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The benefits and healing properties of Indian onion

The benefits and healing properties of Indian onion

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In appearance, Indian onions resemble onions. It has a powerful white root system and a green bulb that lives up to 30 years. From the bulb leaves grow. They are drooping, at the ends are folded into a tube. They can't stand right. Having broken a leaf, you can see milky juice. Indian onions are characterized by growth even after the leaves have dried. In width, the leaves can reach 5 cm, in length - 1 meter.

Features of planting and growing

Indian onion (Ornithogalum caudatum) planted in the following earthen mixture: sand, coal, turf and sheet earth. The plant feels great in plastic pots. He needs good lighting.

During planting, Indian onion is only half deep. If the bulb is large, it should only lightly touch the ground. Transplanting does not harm the plant.

They keep Indian onions in the northeastern and northern windows. The root system is powerful, so fertilizing is not required. The transplant is performed once every several years. For this, the children are simply separated from the mother plant and transplanted together with the roots into another pot.

Indian Onion Care

Indian onions do not require careful care. If you put it on the north window, it will grow very well. It is recommended to slightly shade the plant.

In the summer, watering is often done, the soil can dry out. Fertilizers can be used various. In summer, you can see that the leaves dry out slightly. There is nothing wrong, in the spring you can trim and onion growth will continue.

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Breeding methods

Poultry farmers are propagated in various ways. Three main ones stand out:

  • dividing the bulbs;
  • separation from an adult bush of children;
  • sowing seeds.

All of the presented methods deserve attention, but the separation of children is the most effective. The cleavage process is carried out in the autumn. Even if there are no roots on them, after 2 weeks each plant will have its own root system.

Healing properties

Indian onion differs in that absolutely all parts are useful in it. But this feature is characteristic only when the plant reaches 2 years or more. The maximum effect is observed during flowering, but the healing properties of Indian onions are preserved both in the leaves and in the bulb. After the arrows of the plant reach 20 cm, they should be broken out, as the nutrients from the bulb begin to leave. The mucus, which the arrows secrete, also has healing characteristics. The juice is colorless, has no smell.

How to apply the beneficial properties of the plant? There are several options:

  1. From the plant "Indian onion" you can make tincture. It is used as an external agent or inside. Tincture perfectly affects cardiac activity, gives strength. Method of application: 3 times a day half an hour before meals. Take 1 tablespoon of juice and dilute with 3 tablespoons of water.
  2. The healing properties of the poultry house help even with chronic radiculitis. The method of application is very simple: take a leaf and rub it on the lower back. Then a woolen shawl is tied around her. Usually there is a severe burning sensation. But after 10 minutes the pain subsides.
  3. Indian onion is a good antiseptic. The substances contained in the leaves contribute to the flow of blood to the diseased areas of the body.
  4. You can use not only an adult Indian onion, but also small onions, as well as their sprouts. From a large bulb, leaves are taken, they must be large. Pruning is good for plant development.
  5. It is worth highlighting the use of onion juice for the treatment of fungal skin diseases.
  6. To cure rheumatoid arthritis, you can take baths with the addition of pine needle and onion extract. The extract is prepared as follows: take cones and pine branches, boil them for half an hour, wait 12 hours. Then, half a glass of alcohol tincture of Indian onion is poured into the broth. One bath should have one and a half liters of extract.

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Benefits of Indian Onion

Decorative plants

Many people know about the use of Indian onion as a medicine. In this case, the plant can also act as a decorative culture.

Florists are interested in the plant and use it to design various compositions. Moreover, onions are also used in feng shui. It is believed that he is able to attract love and harmony into the family. Also, the poultry catcher promotes career advancement, is a symbol of energy, curiosity.

Tips & Tricks

  • Despite all the benefits of the plant, there are a number of contraindications. So, juice in its pure form can not be consumed, since it is poisonous.
  • The medicine has not yet been fully studied. However, there are many positive reviews from those people who have already helped onion remedies.
  • Do not allow juice to get into your eyes. If trouble nevertheless has occurred, the eyes are thoroughly washed with water and 2 drops of taufon are instilled. Then you need to wait 10 minutes.
  • Preparation of preparations is carried out with rubber gloves, otherwise allergic reactions may occur.
  • With intense rubbing of juice into the skin, burns may appear. You can get rid of them with olive oil.
  • If there is increased bleeding of the gums, the juice of the plant should not be used.
  • Means from the poultry are contraindicated for use by people with hemophilia.

Indian onion tincture

It is not difficult to grow a poultry farmer, it is unpretentious, planting is very simple. For treatment, all parts of the plant are used. The juice gives the greatest effect. Care must be taken, otherwise there is a risk of burns or an allergic reaction. Be sure to dilute the juice. Reproduction is in 3 ways. The simplest of them is the separation of children. New plants quickly take root and grow.

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