Whitewashing of fruit trees in autumn: composition of mixtures and technology of work

Whitewashing of fruit trees in autumn: composition of mixtures and technology of work

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The fact that tree trunks need to be whitewashed in the spring, even those who do not have their own personal plot know. However, not everyone knows that trees need to be whitened in the fall. Whitewashing protects trees from insects and other harmful organisms, protects the bark from exposure to excessive solar radiation. It is necessary even for decorative trees.

Autumn whitewash: when to whiten

Whitening apple trees in the spring is more common. At this time, trees are treated to protect them from the negative effects of various insects and other harmful organisms.

So, why do you need to whiten apple trees in autumn:

  • to protect against spores and fungi of various origins;
  • to destroy a variety of larvae;
  • to protect against excessive solar radiation;
  • for protection against freezing;
  • protect from hares and different rodents.

In autumn, insects begin to seek shelter for the winter period. A great option for them is the bark. If you do not process and protect the bark, insects are located under it, and with them fungi, infections and spores of microorganisms. The lack of processing of apple trees can lead to a decrease in fruiting and a quick drying of the tree.

In winter, apple trees tolerate large temperature differences. There are also sunburns, which a tree can get even in winter during bright sunlight. If at least small dark brown or black spots are present on the bark, it is in this place that the apple tree can get a burn. White color will reflect hot rays, like a mirror. As a result, in whitewashed apple trees, the probability of damage decreases many times.

Rodents, hares, insects often eat the bark of apple trees. Unprotected trees attract them in the first place.

You should know at what time it is more correct to whitewash fruit trees in the fall. Apple trees need protection throughout the year, therefore, it is better to whitewash them twice a year.

Preparation for the whitewashing of trees for the winter should begin in mid-September before the first frosts.

Preparatory work

It is not enough just to apply a whitening compound or lime to the trunk; this will not be considered a complete preparation of trees for winter cold. Before whitening fruit trees in autumn, several preparatory measures should be taken:

  • clear the trunks;
  • disinfect;
  • repair cracks and wounds.

All activities require time and effort. Between the stages of work there should be a period of time. All activities on the plot should be completed before frost. Mid or second half of October is the best time for whitewashing trees in autumn.

Inspection and cleaning of trunks

Any crack on the trunk of a fruit tree represents a passage for a variety of tree diseases. For reliable protection against diseases such as scab and fruit rot, you need to inspect the trunks and clean them.

For these manipulations you need to prepare: a spatula made of plastic and a tarpaulin or film. Iron spatulas, knives and iron brushes are not suitable for cleaning - when working with them, trees can be damaged. Gloves and safety glasses must be worn to protect eyes and hands.

Damages and holes in the tree should be carefully cleaned. Trunks to clear of exfoliated bark, lichen and pieces of moss. To clean inaccessible places, you can use a wooden knife or a thin sliver. the area around the tree needs to be cleaned of pieces of bark.

Barrel disinfection

Disinfection should only be done in calm, dry weather. There should be no rain in the next two to three days after completion of processing activities. For the procedure, garden paint is suitable for trees. You need to remember about protective measures: put rubber gloves on your hands, use a respirator and plastic glasses.

For painting, the following indelibleaqueous emulsion disinfectant solutions:

  • OKSIhom;
  • HOM;
  • Bordeaux mixture.

Young seedlings, with incompletely formed bark, do not peel. Skeletal branches and a tree trunk are painted to a height of 1.5−2 m from the ground. You need to paint with a thin layer. You can use a special spray. It is important to apply a disinfectant to the trunks during processing, and to prevent it from dripping.

A soap and ash solution is widely used to disinfect apple trees. Ash has good disinfecting properties and contains potassium and phosphorus, which are necessary for tree nutrition.

To prepare a raster, grate 50 g of laundry soap on a coarse grater. 2.5−3 kg of ash and soap add to a bucket of hot water. Stir the mixture thoroughly until the soap completely dissolves, cool. Put the cooled solution on the bark of trees to the height to which you can reach. The next stage of events can only begin 5-7 days after disinfection.

Sealing cracks and wounds

Be sure to whitewash all existing wounds and cracks. Pathogenic bacteria and microbes easily fall under open bark through injuries.

To prepare the mixture, you will need manure and clay in a ratio of 2: 1 and a small amount of dust from straw. It is necessary to dilute all components in water and mix well. With clay eater, carefully brush all damage to trees, cracks and wounds.

In the absence of the necessary components, you can purchase ready-made products in specialized stores. RanNet paste is widely used. She can process open cuts at the end of tree pruning in the fall. Do not whitewash trees earlier than 1-1.5 weeks after putty.

Whitewash Recipes

Whitewashing of trees in autumn and the composition of some mixtures for it, have some differences. Each solution has its own purpose:

  • protection against small rodents and hares;
  • sunburn protection;
  • extermination of insects and their larvae.

Everyone chooses which solution to apply to him..

Standard composition

The main purpose of whitewashing is the destruction of all kinds of insects and the protection of fruit trees from their harmful effects. To make the mixture you will need: quicklime, water, clay.

Lime and clay should be in a ratio of 2: 1. To extinguish lime with water. After the solution has cooled, add clay and mix thoroughly. By consistency, the resulting solution should resemble sour cream. Its main feature is that it covers the tree trunks with a rather thick layer, provides good protection and will not be washed off after rains for a long time.

If there is no clay, wood or casein glue will do.

Composition for protecting trunks from burns

This whitening product is highly reflective.. The composition of the solution is as follows:

  • 2 liters of water;
  • 2 tablespoons of glue PVA (or clerical) .;
  • Lime "fluff" - 300 g.

It must be borne in mind that if there are young seedlings in the garden, lime cannot be used, it can burn their tender bark. In this case, chalk added to the whitening solution is suitable.

Glue can be replaced with milk. It will need 100 g. All components are mixed to a homogeneous consistency.

If you add 1 tablespoon of DDT powder and 1 tablespoon of copper or iron sulfate to this solution, the apple tree will be protected from fungi and various diseases.

Rodent Protection Solution

The composition intended for whitewashing is universal. It helps to destroy harmful insects and all their larvae. With his help, prevention of putrefactive lesions is carried out.

The composition of the solution is as follows:

  • Dispersion of PVA and PVA glue in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • 2 tbsp. l copper or iron sulfate.
  • 2 liters of water.

If you add a few drops of “Knockdown” or Creolin apple trees to the solution, they will be protected from hares and various small rodents, this will destroy the spores of fungi and ant egg laying laid in microcracks and under the bark.

It is necessary to mix the solution well. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, mix again.

Whitewashing trunks

To work, you need to choose a suitable brush, its width should be the same as the width of the barrel. For convenience, you can use a spray gun.

In autumn, whitewashing should be carried out exclusively in dry weather. Since the whitening composition will be washed off already during the first rain.

Whitewashing of apple trees should be carried out strictly according to the instructions, start from the bottom, slowly climbing up the trunk. Whitewashing should be done not only on trunks, but also on skeletal branches at a height of 25-30 cm from the base.

Events for whitewashing and cleaning of apple trees in autumn should be carried out every year. If fruit trees are often looked after, they will remain healthy and strong, which, in turn, will increase fruiting and improve the taste of fruits.

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