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DIY garden lights

DIY garden lights

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How bright and beautiful the garden looks in the daytime, and how gloomy and mysterious it becomes at night. Garden lighting can be made do it yourself, highlight the most remarkable elements of the landscape and thereby organize a safe evening rest in the garden.

Basement lamp

The manufacture of original fixtures does not require high financial costs. The most common rustic-style lamp can be made from a basement. To do this, from the pine bars 420 millimeters in length and a section of 90 by 90 millimeters make the console. First you need to make mutually parallel cuts on the markup. Then clamp the consoles and fix them on the base of the drill stand. A hole saw in them is drilled two small holes for sampling for the future lamp. The cable is inserted from the back through the hole in the rack.

Clay vase lamp

For a clay vase luminaire, a vase is marked on an electrical installation box and holes are drilled in it for installation and for threading the cable. The mounting box is fixed at the bottom of the vase with screws. A small hole for a lamp holder made of plastic is drilled in the lid of the box. The cartridge is mounted with threaded bushings.

Lighthouse-shaped luminaire

A garden lighthouse-shaped garden light is an original form, the best lighting effect and traditional materials.

Plexiglass makes the light bright and uniform. Such a lamp will be an excellent option for a garden path, an open terrace or for a flower bed. On the back and on the front wall of the body, an arc is drawn using a compass. On it, in further work they will round the walls under the roof of the lamp. Electric windows are used to cut windows in the wall. The edges of the walls are rounded with a milling machine. Then the lamp is collected. Using grinding, protruding parts formed during fitting of parts are removed.

Before assembling the fixtures, the entire surface of the wooden parts is covered with transparent azure for chestnut wood. Such tones are perfectly combined with the landscape of any garden in the evening and in the daytime. The heads of the screws must be covered with decorative caps. To the bottom of the fixtures are mounted glides, which raise them above the ground.

DIY lamps

DIY garden lights (20 photos)

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