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What can you do from old things and rubbish with your own hands

What can you do from old things and rubbish with your own hands

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How exciting it is to create beautiful things with your own hands from unnecessary trash. "The second life of unnecessary things" is the slogan of designers, needlewomen, creative people who never throw away such things, but do everything in order to transform them. Some objects can be used to create children's crafts, while others can decorate the interior, while others can even bring practical value to everyday life.

DIY bucket basket

Few people realized that from a simple plastic paint bucket you can make a cozy basket. To create such a basket you will need:

  • Plastic bucket for paint or mayonnaise.
  • Wooden clothespins.
  • Sandpaper.
  • White spirit.
  • Glue.
  • Lacy sewing.
  • The cloth.
  • Threads.
  • Wooden beads.
  • Jute twine.

First of all, you need to prepare a plastic bucket. To do this, walk along its outer sides with fine sandpaper, then degrease the container with alcohol. Carefully, so as not to get injured, remove the iron springs from the clothespins. For convenience, you can help with a small flat screwdriver. Pulling the edge of a metal workpiece with a screwdriver, you must first release one wooden part of the clothespin, and then the other.

Lubricate each wooden workpiece with Moment glue, attach them to the outside of the plastic bucket, applying the halves of the clothespins to it with the flat side. The second sticks in the same way, being closer to the first. When all the clothespins are glued, it is necessary to measure the diameter inside the bucket with a centimeter tape, and then wrap the tape on the inner side of the container bottom and top. Determine the height of the tank. Based on these measurements, two details must be cut: a rectangular sidewall and a bottom that has a rounded shape. Sweep among themselves to get a fabric cylinder with a bottom.

Lace must be sewn to the top of the part. Insert the resulting cover into the bucket so that the seam is inside the container. Wrap the handle around the bucket with twine and fix it with glue.

Put the handle back in place. In conclusion, it is necessary to cut the rope of the required length, string the beads on it, fix it by wrapping two knots. Wrap the bucket with the decorative element.

The finished bucket can be used for staging in the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood", so that the main character would carry pies to her grandmother in it. In addition, in the bucket you can store various tools, threads for knitting and other elements of needlework.

Pencil holder

To create such a stand with your own hands, you can also use all kinds of unnecessary items, including wooden clothespins, which we used to make baskets. They are disassembled in exactly the same way, separating the metal part. The plastic container must be degreased, glued the halves of the disassembled wooden clothespins, pre-painted them in any color.

To make such a stand you will need:

  • A glass or other container of this shape.
  • Wooden clothespins.
  • Brush
  • Paints.
  • The solution for degreasing.
  • Glue.
  • Sandpaper.

If desired, you can even use toilet paper sleeves. Consider how to make a stand for pencils from a sleeve. To do this, you need the following tools and things:

  • 3 bushes from toilet paper.
  • Newspaper.
  • PVA glue.

It is necessary to cut a strip from the newspaper, the width of which will be equal to the height of the sleeve. Such a stand for pencils can be done with or without a bottom. In the latter case, the stand will have to be moved around the table if it is necessary to move it, but without raising it.

If you want to make a stand for pencils with a bottom, then the sleeve must be placed on a sheet of cardboard, outline the bottom circle. Cut a cardboard blank on the resulting contour, adding a little in diameter. Glue a circle to the bottom of the sleeve.

Apply glue to one side of the cut out newspaper tape, stick it to the sleeve. Make two more in the same way. Glue all three together. When the resulting structure has dried, it can be filled with pencils.

Other bush transformation ideas

The bushings can be given a second life by using the following idea of ​​transformation. The following tools were taken for her:

  • Bushings.
  • The cloth.
  • Glue.
  • Buttons
  • Marker.
  • Scissors.

The sleeve can be dressed up in a suit. To create a suit from a piece of fabric, you need to cut a blank for a rectangular shirt, draw a tie with a marker. Glue the item to the sleeve. Attach the fabric for the suit with glue on top, close the upper edge of the sleeve with it.

To make a pencil stand with buttons, they must be glued to the surface of the fabric to which the sleeve is attached. Another pencil case can be decorated with sports pictures cut out from the magazine and colored paper.

To make a stand for pencils from a sleeve and natural material, it is necessary to shorten two bushings at different levels, and then glue them together. Using a jigsaw, you need to cut small branches into small pieces, and then glue them to the bushings, decorating the pencil stand.

Coasters from other unnecessary containers

Quite interesting hair coasters are obtained from empty bottles of shampoo, hair balm or other colored plastic bottles. To create such crafts, you need to remove the lids from the containers. If you want, you can cut off the top with a knife so that it is wavy. Cut a funny mouth out of black and colored paper, stick white teeth to it. Attach the resulting element to the front of the shampoo can. The resulting stand for pencils will raise your mood during study or work, especially if you attach eyes for dolls to them.

