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Bushes along the track

Bushes along the track

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Please advise what bushes can be planted along the path? In the south, I saw that the lavrushka grows like this - it is quite tough, but not prickly, and it is trimmed figuratively. But here (the middle band) it will be chilly. I would like something low and to look not as separate bushes, but as a single “border”.


As for me, there should definitely be flowers, moreover, those that you like. Crocuses and snowdrops start the relay in January-February personally, picking up daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, freesias, peonies, stunted roses that bloom before the snow, border chrysanthemums, and again finish the crocuses. All flowers are not tall, but it turns out that they bloom from snow to snow. I think that the track along which marigolds are planted will look spectacular. These plants are unpretentious, low, grow into lush bumps, if you plant them not too far from each other, you will get a dense lush strip of plants. In addition, they bloom very long until late autumn. Only you need to choose undersized varieties.

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