A simple recipe for small green pickled tomatoes

A simple recipe for small green pickled tomatoes

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Each hostess, preparing supplies for the winter, always dreams of some unusual dish that could surprise guests at a dinner party, and of the renewal of traditional, usually passed down from generation to generation, time-tested recipes. It seems that an example of such a preparation would be a recipe for green tomatoes marinated for the winter.

On the one hand, few now deal with green tomatoes, some even leave them on the bushes to freeze for the winter or feed them to animals, not suspecting that many different yummy can be prepared from them. On the other hand, even in Soviet times, sometimes green tomatoes were found in stores, and connoisseurs understood that it was difficult to find a more delicious and savory snack in winter.

Of course, green tomatoes cannot be cut into a salad like their mature counterparts. This can be not only tasteless, but even dangerous to health, due to the increased content of solanine toxin. But they seem to have been created by nature itself for pickling and pickling for the winter. Since it is in the process of salting or heat treatment that solanine is destroyed, and tomatoes acquire the taste of all the spices and seasonings with which they are pickled.

A simple recipe for harvesting green tomatoes, in Soviet style

Such canned green tomatoes could be found in stores during the Soviet era and their sharp, sour taste can be remembered by preparing tomatoes according to this recipe.

For a three-liter jar, you need:

  • 2 kg of green tomatoes;
  • A small pod of hot pepper;
  • 6-7 peas of allspice and 12-13 black pepper;
  • 2-3 lavrushka;
  • About two liters of water;
  • 100 grams of sugar and salt;
  • 1 teaspoon of 70% vinegar essence.

For a start, the jar should be well washed and sterilized. Tomatoes are also washed first in cold, then in warm water. All the spices are placed in a sterile jar on the bottom and tomatoes are placed very tightly there.

Attention! A jar of tomatoes is poured with boiling water to the very top, covered with a lid and left for 4 minutes.

After that, the water is drained, the volume obtained is measured and sugar and salt are added to it, based on the fact that 50 grams of both spices are needed for each liter. The mixture is again heated to a boil, poured back into the jar, vinegar essence is added to it, and the jars are immediately rolled up with sterile lids. The workpieces require additional sterilization under a blanket in an upside-down form.

And they can be stored at any temperature, but without exposure to sunlight.

Garlic Bouquet Recipe

According to this recipe, it is very tasty to marinate green tomatoes for the winter for your beloved husband, since men are usually very fond of tomatoes with garlic. To prepare a snack from 5 kg of tomatoes, you need to find several heads of medium-sized garlic, 100 g of dill herb with inflorescences, 6 laurel leaves, 2 cups of 9% table vinegar, 125 g of sugar and 245 g of salt.

With a sharp knife, cut out the attachment point of the stalk from each tomato and insert a small clove of garlic inside.

Warning! Although green tomatoes are strong, carry out this operation carefully so as not to injure yourself and do not accidentally cut the tomato itself.

If you accidentally damage a tomato and cut it completely, you can use it to make a snack salad using the recipe below.

Each tomato should be stuffed with garlic. To make the marinade, dissolve all the spices and herbs in 6 liters of water, add vinegar and bring it to a boil. Gently place the tomatoes with garlic in the jars, alternating them with dill. Pour the jars with boiling marinade, immediately roll them up and leave, as always, under a blanket to cool. It is still better to store such a workpiece in a room where the temperature does not exceed + 18 ° C.

Snack tomatoes

With this simple recipe, green tomatoes marinated for the winter don't cook very quickly, but they make an excellent snack.

If you have 2 kg of green tomatoes, then prepare for them 2 pods of hot red pepper, 3 heads of garlic, 175 ml of 9% table vinegar, 30 g of salt and 70 g of sugar.

For pickling tomatoes, the container must be thoroughly washed with soda, then rinsed with boiling water. Well washed tomatoes are cut into small pieces of the same size - it is best to cut each tomato into 4 parts, and then each of the parts into 2 more halves.

The marinade is prepared even without adding water. First, salt and sugar are dissolved in the required amount of vinegar. Hot peppers and garlic are freed from all unnecessary spare parts and cut into small pieces. It is best to grind them with a meat grinder. Then they are added to the vinegar-spice mixture and everything is mixed well.

Pieces of chopped tomatoes are placed in a pickling container, the marinade mixture is added to them, and they are thoroughly mixed with each other. From above it is necessary to find and put a suitable size plate, and on it the load.

Important! Immediately seal the tomato dish so that they are all covered with liquid.

Leave the container of green tomatoes in this form for 24 hours. After this time has elapsed, the load can be removed, and the tomatoes, along with the marinade, can be transferred to small sterile jars and refrigerated. After 2 weeks, the dish is already completely ready to decorate the festive table.

