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How to collect cones from Christmas trees

How to collect cones from Christmas trees

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Do not climb a tree? Ordinary spruce branches have too thin branches on which cones hang, and besides, it is impossible to climb trees 4-5 meters high. In January 2013, I plucked cones with a fruit picker, but then there were a lot of cones, and the cones hung low - about 2.5-3 meters above the ground. Usually, cones hang at the height of a 2-storey building and above. Is it possible to use a beater, as in the collection of pine nuts? Or will the fir cones not come off if you hit the trunk with a mallet?


I'm afraid that the mallet will not help here. A simple climbing system and a rope will also not work, because the branches of the tree are thin and elastic (on which cones hang), and if the cones are only on the top, then the top of the person will not stand it. As an option: to get to where you can climb the trunk, and then reach out with a fruit picker or carefully climb onto the roof of the house and get the bumps from there.

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