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How to make an alternative autowatering

How to make an alternative autowatering

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How can I organize automatic watering on the balcony? I periodically leave for several days and cannot water the plants on the balcony. How can you organize their automatic watering without buying all these expensive systems?


You can apply the simplest, “artisanal” option. For example, in ordinary large plastic water bottles, you can make small holes in the lids. Settled water is poured into the bottles and turned upside down, while installing between the pots. Moisture will drip drop by drop to the bottoms of the pots and moisten the expanded clay on which the flowerpots stand. The diameter of the holes should be sufficient so that water flows out. You can determine the desired diameter experimentally. Now you need to determine the size of the bottle, which is necessary for the uninterrupted supply of moisture to the bottom of the pots. The size of the bottle depends on the size of the earthen coma in the pot. For example, around large pots, you need to place several large bottles of water, but for plants in tiny pots this method will not work at all.

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