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Jasmine hedge in the country

Jasmine hedge in the country

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Jasmine is one of the few plants with such a bright aroma. Such an amazing smell is usually not characteristic of plants of the middle band. And, really, this fragrant plant with delicate white flowers is actually called "mock", and real jasmine is thermophilic, and only a houseplant is found in Russia. In nature, jasmine grows in countries with a warm, mild climate.

What is interesting for landscape designers jasmine? This unpretentious and attractive plant is used by gardeners as a hedge. Indeed, in addition to the decorative function, it can also close your territory from prying eyes (the height of the mock-up is up to 3 meters).

And the incomparable aroma of jasmine will not leave anyone indifferent. Chubushnik is unpretentious and frost-resistant, therefore, it is excellent for Central Russian gardens. Jasmine is not demanding on soil quality. Of course, on rich soil the plant will feel better, but it can grow on poor soil. However, keep in mind that jasmine does not like nearby groundwater and prefers bright sunlight.

For planting jasmine, you can use cuttings. They are planted in the ground around the perimeter of the territory. A shank planted in moist soil is covered with a jar and protected from direct sunlight. It must be remembered that when planting cuttings in the summer, they must be green, and in the autumn plant stiff cuttings, then the seedlings will better tolerate winter cold. Already at the age of one, the mock orange blossoms. Jasmine is resistant to pests and diseases. It can be affected by powdery mildew and aphids. Then the infusion of orange peels will help to cure the plant.

To your hedge always had a well-groomed appearance and did not turn into a shaggy bush, it is necessary to thin out the mock-up regularly, remove old branches and faded inflorescences. Young branches bloom the very next year. The main task in caring for a mock-up is annual pruning. A little patience, a minimum of care - and you will become the owner of a wonderful, fragrant hedge that will delight the eye with snow-white flowers.

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