The most famous plants and shrubs with white flowers

The most famous plants and shrubs with white flowers

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White has long been considered a sign of purity and purity. Therefore, he is so loved by all. One cannot but agree that the use of snow-white things in everyday life is impractical. But why deny yourself the pleasure of seeing and living surrounded by this wonderful color? After all, you can transfer it from everyday life to the garden, decorating the corners of relaxation and creating a feeling of lightness and freedom in your area.

Features of use

Each of the owners of even the smallest plot seeks not only to derive the maximum benefit from it, but also to make it unique by decorating garden plants to their taste and color.

In the landscape, white is very popular. After all, it is he who allows not only to decorate, but also to visually expand the available space. In combination with various shades of green foliage and grass, white inflorescences look very beautiful, invariably attracting attention. It is this combination that can revive the garden not only in the daytime, but also at night. Therefore, a large number of landowners decorate recreation areas on their site with perennial plants with beautiful white flowers.

Among professional landscape designers, there is even a special term "Moon Garden". Usually they call them those corners of the garden in which only plants blooming in white flowers are used, creating a romantic mood with their monochrome.

Rules for creating a white garden

Everyone who wants to create and grow their own white garden should definitely know and remember some of its features:

  1. You should not plant flowers blooming with white buds, next to buildings and structures painted with light paint - plants are lost in their background.
  2. Simultaneously with the main plants, other shrubs and grass should be planted with the original shape of the leaves or having its unusual color. This will "dilute" the monochrome design and make it more original.
  3. There is absolutely no need to plant the entire site with plants in white-green color. You can design only a relaxation area this way, giving the rest of the garden a riot of colors with the help of other flowers and shrubs.
  4. When planting plants, their height should be taken into account to create truly beautiful and organically looking compositions.
  5. The decor of such a "Moon Garden" encourages the use of additional funds. It can be all kinds of benches, sculptural compositions, beautiful vases and lanterns. They will give a sense of completeness to your site and create an aura of romance on it.
  6. To create designer compositions, perennial plants should be used. If you do just that, you don’t have to spend a lot of time, effort and money annually on updating your landscape.

Garden plants

There are a lot of perennial white-flowering plants, usually they are planted in company with other ornamental shrubs and herbs. Also, in order for such a design to please its flowering continuously from spring to autumn, plants with different flowering periods should be selected and grouped.

Here is a description of the most popular perennials flowering in different seasons.

Spring white flowers.

  1. Bird cherry - a tree with white flowers, the name of which is known to everyone. The aroma of blooming bird cherry will create a spring atmosphere on any site, and the appearance of a tree will decorate any garden.
  2. Muscari Alba is a white bloom that loves to grow on soil that is good for air and moisture. These plants are not picky and grow equally well and bloom both in the shady corners of the garden and in open sunny areas. Muscari does not require special care and can grow quite quickly from a small sprig of seedlings into a lushly flowering bush. In this case, they are usually planted several pieces in one hole. The life time of a plant in one place can be up to five years.
  3. Tulip is one of the most popular and favorite flowers. Its beautiful buds are found in almost every area during the flowering period of the plant: depending on the variety, this period can begin in late March and last until the beginning of summer. The perennial has countless varieties that will satisfy even the most demanding taste.
  4. Narcissus in our country is no less popular than a tulip. The flowers of this plant delight in the period from April to the end of May. This flower will take root well in the slightly shaded and sunny corners of the site.
  5. Decorative lily of the valley has large white buds and large flat leaves that can decorate any landscape even after the flowering period of this plant is over. These plants prefer shady places and are ready to bloom in one place for five years, after which it is advisable to carefully divide the root of the lily of the valley into several parts and transplant it to a new place.

Summer plants.

  1. Peonies begin to delight with their large fragrant buds. since the beginning of summer. If you choose the right soil and place for planting this perennial, it will delight you with its flowering for more than ten years, without requiring additional care and transfers from place to place. If, nevertheless, a decision is made about transplantation, then in the spring it is necessary to determine the bud of renewal, cutting it off together with a small part of the main stem and transplanting it to a new place, leaving the bud itself on the surface.
  2. Leucanthemum, even in common people, is called an ordinary garden daisy. This white flower is quite unpretentious and pleases with its white flowers throughout the summer. Many of its varieties are similar in one: the snow-white of any inflorescence is very successfully and brightly diluted by the yellow middle, highlighting this flower in any combination. Chamomile can grow in one place for decades, without requiring transplants and special care.
  3. Volzhanka is more like a bush. This white flower loves shady places in the garden and, under favorable conditions, can grow up to two meters in height. Its small white flowers look great in combination with other plants.

Autumn flowers.

  1. Bush Astra is a very unpretentious perennial, usually blooming at a time when the buds of other plants wilt. Astra is resistant to frost and pleases with its white flowers almost before the onset of the first frost.
  2. Hydrangea is a shrub with white flowers, the name of which is familiar to almost every gardener. Starting its flowering period in the summer, it pleases with its inflorescences resembling a large fluffy ball, almost before the onset of cold weather. Hydrangea inflorescences can be either pure white or pink.

There are a lot of white flowers. When creating his own unique design, everyone will be able to choose exactly what he needs for his garden.

White flowers

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