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Decorative bridges in the landscape design of the cottage

Decorative bridges in the landscape design of the cottage

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Decorative bridges can be used not only to decorate the pond and garden. They can also perform different functional loads. Among the possible methods of using decorative bridges in the garden is the planting of climbing and flowering plants. A properly designed bridge for the pond can become a specific supporting structure for additional lighting, as well as for the installation of flower containers. Below you can find out how to make a bridge through the creek with your own hands.

Small bridges and bridges are a larger structure or structure with which you can overcome an obstaclee.g. ravine, stream, river, pond. Some argue that the bridge is only possible in large gardens, but they can also look beautiful in a small area. Representing the continuation of the track, this design makes it possible not only to cross through something uncomfortable or water, but also makes the walking route more intriguing and interesting.

Bridges can be built through a quiet murmuring or rapidly flowing stream, connect the islets, which are located in the center of a large pond, with the shore, with the help of bridges also force the body of water or some uncomfortable wet places. Of course, the bridges in the garden, first of all, have practical value, but they are also able to make the impression of a stream or pond more powerful.

Decorative bridges in landscaping

Decorative bridges for the garden in landscape design will look more stylish and fit organically into space if their design was well thought out in advance. The smaller the garden, the simpler the bridge structure should look and the more neutral its color should be.

Choosing a place and style

Materials and structures for bridges must be selected based on the style of your garden and garden, they must ideally be combined with the external appearance of lamps and arbors, which are located nearby.

These designs are indispensable in areas flooded in spring, where you need to lay a route from the building or make a crossing through a ravine. Sometimes bridges are built to highlight some object on the site or to give the site completeness, you can also design a wooden path in the form of a bridge, which will lead to the gazebo.

The drawbridge can be located both above the river and the pond, and above a dry reservoir or stream.


Before building a bridge on your summer cottage, you need to study some requirements:

  • First of all, the design should be beautiful, in harmony with the house and garden, the reflection of the bridge in the water should be interesting.
  • The design must be functional. If the bridge is set by chance, it will begin to look out of place on the site. A strongly arched bridge will be perceived as a barrier rather than a crossing over a pond or stream. The design should be comfortable, because people will walk on it, not acrobats. In the end, it is recommended to move away from the coast so that the bridge does not look scanty.
  • And also the design should be comfortable, strong, stable, durable, and the surface on which people will walk is non-slip, especially if the route above the water or ravine will be used year-round. If the bridge is laid across a wide stream or a large pond, then it must be done with a railing so that people walk on it safely.

The bridge is thrown from one side to the opposite, so it is logical to place it in the narrowest part of the stream or reservoir, while the bridge will divide the area of ​​the water mirror into two parts of unequal size, the ratio of which is recommended to be calculated according to the golden section rule. In this case, the purpose of both parts one reservoir can be different, for example, on one side there can be a swimming pool for people, and the other will serve as a place where nymphs will prosper. One part may also be deep sea, and the other will become shallow.

Paths are also an integral part, in this case the bridge plays the role of a viewing platform above the water surface. From this place it will be convenient to look at the trees that grow along the pond and are reflected in the water, admire a waterfall or fountainblooming nymphaea or beautiful fish in a pond.

Garden Bridge is an indispensable element of the Chinese and Japanese gardens. In water mirrors, coastal vegetation, the sky, the first rays of the rising sun are reflected. In the Chinese style, it is simply impossible to imagine a pond without elegant stone or wooden bridges.

Do it yourself

Surely many owners of suburban areas are interested in making a bridge for their garden with their own hands. Designs for a reservoir can be monolithic, and you can also make it in the form of step-by-step slabs of natural stones, boulders or huge boardwalks, squares.

To arrange a beautifully small pond, a bridge for it can be arranged in the following way: put some stones in the water, passing through which a person will be on the other side. It will look especially impressive if such stones are combined with the design material of the shore of the reservoir. Stones should be selected for this approximately the same type and the same size. Such a re-arm at a depth of not more than 45 cm. The outer surface of such a structure should be about 10 cm above the surface of the water. Minimum diameter of stone or the slab should be about 60 cm so that they can stand confidently.

The stones are laid firmly and carefully, so that between their midpoints there is a distance of about 60 cm, that is, it equals the step size.

When constructing the bridge, it is interesting to use unusual boulders of irregular shape, but with a flat top, as a passage through shallow water, such constructions above streams are especially good, where water forms small swirls near the stones. You can also use non-natural boulders, as well as emitted using concrete.