Tomatoes "Miracle"

You can pickle green tomatoes for the winter using different technologies, but this recipe is especially popular with children, perhaps due to its delicate sweetish taste, or, perhaps, due to the use of gelatin.

Attention! It would be great if you could find small green tomatoes for this recipe. It is possible to use unripe cherry or cream for these purposes.

In order to marinate about 1000 g of green tomatoes, you need to choose:

  • 2 medium onion heads;
  • 5 cloves of garlic;
  • 10 pieces of cloves and 7 pieces of lavrushka;
  • 20 peas of allspice;
  • A teaspoon of citric acid;
  • 5 grams of cinnamon;
  • 60 grams of salt;
  • 100 grams of sugar;
  • 15-20 grams of gelatin;
  • 1 liter of water.

The first step is to soak the gelatin in a small amount of moderately warm water for 30-40 minutes. While the gelatin is swelling in the water, wash and cut the tomatoes in half if they are too large.

In well-sterilized jars, put onion, cut into rings, and garlic, chopped into thin slices, on the bottom. Add peppercorns and cloves to them. Next, fill the jar with tomatoes, shaking its contents as it fills. Shift the tomatoes with bay leaves.

To make a marinade, dissolve citric acid, salt and sugar in water, heat the mixture to a boil, add the swollen gelatin and bring to a boil again. Pour the tomatoes with spices with the prepared hot marinade and put the jars to sterilize for 8-12 minutes. And then close it hermetically.

Miracle tomatoes are extremely tender, and the dish itself attracts with its unusual appearance.

Filled recipe

You can't even tell right away what is more attractive in a ready-made dish prepared according to this recipe - the tomatoes themselves or the filling with which they are stuffed. Few appetizers can boast such a variety of ingredients, and together they make up an amazing bouquet of flavors that will hardly leave a connoisseur of pickled salads indifferent.

Start by preparing green tomatoes. According to the recipe, they will need about 5 kg. Remember to wash the tomatoes properly.

Important! First, the tomatoes must be cut in half from the side of the stalk, and after cutting the last one, soak in warm water for 30-40 minutes.

Next, you have to find the following components:

  • Sweet pepper, preferably red - 800 g;
  • Zucchini - 100 g;
  • Hot pepper - 2 pods;
  • Red onions - 500 g;
  • 50 grams of the following herbs: dill, celery, basil, parsley;
  • Garlic - 2-3 heads;
  • Carrots - 200 g;
  • Eggplant - 150 g.

All vegetables must be washed, peeled and cut into tiny pieces. It is possible to use a meat grinder for this purpose.

At the same time, most of the pulp is selected from the cut tomatoes, it is also crushed and mixed with the rest of the vegetables and herbs.

The resulting filling already has an attractive appearance and divine aroma. The filling of vegetables is tightly packed into the cuts of the tomato and the tomatoes themselves are well tamped into pre-sterilized jars.

Now it's the turn of the marinade. To pour 5 kg of tomatoes, you will need about 4-6 liters of water. It is better to prepare the marinade with a small margin.

For one liter of water, 60 grams of salt is used, and one teaspoon of 9% vinegar and granulated sugar.

After you bring the mixture of water, salt and sugar to a boil, remove it from heat and add the required amount of vinegar.

Important! Try not to boil the vinegar marinade unnecessarily, as this will weaken its preservative properties.

Pour jars of tomatoes with still not cooled marinade. If you are going to store this workpiece in a room, then it is advisable to additionally sterilize it in boiling water. For liter cans, 20-30 minutes after boiling water is enough. If you have extra space in the refrigerator or a cold cellar, then after pouring the marinade, the jars with stuffed tomatoes are immediately closed with sterile lids and wrapped until they cool.

Recipe with beets and apples

This recipe differs not only in the original taste, but also in the color that will not leave your home and guests indifferent. And everything is prepared quite simply.

  1. Wash and peel off tails and seeds with 0.5 kg of green tomatoes and 0.2 kg of apples. And then cut both of them into slices and place in a sterilized jar.
  2. Peel one small beetroot, cut into thin slices and attach to apples and tomatoes in a jar.
  3. Heat the water to + 100 ° С, pour boiling water over vegetables with apples and leave until the water cools completely.
  4. Carefully drain the water from the jar, add 30 g of salt, 100 g of sugar, and spices to your taste - allspice, cloves, bay leaf.
  5. Bring the marinade to a boil, boil for 4-5 minutes, add 100 grams of 6% vinegar.
  6. Pour the hot marinade over the vegetables and apples, cover tightly and cool.

Among the many recipes presented, you can definitely find something to your taste. Or maybe you want to try all the ways to pickle green tomatoes for the winter. And one of them will become your all-time favorite signature recipe.

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