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Garden shredder for grass and branches

Garden shredder for grass and branches

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At the end of the summer season, summer residents are faced with the problem of recycling garbage that arises as a result of any household work: wood, bark, tops, etc. It’s tiring to work with all this, so people tend to buy a garden shredder for grass and branches, which will quickly turn knot branches and other plant waste into a future fertilizer. Which is better to choose? Whose benefit do the reviews say? Better gas milling cutter electrical equivalent or not? Let's get acquainted with the rating of units.

Garden Electric Leaf Shredder

Main advantages:

  • Compact and light weight.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High performance.
  • Chopping branches into small chips.
  • Little noise.
  • Low cost.


  • Low power.
  • The range limits the length of the cord (take care of the extension cord).
  • Susceptibility to voltage drop.
  • Ability to process branches Ø≤40 mm.

The unit can be equipped with shock absorbing wheels to facilitate its movement around the site. And also have a high noise reduction indicator - the noise level is not more than 84 dB.

It can also:

  • Be as powerful as you can in your class.
  • Have knives made of quality material.
  • Have an automatic engine shutdown system.
  • Have a built-in reverse function.
  • Be able to chop garden debris of fine wood chips.
  • Have a convenient receiving funnel (optimal - conical or tilted to the side).

There are garden shredders with milling turbine knives or with a disk grinding system. The former are good for dry branches, the latter are ideal for processing twigs and grass.

Shredder priceconsuming electricity depends on the power of the motor.

Shredders with a motor power of up to 3 kW can process branches up to Ø40 mm. These units are worth 9000-30000 rubles. Shredders with an engine more powerful than 3 kW can chop branches up to Ø50 mm They cost 30,000–65,000 rubles.

Shredders VIKING

The VIKING brand has worked well.

  • VIKING GE 35 L with an electric motor of 2.5 kW, a disk grinding system of 40 rpm. grinds leaves, weeds and branches with a diameter of up to 35 mm in small summer cottages. It has a reverse function. It weighs 28 kg. Reliable wheels. The average cost is 31,500 rubles.
  • VIKING GE 103 turns garbage into useful compost. Electric motor power - 1.8 kW. Knife chopping mechanism. Two loading funnels, one rectangular, the other in the shape of clover. During operation, a little noise. It costs 18,000 rubles.
  • The electric VIKING GE 105 processes branches up to Ø35 mm using the Sandwich knife chopping system. It has a longitudinal inlet for grass and leaves and an entrance for loading spreading branches. It has a motor overload protection function. It costs about 22500 rubles.
  • Universal VIKING GE 250 and GE 260 chop soft leaves and grass, as well as hard branches up to 30–35 mm in diameter. The power of the motors is 2.5 kW. A feature of the models in the technology of grinding Multi-Cut 250, through which the garbage is crushed and cut. Noise level - no more than 105 dB. Equipped with a touch control system, they have an autostart function in the event of a network failure. Price - from 31500 rubles.
  • More powerful universal shredders: GE 355, GE 375, GE 420, GE 450, which allow you to grind branches Ø55 mm. The first two types have protection against spontaneous inclusion. The last two models have a two-chamber system for grinding soft and hard materials, as well as an integrated service mechanism. The average price of GE 355 and GE 375 is 42,000 rubles, while GE 420 and GE 450 are 75–80 thousand rubles.

Unit "Bison"

This machine, equipped with an electric motor, can turn mountains of garbage into usable raw materials. In an hour of continuous operation, up to 120 kg is processed. The noise level in this case is no more than 98 dB, like a vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to the convenient design and large wheels, the shredder maneuvers easily. Upon completion, the attached frame easy to remove and the unit is folding. Even in winter, the unit can be stored in an unheated room, the main thing is that there is protection against moisture. The market offers two models of "Bison":

  • Compact ZIE with r / s 40 mm, 1.6 kW. Suitable for summer cottages, where grass and berry bushes mainly grow. With large branches copes with difficulty. Reliable large wheels and a convenient pusher provide good maneuverability.
  • More powerful model ZIE with r / s 65 mm, power 2.5 kW. Easily processes branches up to Ø6.5 cm. Has a capacious tank for shredded waste. The reverse function is provided.

