How to build a country house from containers

How to build a country house from containers

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Several times we mentioned this topic, and now it's time to talk about the construction of a country house from containers more seriously. Please be attentive to the details!

A country house made of containers is not a panacea for expensive construction. Immediately, we also say that to simplify our work, and thus reduce the time to build a country house will not work. This is an alternative that is chosen for reasons of practicality, some advantages or characteristics, according to your own preference. Therefore, it is worth studying the topic carefully to properly evaluate all the pros and cons, make your choice!

First of all, take time to discuss with your family if you need it. Also, be sure to read this article, read about the stages of construction, possible difficulties. After that, double-count everything, decide on the building, will it be an inexpensive summer house or a full-fledged house for year-round living!

Be sure to take into account that a country house made of containers is a structure that can turn out to be much more expensive than a conventional frame house. There are many reasons for the decrease or increase in value. Containers of different sizes and in different conditions, market prices, shipping route and cost, possibly having your own containers at the cottage or the need to purchase them ... everything can affect the overall price tag!

The benefits of a container house

To choose such a structure, you must be completely sure that you need such a house. To do this, make a list of your own requirements, construction requirements, evaluate the opportunities, advantages and negative aspects!

  • The first advantage is the speed of construction. If the project is ready, the country house from containers can be built even within a month, and in two it will already be possible to move into it, after finishing work!
  • The next advantage is the ability to build a house out of sea containers with your own hands, of course, after properly installing them on the site. Even the simplest frame buildings need a professional approach. Here, these requirements can be simplified a little, because, roughly speaking, the base and frame of the walls are ready!
  • There is also a good opportunity to build a house in stages. Prepare a plan, and build a house as far as possible. We installed one container, and this is a small house. For example, the next year, added additional space, and so on. But there must necessarily be a high-quality and thoughtful project, implying the final result.
  • Be sure to include in the list of advantages the strength of the containers, and, accordingly, the strength of the future home. These are ready-made structures that can always be further strengthened if you really need a real fortress! In addition, it is a holistic design, and not a house made of small-piece material. We will not say that a container house is better than a brick house, but this advantage still exists!
  • The containers are airtight, and this is also a positive factor for any living conditions!
  • Well, finally, in order not to stretch the list of advantages, you need to evaluate the appearance. Only at first glance, it seems that a house made of sea containers is a cheap change house that looks somehow wild in the modern world. But it is worth remembering that there is always the possibility of decoration, thanks to which you will get exactly the house you want. Moreover, it is original, and tens of thousands of containers houses were built in the world, examples of which we also have! These are beautiful houses with an exclusive design, one-story, two-story, multi-level.

Disadvantages of a home from shipping containers

We can not leave the shortcomings of such houses without attention, as this will be, at least, not fair. Therefore, we mention them, but also insist that most of the shortcomings appear only in case of emergency savings, improper design or construction, bypassing advice and technology!

  • The first, and most basic drawback is poor-quality containers, of which there are a lot. They were written off, and they do not participate in the transportation of goods, but are sold in almost any region. Therefore, you must be careful when buying!
  • The second main drawback is susceptibility to corrosion, but the problem is completely solvable.
  • Containers overheat in summer and can be very cold in winter. Here, the integrity of the structure is a drawback, since if the house is installed on a concrete site, then all its walls will quickly cool. The reason is a single piece of metal! But this issue is being solved, because you need to initially think through the foundation, make high-quality thermal insulation so that the housing is comfortable in any season.
  • If the containers are very old, and not protected from temperature effects, loud noises are quite possible at temperature extremes. For example, in the summer, when the day is very hot and the night is cold. In this case, due to thermal expansion, the metal will make frightening sounds. But again, everything is decided by thermal insulation.
  • Many do not like the low ceilings. Yes, small containers are long, but the width and height of the ceilings are small. But you can always choose a container with other sizes, so that after construction and decoration, they are about 2.5-2.65 meters. There are other ways to make ceilings taller!

The foundation of the house of containers

It’s worth choosing the foundation correctly, with all calculations being carried out, always relying on information about the total weight of the house, decoration, roof. But also, given the characteristics and type of soil on which the structure will be built.

Today, many are trying to build according to a simplified scheme, with maximum savings, and in many cases this is justified. But if no calculations are made, then the type of foundation may be chosen incorrectly, and then some troubles are possible in the future with the construction.

So, for the house of the sea containers can be selected several foundations!

  • Column foundation, which is made by strengthening pipes and pouring them with concrete;
  • Pile foundation, for which it is necessary to use the services of installers;
  • Shallow strip foundation, which can be poured on your own, having previously done the formwork;
  • A simpler foundation of blocks or even old car tires!

