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Silver tones at your cottage

Silver tones at your cottage

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Calm harmony blows from the composition of touched gray leaves of wormwood, inscribed between the coral red centrantus and the purple monarda. In this magnificent still life by nature, you can also include dark blue panicled inflorescences of sage oak. If not for the silver-gray beauty, then a group of these magnificent garden plants would have looked prim and boring. A few silver leaves - like a pinch of salt in a soup, without which it would have seemed fresh.

Silver effect

The lighter the flowers, the sharper they contrast with the green leaves. Silvery leaves, as if covered with a light veil, not pretending to be attention and politely kept in the shade, gently erase this contrast. Delicate pink and light lilac-blue tones can now come to the fore, successfully complementing each other.

Among plants with flowers of saturated tones, silver-gray neighbors create smoother transitions from one color to another. A modest stalk is almost invisible among the red poppy and blue catnip, but it was thanks to it that the most delicate, inextricable harmony arose with the light gray leaves of catnip.

Most silver garden decorations love the sun

It is in sunny places that they grow magnificently and their leaves acquire the most intense silver color. The soil also remains an indispensable condition: it must be loose, slightly moist or dry. Pruning in mid-summer after flowering contributes to intensive leaf staining and uniform plant growth.

With the onset of cool autumn days, one should not expect much from these sun worshipers.

True, santolina, sage and lavender in areas with a warm climate do not drop leaves for the winter, but they are also affected by short daylight hours and high humidity: the silver color of the leaves weakens and even disappears completely.

Silver thuja

Silver tones in the country

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