Zubr shredders have three security systems. The device turns off if the receiving tank is not located correctly, it overheats or overloads the engine during a power outage.

The official warranty period is 5 years.

BOSCH company unit

Shredder BOSCH AXT 25D has an electric motor of 2.5 kW. The advanced design of the cutting rolls allows processing branches up to Ø40 mm. The function of automatic tightening of raw materials for grinding and protection against spontaneous inclusion after an emergency stop. The cost is about 14,000 rubles.

If you do not have to chop trees and shrubs in the fall, it is recommended to purchase the BOSCH RAPID 2200 for chopping soft debris: grass, dry foliage, plant tops. The shredder weighs little, and its convenient pusher and reliable wheels make it easy to maneuver. Engine power - 2 kW. Price - not more than 8500 rubles.

The advanced grinding system has a BOSCH AXT 25TC. Its Turbine-Cut cutting system easily cuts soft grass and foliage, as well as hardwood Ø45 mm. The unit is equipped with an automatic trash pulling mechanism. Relatively low noise. A practical collection of herbs containing 53 liters of shredded litter. Price - from 18500 rubles.

Other budget models

Elitech is a convenient, mobile powerful device (2.4–2.5 kW). It can grind branches up to Ø40 mm. Knife system made of hardened steel. Motor protection against spontaneous switching on and overheating. The price, depending on the model, ranges from 9000-10500 rubles.

LUX shredder is suitable for small areas. Thanks to a powerful 2.5 kW motor and knife chopping system, the unit efficiently and quickly processes thin branches, leaves, grass and tops. Almost silent.

Do-it-yourself garden electric chopper

The following components will be required:

  • The electric motor is 1.5−2 kW.
  • A milling cutter with large teeth or 10 circular saws with a diameter of not more than 200 mm.
  • A finished axis or a steel circle with a diameter that corresponds to the size of the saw seat.
  • Washers for separating discs (5-7 mm).
  • Channel or corner for a bed.
  • Belt for transmitting torque from the motor.
  • Steel sheet, 5 mm disk for the manufacture of the working hopper and a sheet of 2-3 mm for the guide bell.
  • Wheels from the cart.

For work you will need: fasteners, grinder, drill, welding machine, other tools.

For chopping twigs and grass, you can make a shredder of a primitive design, whose cutting mechanism resembles a knife system for chopping cabbage. The working hopper is made from an old pan or metal bucket.

The knife mechanism may be a metal disk with slots for knives, or sharpened plates. Getting into the slots, the garbage is crushed and goes into the side hole. The bell is made so that the fingers do not fall on the knives.

If thick wood is to be processed, the chopper must be massive and stable. The grinding mechanism will be a mill with large teeth, bought at a machine-building plant or turned on its own. The hopper is made of sheet steel 5 mm thick. Engine power should be more than 2 kW.

An important detail is the adjustable base plate, which helps grind branches. With its help, the size of the crushed chips is regulated. The design is located on a stationary, solid foundation without wheels.

The width of the cutter can be different, but with an increase in it, a more powerful motor is used. If it is not possible to find a milling cutter of sufficient width (40–50 cm), several milling cutters of the same shape and size can be planted on the shaft.

Before buying a garden shredder with an electric motor, it is recommended to determine the amount of upcoming work. Read the reviews. Take a closer look at domestic units, they are no worse than European models, but they cost much less.

Worked with Bosch AXT 25 D 2500 W, 40 rpm, cutting roller, cuts branches up to 4 cm, weighs 31.3 kg, automatic tightening mechanism. It cuts dry branches of really large cross-section (35−45 mm) well, but processes fresh branches with great difficulty. Not satisfied.


A dream come true. I bought Viking G. E. 103. I was afraid that it would be noisy, but a generator was working in the country and the chopper could not be heard behind it. Only the generator speaks of turning on (the sound changes). 1800 watt pulls.


I handle garden waste with the Ryobi chopper. Assembly does not take much time, in particular, thanks to clear instructions. The cord is short, the extension cord helps, although the instructions say that it is better not to use it.


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