The foundation must not only be correctly calculated, but also made, because the metal container is susceptible to corrosion, which means that it is necessary to limit the access of moisture to its base. For this purpose, a foundation with a grillage is being built, it rises to the required height, ventilation ducts are arranged.

Installation of containers at the construction site

To install containers on the foundation, it is necessary to use heavy special equipment. In addition, here you need to follow a strict plan of action and project! The installation is immediately checked, and if necessary, it is corrected. It’s better to check everything at once than to call the equipment the next day to move the container 15-20 cm to the side!

Before installation, the quality of the foundation is checked, as well as waterproofing.

The place of construction of the house, that is, the installation of sea containers initially, needs to be thought out correctly. After all, the new house on the site should be located conveniently, and there should still be communications to it, to equip the area around!

Container house roof

Interestingly, you can choose almost any roof for such a house!

  • Flat roof! A roof with a minimal slope, which will add an interesting appearance to the building in the style of minimalism. Such a roof is insulated with sealing, with a layer of insulation up to 40-50 cm, depending on the region and preliminary calculations. It can be performed using virtually any roofing material that can withstand snow loads in winter. The load problem is solved by heating the roof, due to which the roof does not freeze, and the snow on it does not linger even in the most severe frost. A flat roof is an option that also provides for a green roof. Remember, earlier we talked about roof gardening? Read our articles on this topic, it is interesting!
  • Standard gable roof. To create this, you will need lumber, from which the base and frame, as well as roofing materials, are built. A roof with an attic is a convenient option that allows you to create on the base of the house also a small place to store everything you need in the country. By the way, access to the roof, as in any other case, can be done from the house itself, or you can attach a staircase to the side. The roof of the house with an ordinary attic requires simpler insulation, but not only the floor will need to be insulated, but the roof itself, but here the costs will increase! Of course, there is always the opportunity to choose a cold attic.
  • Mansard roof. A great option for those who decided not to save, but seriously invest in a new house from sea containers. There may be windows and additional heating ... often the attic is a full-fledged room equipped for living!

Immediately we want to say a few words about the increase in the height of the ceilings in such a house. This is possible, and in the case of the purchase of small containers, the internal height of which can be 2.2-2.3 meters, it is even very necessary. First of all, low ceilings are inconvenient, and in addition, there are requirements for structures for putting them into operation.

Increasing the height of the ceilings is easy. It is only necessary to cut off the upper part, and install the frame from the beam, which will become the basis for the overlap, and possibly for the future roof structure. In fact, nothing complicated, except just an increase in the amount of physical work.

In addition, the individual, cut-off parts of the container are ready-made pieces of working building material, with which you can equip the porch, make a veranda, build shutters on the windows, build something you need in the country, even the same small barn!

Warming of the house from sea containers

If you are building a summer house, a protective coating is sufficient to prevent the destruction of the base material by corrosion. But if the house is being built for year-round use, then it is necessary to insulate it qualitatively!

Thanks to warming, in the winter the house will be warmer, of course, with appropriate heating, and cooler in summer than just in a summer house without warming.

- We want to remind you that you can not warm the house without preliminary calculations. Depending on the choice of insulation, the insulation system and technology in general, as well as depending on the region, a correct calculation will be required. If it is not done, all work will be ineffective and irrational. Not only large heat losses in winter and overheating of the house in summer are possible, but also a dew point shift, due to which condensation will fall on the walls of the containers, and this is constant moisture, which will lead to destruction of the structure over time. At the same time, heating for the future home will also be correctly calculated!

There are many ways to insulate a house from containers, and experts recommend external insulation! You can install thermal insulation inside, but then there are much more opportunities to make mistakes.

Many produce insulation immediately from the inside and outside. But this method is not always economical! Therefore, it is better to combine external insulation with a protective finish!

  • Insulation of the facades of the house from containers is possible with the use of foam. Not the best material in terms of its shortcomings, but very good in terms of energy saving indicators. It is also lightweight and very easy to use!
  • Mineral wool insulation. A good way, because the positive characteristics of such materials are quite high, and there are several insulation systems, including ventilated facades.
  • PPU spraying is one of the popular, but expensive ways. High-quality heat and waterproofing of the design of the country house, especially with the use of steam and hydro barriers, special external cladding, or with the use of polyurea.
  • It is also possible to insulate finished thermal panels, which already have the appearance of natural stone, brick and other materials from the outside. Inside, they are plates based on various types of expanded polystyrene.

By and large, it all comes down to almost standard insulation of a new structure. Remember, we talked about heaters on the site quite a few times! You can return to these materials and resume the recommendations of specialists in your memory!

Interior decoration of a new house

Probably, we should not go into special details, since all topics have already been touched upon by our specialists. We talked about the construction of a new country house, and about the repair, and about the finishing work in the old country house. Therefore, we describe only the main points that relate specifically to the construction of sea containers.

