Gabion structures in landscape design and construction

Gabion structures in landscape design and construction

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For a long time, wire structures filled with gravel were used in the war to erect redoubts. Nowadays, such containers with stones, called gabions, are used by builders when laying the foundation, as well as landscape designers for various garden structures for decorative purposes. Most often they are bought, and not made with their own hands. The benefit of options for such facilities is mass. Finished wire containers are already in place filled with stones (or other fillers).

What are gabions

Very dense galvanized wire is used to manufacture these structures. It has a density five times higher than that of the popular "chain-link" wire. High-quality mesh, in addition to galvanizing, can be coated with polyvinyl chloride. The thickness of the wire may be, depending on the future construction size, two to six millimeters.

The mesh of the container must necessarily be very strong, otherwise it may not withstand the weight of the stones and quickly become unusable.

The strength of the mesh, in addition to galvanizing and polyvinyl chloride coating, is achieved by double twisting of the wire. The cells resemble a polygon in shape. Depending on the thickness, a filler is selected. It happens that several designs are combined into one to achieve the intended goal. Mounts for such connected structures must also be very reliable so that everything does not fall apart.

Types of gabion structures

There are three types of gabion structures, in shape.

  1. In the shape of a cylinder. They have good flexibility, are used for the manufacture of foundations that require flexibility (for example, on water).
  2. In the form of boxes; They are used for fences and walls. They can be used in the country for a wide variety of purposes. They are the basis for street benches and other similar structures.
  3. Mattress and mattress gabions. They look flat, look like a metal base for a mattress (that's why it is called). Such structures are usually filled with pebbles, they are very flexible, able to take almost any shape. Of these, the foundation is laid.

Gabion Properties

The fact that the product has a wire base makes the design flexible. The construction can be given the form that is required. The arrangement of gabions is such that they are able to pass water, that is, to serve as a drainage system. Ease of installation allows you to facilitate a different work plan (for example, the installation of the foundation). After all, if lay the foundation from reinforced concrete, construction equipment will be required. This is optional here. The strength and durability of the technology allows to simplify the construction process without compromising on quality.

One of the best manufacturers of gabions is Gabionika. The company has been producing quality products for over 20 years. High-class masters of the company will help you choose the construction structure necessary for the site, make all the necessary measurements and calculate the cost.

Filler Selection

In this matter, what the construction will be used for is of great importance. The size of the stone (or other fillers) also depends on the destination. Underwater structures are recommended to be filled with large stones, surface - smaller. If the structure will be used exclusively for decorative purposes, then you can use almost any fillers, the main thing here is aesthetics. Most often filled with granite or sandstone.

Gabion assembly

Step-by-step assembly instructions.

You will need a gabion net, metal spirals, wire ropes and staples, steel pins, geotextile fabric, gravel (or other bulk filler).

  • First you need to make sure that you have all the necessary materials.
  • Using a spiral and wire staples, gabion panels are connected. One side will be a lid, therefore it should be able to open.
  • The design is attached with pins.
  • Gabion is half full at first. Large stones spread the bottom and front sides of the structure. In the middle, you can pour small stones. But in order to prevent small stones from leaking to large stones, fabric is laid between them.
  • Then the gabion is poured to the end, the lid is closed and tightened with metal spirals.

Gabions greatly facilitate the work of builders, and also serve as a source of ideas for landscape designers to decorate garden plots. Simple gardening enthusiasts will also find use in them. With the help of them you can make beautiful flower beds of gabions, they can serve as the basis for the foundation during the construction of the house.

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