DIY crafts from unnecessary things

DIY crafts from unnecessary things

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From time to time, people want to update the interior, decor of an apartment or a summer residence. But it happens that there is no money for it, but the house is full of things that are no longer used. Then it’s enough to connect imagination, see examples from the Internet to create a do-it-yourself design from unnecessary things.

Do-it-yourself interesting ideas

Everything new - well forgotten old. So, a lot of creative decorations for the interior of an apartment and a summer house can be created independently, using only what is at hand. So what can be done from unnecessary things?

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Interior crafts from unnecessary things

  1. An interesting box for storing letters, postcards, jewelry and other little things can be made from an old book in tight binding. To do this, cut out the "core" - the pages of the book around the perimeter - leaving the sides. The outside of the cover can be decorated using scrapbooking.
  2. A creative hanger for clothes or towels is obtained from the back of an old wooden chair, you just have to paint it in the desired color and screw it to the wall.
  3. Wall-mounted organizer for newspapers and magazines made of vinyl records: you can bend them in half and attach them on top of each other.
  4. A writing board can be made from a desk drawer if you glue it on the bottom with scrapbooking paper or paint it in a bright color. The finished product is mounted vertically.
  5. If you cut the drawers in half, leaving the front part, and screw it to the wall, you get shelves for books, magazines.
  6. The original lamp will turn out from the branches found on the street. They are varnished, wrapped in a garland and attached to the ceiling.
  7. You can glue the lampshade of a table lamp with colored buttons or shreds - you get an unusual interior little thing.
  8. The original candlestick will come from an old CD, glued around the edges with glass balls. A candle is placed in the center, and its light reflects beautifully from the walls of the candlestick.
  9. The holder for paper towels can be made from a littered globe: you just need to remove it from the holder and instead put on a roll of towels.
  10. The pet will be delighted with a bed made by the owner’s hands from an ordinary box. You just need to cut the front of the board and put a blanket and pillow on the bottom.
  11. On the wall, a panel of colored buttons or various bright objects arranged in the form of some pattern will look unusual.
  12. A useful massage mat can be made from pebbles or buttons. They just glue the base mat.
  13. Old shutters will decorate the head of the bed, it is worth painting them in the tone of the bedroom. If you attach them so that they open, and after them stick the photo wallpaper with a beautiful landscape, you get decor in the Provence style.
  14. Vintage lovers will be amazed at how easily old spoons and forks turn into furniture handles or wall hooks.
  15. From old clothes, cut into shreds, you can knit a rug or sew a quilt in the style of a patchwork.
  16. An original basket for small things will turn out if you glue a plastic bucket (for example, from mayonnaise) with halves of wooden clothespins, glue a fabric cover inside.
  17. By this principle, you can make a decorative vase or a glass for pencils. An empty container is taken as a basis, halves of clothespins painted with colored paints are glued to it, and the exclusive thing is ready.
  18. Original cups for cosmetic brushes or pens will be obtained from toilet paper bushes if you glue them with short twigs, acorns, cones.
  19. In the bathroom, you can place an unusual organizer on the wall for small things like cotton pads and sticks. A board is attached to the wall, and ordinary glass jars are attached to it, where everything is stored.
  20. If you insert mirrors into the old badminton rackets and hang them on the wall, you will get original art objects that will decorate the wall and serve as mirrors.
  21. Unused dishes may well serve as material for creativity:
  • Old round baking dishes can be used to make stands for fruits and sweets.
  • Empty bottles can be turned into candlesticks or vases. In the latter case, they can be wrapped with colored floss thread or decorated with buttons, beads, shells.
  • It’s nice to use cups, salad bowls, bowls as pots for indoor plants.
  • You can also store various little things in them: jewelry, sewing supplies, etc.
  • Several beautiful plates with a pattern, glued to the wall in a certain order, will turn into an original panel.
  • If you put a garland in a transparent vase or bottle, you get a decorative lamp.
  • If only a couple of cups are left from the old service, why not use them as retro candlesticks?
  • Towels in the kitchen will look beautiful on hooks attached to decorative plates.
  • The original design move is to use cups, glasses, small vases and jugs as a stand for pencils, brushes, kitchen utensils.

Ideas for a summer house and garden

  1. Coffee table for a summer residence it will turn out of wooden boxes if you paint them in any color, varnish and fasten together.
  2. Another idea is a vintage pedestal made from old shutters. They are fastened to each other, a countertop is placed on top - the original furniture for the veranda is ready.
  3. The old door may well gain a second life if it is cleaned with sandpaper, varnished and the legs screwed to it. The coffee table for the cottage is ready.
  4. Poufs for a country house can be made from old tires, upholstered with foam and fabric on top.
  5. A wood saw cut found in a forest can, after processing and varnishing, become an excellent tray, shelf, coffee table.
  6. Logs - a wonderful material for country crafts:
  • From them you can make a decorative fence for flower beds in the garden, painting them in different colors and giving any shape.
  • Stacked and bonded round wood saw cuts create a very beautiful, unusual fence.
  • A few hammered together logs with a worktop on top will turn into a table, and if you attach a pillow to them, into a pouf.

In other words, a little imagination, plus unused things lying around in the house - Equally unusual design solutions for an apartment, cottage and garden.

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