Types of snow shovels and DIY making

Types of snow shovels and DIY making

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As soon as the winter time comes, and nature generously covers the earth with snow, the acquisition of a wide shovel becomes an urgent topic. Such snow removal equipment is simply necessary not only to the countryman, but also to the car owner. You can use the snow shovel to clear the walkways, exit from the garage and simply remove the snow from the house area.

Types of Snow Shovels

There are several varieties of snow shovels. They differ in the material of manufacture and method of operation.

This inventory can be made from:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

According to the method of operation, the means for removing snow is manual and mechanical.

By design, a snow removal tool can be:

  • classic
  • folding car;
  • combined (scraper);
  • mechanized (manual bulldozer).

The usual design of this tool is well known to everyone - it is a long stalk with a bucket at the end. The handle can be equipped with a special handle, which makes the inventory more convenient to use.

The classic look of the cleaning product involves the use of a wooden handle and a metal bucket. Often the bucket is made of wood (plywood).

Currently, outlets offer durable plastic products. The main advantage of the upgraded plastic shovel is the low weight of the product, the absence of snow sticking to the bucket. It also eliminates the appearance of rust, which significantly extends the life of the inventory. Although it must be recognized that plastic is afraid of shock, since cracks and chips may appear on its surface. But if you use the shovel in normal mode, then the plastic product can last at least 5 seasons


When purchasing a shovel from plastic, pay attention to:

  • the presence of a protective edge metal plate of the bucket and the depth of the scraper;
  • it is also noted that the arched handle greatly facilitates the work with such inventory;
  • the ribbed surface of the bucket will increase the sliding effect and the stiffness of the plastic surface.

Car snow scraper

During the harsh winter period, drivers rarely decide to move out without a compact shovel in the luggage compartment. A snow scraper will help to clear the parking space, help the car cope with the snow drift or move into the garage without hindrance. To save space in the car, this useful tool is made collapsible or folding. Such a design can have folding telescopic cuttings that are easy to fit to a person’s height.

Snow shovel - drag

Also in demand is the drag model. The width of the scraper on such an instrument is large, and the handle is made in the form of an arc. With the help of such an inventory, it is easy to remove layers of loose snow, while it will be difficult to cope with the infusion.

The best option is a model with a combination of a scraper and a bucket. With such a shovel, snow can be moved and discarded without difficulty.

The device for cleaning snow with a screw

Consumers are showing interest in a mechanized device with an auger. This mechanism is suitable for people of small physical strength. The snow blower is operated by pushing a bucket in front of itself, and meanwhile the snow is scattered to the sides with the help of a screw. The advantage of such a sweeper is that there is no load on the lumbar, and the disadvantage is the restriction in the thickness of the snow cover, which should not exceed 15 cm. When you try to remove the snow cover of a larger thickness, the auger may stall.

Mechanized and wheeled snow blowers

Popular with some summer residents is a four-wheeled trolley, called a manual bulldozer. Such a mechanized assistant allows you to process significant areas of snow, while the owner can move in full growth during the cleaning process. It is also worth noting the power of the unit, equal to one human force, as well as the ability to adjust the rotary angle of the blade. Thanks to this function, you can adapt the device to loose and heavy snow cover.

In addition to this model, a two-wheeled unit is produced, which is inferior to the previous one in performance, but wins in ease of use. And you can also find a one-wheeled shovel for snow removal.

No matter how strong the metal, shovels with plastic buckets are in great demand among consumers. They are much lighter than other tools of labor, and allow you to clean large areas.

Snow shovel with plywood bucket

Despite the availability of the described plywood for snow removal, it is still inferior to a plastic product. It is convenient to use with fluffy and dry sediment, but wet snow will stick to the plywood surface of the bucket. This will lead to swelling and deformation of the tree and weight gain.

Aluminum shovel belongs to the middle category, which combines durability, light weight and strength. This type of tool has one drawback - the high price.

In that case, if the inventory has a stalk of wood, and a bucket of steel - it will have significant weight, and it will be very difficult to remove snow with such a shovel.

Pay attention to the length of the shovel cuttings. This criterion significantly affects the comfort of use of the tool. A long shaft will create inconvenience for a person of short stature, and a short one will force him to bend low.

How to make a snow shovel

Prices for snow removal tools can be different: affordable and very substantial.

If you have free time and desire, you can make this necessary equipment yourself. A wooden homemade tool will turn out no worse than purchased at a point of sale. To create a snow removal tool, you can use improvised material that can be easily found in a summer house. To make a snow shovel do it yourself, it will take only 3-4 hours.

Necessary materials and tools

The following tools will be required for manufacturing:

  • plywood sheet;
  • a beam for receiving a handle, 1.5 meters, 30 * 40 cm;
  • edged board, 40 cm long and 3 cm thick;
  • galvanized iron (tape) of the same width as plywood, with a thickness of at least 5 cm;
  • nails (15 mm), wood screws (3 cm).

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

First, cut the desired size plywood piece.

An adult man will need a sheet of plywood with a size of at least 50–50 cm. If a woman or teenager needs to remove snow, then these sizes should be reduced to 30 * 30 cm. Children's snow removal equipment will need to be made even smaller and must be made of plastic or plywood, so that its weight is insignificant.

Next, proceed to the back wall of the future bucket. It is obtained from a piece of edged board. An arc is drawn evenly from one edge on the board, and then a cut is made along this boundary. You need to get slightly rounded edges on the board to give the bucket a semicircular shape.

In the center of the back wall with a pencil draw a place for the holder to pass.

The shape of the cut will depend on the shape of the cuttings. If a rectangular beam will be used as a holder, then the hole will need to be made of the same shape and size around the perimeter. For a round handle, it is necessary to make a round hole of the same diameter as the handle. This hole can be made using a jigsaw. If such a tool is not at hand, then you have to use a hacksaw and chisel.

At the end of the cut, an oblique cut is made to fit snugly to the front side of the plywood. The finished wall of the future bucket is attached to the plywood sheet with nails.

And it is also recommended to equip this tool, necessary in the household, with edge sides. For this, a beam is required, the length of which will be the same as the height of the plywood, and the width equal to the height of the transverse wall, which was recently attached longitudinally to the plywood. For the sides, it is necessary to draw a beam in half diagonally, in order to get two long triangles, which will play the role of side walls.

Such a shovel will allow to remove fluffy and loose snow.

Strengthen plywood with galvanized tape. This material may remain after roofing. And also this tape can be obtained from a conventional tin can. It is necessary, having put on protective gloves, to take scissors on metal and to cut a tape of the necessary width.

Galvanized material is double-folded and hugs the edge of the plywood, which will be subject to the greatest wear. By tapping the movements of the hammer, they obtain the maximum allowable fit to the plywood sheet and fix the tape with nails.

When the bucket is ready, a stalk is attached to it. One edge of the holder, where the oblique cut is made, is passed into the hole in the front wall of the bucket and fixed with wood screws: clearly in the center of the plywood on the front side.

To create greater comfort in the use of the tool, you can build a handle on the end of the holder. This optional accessory can be temporarily removed from the shovel, which is used in the spring-summer season.

Snow shovel do it yourself can be made of galvanized sheet, a thickness of at least 5-6 mm. It is carried out on the same basis, only a metal sheet is used as plywood. By the way, the old baking sheet can be used as the material for making the snowplow bucket. In this case, a super-drawing for marking a piece of plywood or metal is not required. Which tool is best done to clean the snow, you decide.

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