, as well as the structures being built at the summer cottage, must be thought out before proceeding directly with the work on the ground.

A detailed plan is the key to success

It is planning that needs special attention, since the success and accomplishment of accomplishment will largely depend on how correctly and professionally the sketch and design project of the future landscape design of the garden territory of the summer residence is completed. For many of us, it is the right planning for the improvement of a summer residence that presents certain difficulties.

On the Internet you can find numerous master classes and thematic videos, which describe how to improve a summer cottage site with your own hands. However, in theory and in practice, such work can vary significantly. You need to carefully consider the styling of the summer cottage, the arrangement with your own hands which will create here a great place to relax.

It is necessary to think as much as possible location of all functional structures on your site, determine the location of the zone for a comfortable rest, where a parking lot will be allocated, and where trees are planted, a flower garden is decorated, or several beds are made. Landscaping and planning for the improvement of a summer residence will be exclusively individual. You must consider the features of the site and the taste preferences of the homeowner. The financial factor is also important, since a well-thought out and implemented landscape design or landscaping of a summer residence will invariably require significant financial investments.

It is best to plan landscaping and the development of landscape design in the country at the mercy of professional specialists. An experienced landscape designer and architect will be able to properly plan the architecture of the house and all functional structures, as well as create a sketch project that can later be implemented independently or contact specialized companies. However, all these works can also be done independently, with a bit of effort and showing imagination and ingenuity.

We determine the future front of work

You need to decide what work will need to be performed without fail, and what you can refuse. So, if your country house has just been built or is in excellent condition, then you will not need to perform its external decoration additionally. The same goes for planted fruit trees. If a beautiful summer garden is planted, then you will be spared from the need for landscaping.

What works are carried out during improvement:

  • Improvement of the basic and functional structures.
  • Work with the lawn.
  • Additional landscaping.
  • Planning a relaxing area.
  • The implementation of the functional area with a hozblok and a barn.
  • Arrangement of flower beds, alpine hills and other landscape elements.

Common garden work

In most cases, when landscaping a summer residence, they abandon numerous beds, shrubs and other agricultural plantings. It is required to root out such unnecessary planting, level the ground and sow it with varietal grass. When leveling the lawn dig the ground carefully, if possible remove all weeds, compact the soil and plant varietal grass. We can recommend you use mechanized cultivators to dig a garden and a vibrating plate that will allow you to compact the ground, perfectly leveling the surface.

If earlier arranging a real emerald lawn and lawn in the personal territory was a certain difficulty, today in specialized garden stores you can find high-quality seeds, various fertilizers that are easy to use and another tool that will greatly simplify lawn care. Remember only that the appearance of the lawn will directly depend on providing the grass with proper care. Therefore, you must decide whether you can regularly come to the country to water the grass and once a week to cut it with a trimmer and lawn mower.

Many summer residents when landscaping the site do not pay due attention to the high-quality execution of the fence. But it is precisely on how high-quality, attractive and reliable fences and hedges are used that the general perception of the site will depend. If you don’t want to invest in a new full-fledged fence, then you can try to perform hedgefor which, along the existing fence, rose hips, arborvitae, vines and various similar green plantings are planted.

At this stage of the work, the site is divided into functional zones. Zones can be separated from each other by both functional structures and high green spaces. In the latter case, it will be possible to avoid a feeling of heaviness in the perception of design, while it is easy to make such a hedge that in a year and a half or two will take its final attractive appearance.

It is necessary to consider the location of all walking paths in the garden. You can perform such garden paths and paths by sprinkling them out of sand, a bay of concrete, or paving with cobblestones and paving slabs. It is necessary to choose the used technologies and materials for the implementation of such garden paths taking into account the general stylistics of the design of the entire summer cottage.

Arrangement of a recreation area

Exactly recreation area arrangement It presents the greatest difficulties in the landscape design of a summer cottage. It is necessary to determine the functional structures that will be erected here. Most homeowners equip an open or closed gazebo, which becomes the central element of the entire cottage. We can also recommend you to pay attention to open pergolas, summer kitchens, open verandas attached to the house and so on. You can equip a small decorative pond here, placing convenient benches near it, on which it will be so pleasant to spend time on summer evenings.

On the Internet you will find various original projects for arranging a recreation area on a summer cottage, which can be borrowed for landscaping. We can recommend to economical homeowners to equip a cozy arbor with a barbecue or a cauldron, which will allow you to simultaneously cook food and relax in the open air.

The recreation area at the summer cottage may also include a small playground, where all conditions will be created for a fun, as well as completely safe rest and games for young children. It is best to have such a playground in the immediate vicinity of the house or gazebo, which will allow you to look after the playing children. The site for performing such a gaming zone should be as flat as possible, without slopes and elevations. Try to choose a penumbra for the playground so that the kids are not in the scorching sun, but also do not play in the shade.

At the playground you can equip:

  • Horizontal bars.
  • Swing.
  • Slides.
  • The simplest pools.

If necessary, such an inventory for children’s games can be done either with your own hands or you can purchase ready-made solutions for an outdoor playground.

Some helpful suggestions

We are offering to you simple and at the same time useful recommendations from professionals in landscape design who will make it easy to independently fence off the territory of a summer cottage:

  • Avoid excesses in the design and decoration of farm buildings. An overabundance of architectural forms, various outdoor furniture and plantings will create an atmosphere of anxiety and discomfort on the site.
  • If you operate the cottage only during the holidays and on weekends, you should choose plants and green spaces that do not require constant care.
  • It is necessary to determine the basis of the entire design of the homestead territory and subsequently draw up the entire territory, as if beating the original design style.
  • You can separate the recreation area from the garden using a motley flower wall or hedge of thuja and other similar plants.
  • The easiest way is to beautifully landscaping the homestead territory by leveling the ground and breaking an emerald lawn here.
  • You can give a finished look to the site by laying out a path made of stone or other natural materials.
  • It will be necessary to take care of decorative and functional lighting. You will have to spend money on various original lanterns and lamps that will ensure the comfort of using the homestead area in the dark.
  • You should not recklessly copy the design from glossy magazines or pictures from the Internet. Such landscaping is often performed by professional designers, and numerous gardeners and landscape specialists will work to maintain the appearance of the site.

Improvement of a summer cottage is not particularly difficult. On the Internet you can find thematic videos telling about how to ennoble the cottage, which will significantly simplify this work. You just need to accurately and thoroughly plan all the work that will be carried out as part of the ennobling of the territory, and then precisely follow the thought-out plan, arranging a relaxation area that is comfortable to use, planting the original green spaces and making an emerald lawn. This cottage will become a favorite vacation spot where you can spend unforgettable time outdoors with your family and friends.

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