If you do not have unnecessary eyes for the dolls, they are easy to make yourself by cutting out two empty transparent capsules from under the tablets. Inside, pieces of dark plasticine or beads are laid so that they act as a pupil.

The stand can also be made from empty cans. Instead of eyes, bottle caps are attached, and a bottle ring will serve as the mouth.

To build stands for pens and pencils for a kindergarten or a large family, you can cut off empty plastic cans, process the edges with sandpaper, and attach them with screws to the wall.

Paper table cases

To make a wonderful desktop pencil case, you can use old unnecessary magazines. For such an idea, you will need:

  • Thick unnecessary magazine.
  • Thick cardboard.
  • PVA glue.
  • Pencil.

The magazine must be put on the edge, its sheets divided into 5 equal parts. Fix them with paper clips. Connect the last group of sheets with the first so that they are arranged in a circle. Put a pencil in the center. Tighten the edges of each part to the center, glue using PVA glue.

Putting the blank on a sheet of colored cardboard, outline the resulting petals on it. Cut this figure out of cardboard, stick it to the bottom of the future stand. When the glue dries, the product must be turned over, after which you can put pens, pencils and markers in it.

The original stand can also be obtained from unnecessary magazines or books. To do this, you will need:

  • Unnecessary books.
  • To glue.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Pencil.
  • Direct elongated containers.
  • Cardboard.
  • Scissors.

First of all, you need to cut the binding of the book, fold the sheets in a pile. According to the diameter of the containers, cut out a template from cardboard. Attach the resulting template to a small bundle of sheets. Make two notches with a clerical knife. The same holes must be cut in all pages, and then glued together in groups. In the received capacity to put a variety of stationery.

Old newspaper stuff

You just can’t imagine how many unusual things can be done from old unnecessary newspapers. Consider the example of a composition from a house with a garden. To work, you will need:

  • Big Book.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Pencil.
  • Newspapers.
  • Cardboard.
  • Glue.
  • Wire.
  • Colored paper.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Such a house or cottage can be made from an old cardboard box. To make tiles for the house, you need to cut small rectangles from the newspaper, each of them folded in half, glued in this position.
  2. Attach the resulting tiles to the visor and to the roof, first make the first row, overlap it to place the elements of the second row. In this sequence, you need to arrange the visor and the roof of the house.
  3. Cardboard will act as shutters from the boards. From it, you also need to make a balcony, pipes, framing for windows. After that, each element must be glued to its place.
  4. Draw a wavy line on the cover of the book, cut it out with scissors. Separate several pages, draw wavy lines on each group of pages, along which you need to cut pieces with a clerical knife.
  5. Make paper flowers, and make stems for them from wire. The wire is wrapped in a strip of green colored paper or with a ribbon of the same color.

In conclusion, you only need to make a newspaper tree. But it’s worth stopping here in order to study in more detail the technique of its creation.

To create a tree you will need:

  • Newspaper.
  • Glue.
  • Paper tape.
  • Knitting needle number 1.5.
  • White gouache and paint brushes, if you want to color the tree.

To make a tree, you need 7 double sheets of newspapers. Roll up tubes from newspaper strips, wrap them around the knitting needle, glue the tips of the newspaper so that they do not turn around. In total, 30 newspaper tubes need to be prepared. 15 of them must be folded together, fastened with paper tape.

Take a newspaper tube, step back a little from the bottom of the tree trunk, start wrapping it. For a good fixation of the tube, it must be glued to the trunk with the tips. Divide the trunk tubes in half, wind one half of the newspaper down. This fragment must be divided into several parts, wrap each of them with a paper tube to get branches.

Wrap the ends of the branches, wrap several times with paper tubes at the bottom of the trunk, so that the tree becomes more stable. If black and white newspapers were used, then you can leave your craft in this form, but if you used colored newspapers, then the tree can be covered with a mixture of glue and paint.

Finally, cut out the leaves and stick them to the tree trunk.

Crafts from old shoes

When considering ideas from old things, it is also worth mentioning the use of old shoes. But what can be made of this trash? Decor from unnecessary shoes can decorate any garden and home.

  1. If your shoes outwardly have not lost their attractiveness, but become small or not needed, they can be used for green decor. To do this, only a few small plants need to be planted in the shoes, then put on the balcony or at the entrance to the house. So not only shoes, but also the room will be transformed.
  2. Just recently, shoes or sandals with thick transparent soles were at the peak of popularity. But at present they are irrelevant, so they can be turned into an unusual creative flower pot. Such a pot is able to decorate any interior and will definitely surprise all guests.
  3. Sneakers or high-soled shoes with thick soles some day become worthless. But do not throw them away in such cases. They can be used to decorate the garden, making such shoes an interesting element of decor. In addition, you can decorate such elements with brick or tile.

Now you find outhow to get rid of excess rubbish and what can be done from waste by putting things in order in your house. Of course, there are many different ideas on this subject. You can also show a little imagination and creativity to create some kind of your own unique thing for your home.

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