Step-by-step instructions for making a decorative bridge with your own hands from improvised means:

  1. Free the pond from the liquid and lay it in the necessary places to the bottom with a mortar about 5 cm thick, suitable in size stones for the foundation. The top surface should be on the same horizontal plane.
  2. Wait until the mortar has hardened, and then lay four bricks on each stone with a mortar. In this case, with the expectation that the upper surface of the bricks should slightly protrude above the surface of the water.
  3. Lay paving slabs or flat stones with a diameter of about 60 cm on top of the bricks with a mortar.
  4. After about 3 days, waiting for the final solidification of the solution, the pond can be filled with water.

Building a bridge across the pond

To build a wooden bridge over the pond it is possible with the help of various improvised materials. Before starting the process, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. Below you can find detailed instructions on how to build a bridge with your own hands on the shore of a reservoir in a summer cottage:

  1. All water should be drained from the reservoir, and each boulder should be laid up on a thick layer of thick solution with a flat surface. The height can be leveled with a mortar or concrete slabs, which are laid imperceptibly under the stone. The upper part of the stones should be located on one horizontal plane.
  2. Wait two days for the solution to dry.

It is worth noting that the bridge should not appear in a certain place by accident, some path should lead to it. This design successfully connects different texture paths in the garden. If the pond or stream turned out to be not too beautiful and interesting, the bridge will divert attention from it, making it more impressive at the same time.

This garden element is so attractive that sometimes bridges are built in the absence of practical necessity, for example, a wooden bridge on a dry site leading to a gazebo, showing the way and giving a sense of unity of style.

Bamboo bridge

These structures can be built literally from any materials, for example, garden bridges made of metal, forged, wooden suspension bridges look pretty attractive. And you can also make a garden bridge from bamboo. To do this, it is necessary to lay bamboo poles and tie them together with a rope. Such structures can be supplemented with a railing in the form of a sagging rope, which is attached to bamboo posts. Bamboo structures are thrown through real streams or through gravel stylized ponds.

A Japanese stone lantern mounted near the edge of a bamboo structure will look quite attractive.

When creating a pond, it is necessary to make sure that you can approach the water quite close. Small bridges or a small number of large flat stones, along which it will be possible to overcome the distance from the coast deep into the pond, will allow you to look into a completely different world. The pond is a habitat for various animals and plants, which will be extremely interesting for a person to watch.

Decks and platforms

Spacious wooden structures, which, most likely, can be called a flooring or a platform, help to arrange a recreation area near the reservoir: a pair of armchairs and a cozy table by the water look great, from here a beautiful view of the site opens. Floors overhanging the surface of the water create the illusion that there is water under them, making the pond look large in size. On a large platform you can arrange guests, enjoy the garden and sunbathe in a sun lounger, you just need to equip it with suitable garden furniture.

As a rule, the platform is built on the basis of wooden boards, it is advisable to select boards with a ribbed surface so that they do not slip in the rain. The length of the board should be 4 m and a width of about 20 cm. For manufacturing, you can also choose stacked square plates with a side of 60 cm, composed of boards, located diagonally or at right angles to the edge. The minimum thickness of the boards should be about 3 cm. For the flooring, wood of a wide variety of species is used.

If you have the opportunity, it is best to choose wood of expensive hardwoods, since such a flooring will last longer, and it is also considered to be of better quality. Please note that the surface of the flooring will have to be washed regularly with a brush, cleaning it from algae and dirt.

The size and location of the flooring should be determined depending on the location and size of the pond. Of course, it would be much better if the area is large. The configuration of a wooden structure can be the most intricate, it can be tightly adjacent to the pond, or you can build the flooring in such a way that the water will be completely located inside it. If round bridges are made over a small round pond, such a repetition of the correct forms will only enhance the impression of the garden.

Some people prefer to have a sauna or a bathhouse near a large deep pond. In such cases, opposite the entrance to the bathhouse near the water, it is necessary to put a bridge, which must be equipped with reliable railings. A thick plastic mesh with 20 × 20 mm cells should be attached to the steps so that the person does not slip after the bath.

Wood and stone will be perfectly combined, a paved patio can also adjoin the flooring, and a step-by-step path made of stones for crossing the reservoir, as if floating on the surface of the water, may be a continuation of the construction.

Bridge in landscaping

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