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Plant Pest Management

Plant Pest Management

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When caring for plants, everyone, whether it is a gardener with a high level of professionalism or an amateur with a small summer cottage, should know certain rules that will help protect plants on the territory from pests. There are many methods of struggle and influence, both well-known and those that people invent themselves, but each of them brings a certain result that helps plants for a long time to please the eye and bear fruit.

How to deal with plant pests

From the earliest spring to late autumn, and sometimes during the colder period, plants in each summer cottage are in danger in the form of pests that destroy the flowering, deciduous part, bark and root system and, in order to save flowers, shrubs and trees from all kinds of misfortune, the right pest control methods are needed. If you do not know them, then it will be very difficult to grow a beautiful and prolific garden. Pest control should take place in a comprehensive manner - there will be no sense if you spray the trees with poison once a year, see the caterpillars or cover up damage on the bark, and notice bugs or ants on the tree trunk. Biological pest control, of course, is also necessary, but first of all, it is the fight against insects and other pests with the help of chemistry. Remember that each action must be taken on time, in compliance with the rules, with the exact consistency and dosage of drugs.

All of us have repeatedly noticed leaves beaten on trees, withered and discolored branches that are weak and painfully hanging, tree trunks that were distinguished by a huge amount of wrapped or crumbling bark ... Each of these plants fell under the influence of pests and he urgently needs help. Mice and rats, moles and hares, midges, caterpillars, beetles, aphids and many other living organisms that feed on juices, pollen or nutrients from the bark of the plant. We must destroy every such harmful organism in order to save the plant and our own harvest. There are mechanical ways to control pests - manually collecting insects, setting traps for rodents, brushing off aphids from leaves, slicing painful shoots and branches - each of them is good, but this is only a local treatment that practically does not bring results, and we need an integrated approach and professional pest control products. Special poisons, herbicides, makeup substances, spraying liquids, powders for regeneration and falling asleep in cuts of trees and a huge amount of funds are available in any self-respecting garden shop. It is there that you can consult and purchase the necessary substance and with full force to test all chemical methods of pest control. It is only necessary not to forget about the most important ... The health of the garden, of course, is above all, but there is also your own health, which can be thoroughly spoiled by chemistry. Therefore, using one or another chemical method of pest control, try to provide yourself with maximum protection, primarily by protecting the eyes, respiratory tract and skin surface.

Biological Pest Management

In addition to the fact that every summer resident uses certain chemistry in his garden to get rid of insects and larger garden pests, experienced summer residents and gardeners try not to burn trees and shrubs by various means. For this, certain types of insects are used, which are predators and, without harming the garden, destroy other insects. Ladybugs, lacewings, some species of flies - they are really able to save the garden from ailments caused by insects, quickly and reliably relieving it of the pest.

It is also possible to use insectivorous birds for these purposes, which do not feed on bugs and insects that destroy the integrity of the plant and disrupt its normal life cycle. But it is worth knowing that such a struggle with garden pests adds some worries and obligations, because birds also need care and protection from predators.

Pest control of fruit trees and shrubs is not an easy task. Each method requires some knowledge and experience, a certain amount of time and effort. I would like to remind once again that moment that any pest control measures will be practically useless if you do not take them together. The control of insect pests should occur in several stages, be correctly calculated in time and in the means that are used. It is advisable that all measures that you take be taken in neighboring areas, otherwise all the labor and finances that you invest in pest control in the spring may be in vain by mid-summer. We recommend reading the article on the best methods to combat slugs.

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