Tea-hybrid rose Papa Meilland (Papa Meilland)

Tea-hybrid rose Papa Meilland (Papa Meilland)

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When the Papa Meillan hybrid tea rose blooms, it invariably attracts the attention of others. For about sixty years, the variety has been considered one of the most beautiful. It is not for nothing that he was awarded the title of "The world's favorite rose", and bushes with velvety red flowers can be seen in any corner of the country.

Papa Meilland is the most fragrant of the red roses

Breeding history

Rose Papa Meilland or Papa Meilland is the result of the work of French breeders. Its authors, Francis and Alan Mayan, created a new variety in 1963 and named it after their father and grandfather. The rose became the first in the well-known collection of the Fragrances of Provence series. Only 30 years later, others were added to it, no less worthy, with a pronounced aroma and charming flowers.

Over its long life, the Papa Meilland rose has been awarded many prizes and awards. In 1974 she received the Gamble medal for the best fragrance, in 1988 she won the World`s Favorite Rose competition, in 1999 she was awarded the title of "Princess Show" by the Canadian Rose Society.

The Papa Meiyan variety was entered into the State Register in 1975.

Papa Meilland rose description and characteristics

The Papa Meilland rose is a true classic of the hybrid tea look. An adult shrub looks powerful, but compact. Its height is from 80 cm to 125 cm, width is 100 cm. Shoots are erect, prickly. The foliage is dense, abundantly covering the branches. The flowers look particularly impressive against their matte dark green background. The buds are almost black, and when they bloom, they acquire a deep red color with a bluish velvet bloom. On the shoot there is one flower, the diameter of which is 12-13 cm. The buds are pointed, each has 35 petals. Papa Meiyan is not one of the most abundant varieties, but the beauty and quality of blossoming buds is very difficult to surpass. Their aroma is thick, sweet, with citrus notes, very strong. Repeated flowering, begins at the end of June, ends in autumn.

The variety cannot be called easy to grow, it needs constant attention and care. Resistance to major diseases is average, the plant is often affected by powdery mildew and black spot. For the winter, in the middle zone of the Russian Federation, the bush needs to be covered, in the southern regions it feels more comfortable. The shape of the shoots allows the rose to be used for cutting and bouquets.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Judging by the reviews of gardeners, the photo and description of the Papa Meilland rose, the indisputable advantage of the variety is the beauty and majesty of its flowers.

On poor organic soil, the rose bloom weakens

It also has other advantages:

  • high decorative effect of the bush;
  • its power and compactness;
  • long flowering periods;
  • strong aroma;
  • reproduction in a vegetative way;
  • the possibility of using for cutting.

Cons of Papa Meilland:

  • sensitivity to temperature changes;
  • high demands on soil fertility;
  • susceptibility to powdery mildew and black spot;
  • average winter hardiness.

Reproduction methods

It is possible to get a new sapling of a rose of the Papa Meilland variety only in a vegetative way, with seed the varietal qualities are not preserved. For a hybrid tea species, the most effective breeding methods are by cuttings or grafting.

Papa Meilland rose thrives best in hot climates

Using cuttings

In the second half of July, after the first wave of flowering, planting material is harvested. To do this, select the middle part of the semi-lignified shoot, remove the top, it is not suitable for rooting. Cuttings 15-20 cm long are cut so that each part has a leaf at the very top. All leaf plates are cut in half to reduce evaporation during root formation. The bases of the cuttings are treated with a growth stimulant (“Kornevin” or “Heterauxin” powder).

Landing is performed according to plan:

  1. A mixture of fertile soil and sand (1: 1) is poured into the container.
  2. Place it in the shade of garden trees.
  3. Cuttings are planted with an interval of 5 cm, deepening by 3 cm.
  4. Water and tamp a little.
  5. Create a cover over the box with a film.
  6. Periodically it is opened, ventilated and sprayed with water.

Rooted cuttings of a Papa Meilland rose can be left in a container for the winter, after digging in and creating a dry shelter. If the planting material has given good growth, the seedlings are transferred to fertile soil, to the ridge. Before frost, they need to be covered.

In a rainy, cold summer, the flowers can become smaller, and the leaves are deformed.


The method requires a certain skill and experience, but if done correctly, it gives a high percentage of survival and rapid development of the Papa Meilland rose.

A three-year-old rosehip is used as a stock, the shoot thickness of which is at least 5 mm. It is grown from seed or transplanted into adult plant growth. The further algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. For the scion, parts of the shoots of roses with buds are cut out.
  2. Leaves are removed from them.
  3. The root collar of the stock is freed from the ground and an incision is made.
  4. A peephole with a shield is cut out on the stock.
  5. The bark is spread apart at the neck incision and the shield is inserted.
  6. Wrap the graft tightly with foil, leaving the kidney free.
  7. The grafted rose hips are spud.