Floor in a new house

We recommend paying the greatest attention to the floor and its insulation. The container from which the house is built is a one-piece structure that can instantly cool. In winter, the floor will be terribly cold if it is not insulated, and no heating can heat it. But we always have a way out of the situation, based on our own experience!

So, the floor can be bulk when a standard screed is made, wooden on logs with insulation, or on the basis of a dry screed.

The concrete floor in the house should not be made of containers, although if it is a summer house, it will be simpler, faster and cheaper. Screed with a layer of 5-6 cm, leveling mixture and decorative finish, if necessary!

Wooden floor on the logs! It will consist of several layers. Firstly, it is vapor barrier, which will not let moisture to the base of the container, secondly, insulation, and, of course, decorative finish. Mineral wool in any of its forms can act as a heater. It fits on vapor barrier materials in the openings between the frame. The frame is necessary for installing a wooden floor on the logs. It is very important to make a small air pocket between the layers of mineral wool and wood, due to which the thermal insulation will improve, and there will be ventilation under the floor. In addition, an additional, rough floor is possible, on which it will be possible to lay a film underfloor heating!

Dry screed floor. The whole process is quite simple, but expensive, since expanded clay is involved in insulation or similar materials. They pull the bulk. Moreover, in a metal house, the floor needs to be made with a layer of at least 25-30 cm, and this can significantly lower the ceilings, which we do not need. Therefore, we do not recommend this method to you, unless you will increase the height of the ceiling, which is also costly!

-High-quality arrangement of the floor in the country house of containers means its waterproofing and thermal insulation. It is also important to immediately think about how to make a warm floor. It can be electric or water! If you choose from heaters, then you can consider mineral wool, expanded clay, polyurethane foam, polystyrene, polystyrene foam, combined materials!

Walls of container house

The easiest way to work with walls. There is no shrinkage, as in a wooden house, and cracks on the walls are almost impossible, since the building material is not small. And, even if the foundation leads over time, nothing will happen to the walls of the house. Therefore, the finish may be the one that is convenient for you:

  • Walls made of wood panels or imitation expensive wood;
  • Drywall with painting or wallpaper;
  • Base with sculpting or liquid wallpaper, natural wallpaper and other similar materials;
  • Walls made of wood, laminate, with the application of decorative plaster!

The only thing worth considering is the possibility of thermal expansion and deformation. Then it will be necessary to install panels or GCR with expansion joints 1-1.5 cm from the walls, floor and ceiling. This is not a problem, just need to remember! Although, if the house is qualitatively insulated from the outside, such a problem is automatically eliminated!

The ceiling of the container house

Choose any ceiling, as there are really many options today. Everything will depend on your own decisions, preferences and budget!

Window and door openings, transitions between containers

In the case of building a house with an increased area, which takes several containers at once, in addition to correctly installing the containers next to each other, you will need to correctly connect them inside!

- The first and very important statement on this subject is the openings between the containers. They must be airtight, otherwise the cold from the street will certainly get inside. The issue is solved by brewing or sealing the joints of the slices with plastic materials. On the floor side, the material of insulation and floor sealing can act as a seal. On the roof, the question is most easily solved - by general overlapping and its insulation!

So, further on the connections! Arches, entire walls, small, standard doorways can be cut out, this is at your discretion and according to the requirements of the project. But each slice and connection of containers in this place needs to be done efficiently!

The same applies to window openings and doors. Here it will be necessary to establish amplifications, because a violation of the integrity leads to a decrease in strength indicators. And in a large house, for example, in a two-story building, or with an attic roof, the weight will be quite serious. That is, the project should include all such nuances!

Communications and home decoration

We also repeatedly studied similar topics on the pages of the site, and therefore we will not repeat ourselves, but only remind you of the most basic thing!

Engineering systems should be initially prescribed in the project. Their actual entry into the living space is the simplest of what needs to be done. It will be much more difficult to draw up all the documents, as well as to connect to the central water supply, sewerage, heating, if any. But if the house is completely autonomous, everything is much simpler. The main thing is that you have the opportunity to bring light here. The rest is a matter of technology!

The same goes for exterior decoration. The process is familiar to many of our readers, because we described how to ennoble the walls of a country house. But today we want to add that other materials can also participate in the process, especially if the house is insulated externally from sea containers with ventilated facades. However, the exterior decoration of such a house can be made of wood, metal or vinyl siding, plaster, decorative stone, artificial brick, composite materials, corrugated board!

As you can see, a country house made of containers is not an easy undertaking! But it will be extremely interesting to those summer residents who love to work with their hands and want to build their own home!

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