If after three weeks the kidney is green, then the budding was carried out correctly.

Important! The bud must be pinched if it has sprouted.

The best time for budding is July or August

Growing and care

For planting roses of the Papa Meillan variety, they choose a place where there is a lot of light, but at noon - shade. Otherwise, the plant may burn the petals and foliage. The air must circulate well to protect the bushes from diseases. Low-lying places with stagnant moisture and cold air are not suitable for plants. The depth of the groundwater is at least 1 m.

Papa Meilland rose prefers fertile, light, breathable soil, pH 5.6-6.5. Clay soil should be diluted with compost, humus, sandy - turf soil.

Planting of Papa Meilland rose seedlings is carried out in April according to the algorithm:

  1. Planting pits are prepared with a depth and width of 60 cm.
  2. Create a 10 cm thick drainage layer.
  3. Add compost (10 cm).
  4. The garden soil is poured with a pyramid.
  5. The seedlings are placed in a growth stimulant solution for a day.
  6. The diseased roots are removed.
  7. Set the seedling in the center of the pit.
  8. The roots are straightened and covered with soil.
  9. Watered, mulched with peat.

Important! It is necessary to ensure that the root collar is 2-3 cm below the soil surface.

Further care should be aimed at maintaining the health of the rose, stimulating its development and flowering.

With proper care, a rose can live 20-30 years


The Papa Meilland rose requires regular watering, it is difficult to tolerate overdrying of the soil. Moisten with warm, settled water, spending one and a half buckets per plant weekly. In the third decade of August, watering is carried out less often, and with the onset of September, it is completely stopped.

Top dressing

For the first time, organic fertilizer is applied under the Papa Meilland rose at the time of planting. Further feeding is carried out seasonally:

  • in the spring - nitrogen;
  • in the summer - phosphorus and potash fertilizers.


To obtain early flowering and crown formation, the rose is cut in the spring, leaving five to seven buds on the shoots. In the summer, wilted buds are removed, and in the fall, diseased and damaged shoots. For sanitary purposes, during this period, it is necessary to thin out the bushes, the branches of which have grown too densely.

Planting several bushes, leave a gap between them 30-50 cm

Preparing for winter

Roses begin to cover with the onset of stable cold weather. When the temperature drops below -7 ⁰С, the bush is cut off, hilled high, covered with spruce branches, a frame is installed and a plastic wrap is stretched. In regions with a harsh climate, the top of the shelter is covered with snow. They open the protection in spring gradually so that the Pope Meilland rose does not get burns from the spring sun.

Pests and diseases

The greatest danger to the Papa Meilland rose is the defeat of powdery mildew and black spot. In order to prevent the spread of fungal diseases, it is necessary to spray the bushes with Bordeaux liquid and fungicides for preventive purposes. Plants should be periodically inspected, damaged leaves and shoots removed and destroyed.

Often, the Papa Meillan hybrid tea rose is attacked by aphids. Insect colonies are located on young shoots and foliage, sucking out the juice. This leads to its shrinkage and subsidence. To combat, use tobacco infusion or insecticides.

Application in landscape design

The most beautiful red rose is most often the main place in the garden. Even a small area of ​​the Papa Meiyan variety changes beyond recognition. He gives her solemnity, brightness and uniqueness. A rose bush can become the center of a mixborder, an accent spot on a lawn, or mark the entrance to a house, plot and veranda.

The Papa Meilland variety goes well with other perennials - physostegia, white clematis, delphiniums and phlox.

It is easy to fit a rose into a garden created in any style - country, English, classical. It looks spectacularly surrounded by conifers - junipers, thujas, firs.


Rose Papa Meillan is a real gift for those who love to grow flowers. It cannot be called unpretentious, but the efforts made by the gardener will certainly be rewarded with a flowering of amazing beauty.

Testimonials with a photo of a hybrid tea rose daddy Meiyan

Kuprina Elena, 55 years old, Krasnodar region

I love roses very much. I have miniature, climbing, Canadian and park on the site. But the queen of my garden is Papa Meiyan hybrid tea. She is capricious, in bad weather she does not want to open the buds, she loves feeding, so I constantly add organic matter under her. When it blooms, it is impossible to take your eyes off. Depending on the lighting, it can be black, red, burgundy.

Ivanova Tatiana, 34 years old, Reutov

It was with the Papa Meillan variety that my passion for hybrid tea roses began. When I saw her in reality, I could not tear myself away, I bought three seedlings at once. Unfortunately, one turned out to be unviable, died, and did not take root. The other two took over, developing slowly at first. Now normal bushes, bloom, give growth. I cover it very seriously for the winter - spruce branches, non-woven material, and on top - several layers of film.

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