Autumn fruit tree care

Autumn fruit tree care

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At the end of summer, every summer resident and gardener has a lot of work, because, in addition to harvesting and harvesting, you will need to carry out many more works on your own site. This concerns flowers, shrubs and trees, cultivating the land, applying fertilizers, etc., but today we will consider only some methods of autumn care for fruit trees in the garden and talk about how to prepare them for the colder time of the year. So, autumn garden care on .

We all understand that the end of summer and the beginning of autumn is a difficult period for each owner of their own plots. The work here will simply be overwhelming, and it should be carried out very correctly in order to leave the garden strong and stable in the winter, and to see it in spring in good condition.

How to care for trees and bushes in the fall?

Autumn care for garden trees

Pruning trees

Pruning is the most basic way to adjust crop yields. It can be carried out in spring and autumn, it all depends on the type of plants. Now that the summer is coming to an end, get ready in the near future to remove from the trees all weak and internal shoots, dried and broken branches. Next year there will be no sense from them, the maximum that they can offer is a small, underdeveloped crop that will not bring any joy.

Tree forming

This procedure is not necessary for all trees. Carefully inspect the garden and make sure that the branches of each tree grow correctly, forming the necessary crown. If this is not the case, and some branches reach the sun strictly vertically, they should be lowered a little and give them a more horizontal direction. This can be done with the help of a tied load, just be extremely careful, not every branch will withstand a large load. In general, it’s worth doing it gradually, it’s better to add weight every 5-7 days, than immediately rashly break off strong tree branches. You can also form a crown using a pruner. Here, already apply the pruning rules for yield, so that the appearance does not affect the number of fruits expected next year.

Top removal

If, after pruning the trees, the warm weather decided to please us again before the winter and made the plants come to life again, expect a large number of spinning tops. In fact, they are not needed at all and should be removed. This can be done with a pruner or just breaking off your hands. Try not to do much harm to the trees, this may affect their wintering. After these operations, treat the wounds of vegetation with garden varieties (by the way, we recommend using it in each case, which is associated with the removal of branches or shoots of trees).

Bark protection

One of the important aspects of tree care is the maximum protection of their bark from external influences. In the spring we can detect vertical cracks in the crust. They are quite deep and harm plants. Cracks occur due to the temperature difference, which happens in winter. During the day the sun burns and heats the bark very much, at night it is affected by severe frost. Cracks can occur in the summer under the influence of the same sun, as well as strong winds and night cold weather. Plant pests also participate in cracking.

In order to avoid such injury to trees, they should be provided with proper care in the fall. Trunks are covered with whitewash and a special protective fiber. It can even be rags, the main thing is that the trunk is well protected from direct sunlight.

Also protect tree trunks from insects and rodents. This can be done with the help of special preparations, as well as a protective net, which is worn on the trunk of the plant and guaranteed to prevent damage by rodents.

Autumn fertilization with fertilizers

Fertilizing plants with fertilizers is an important step that you should not forget about. It must be carried out after harvest, which draws a huge amount of juice and strength from the plant. Timely and proper top dressing will increase immunity, and hence winter hardiness of trees.

In some of our articles, we have already described the various processes of plant nutrition; there is material about the enrichment of the earth with nutrients in the autumn period. But we will repeat, very briefly.

It is not necessary to make nitrogen fertilizers in warm weather, they can only do much harm. Also try not to fertilize the soil superficially, during this period, fertilizers can simply remain on the surface and not bring a special result. Try to dilute the fertilizer with water and irrigate.

Mandatory and the application of biofertilizers. It can be global, by scattering on the surface of the earth and digging it up, but it can also be local, more effective. For this, it is necessary to make several special wells at the borders of the crown of the tree and make fertilizers in them.

Wells can be made using a garden drill. The production technology is quite simple. Remove a layer of soddy earth with a shovel, drill a well about half a meter in the garden with a drill, apply fertilizer inside and cover it with a previously removed layer of earth.

You can also fertilize tree trunks with manure or compost. After laying the fertilizer, it should be covered with a layer of any mulch, even mowed grass.

How and what to fertilize fruit trees

Fruit Tree Care Calendar for Autumn

Experienced gardeners take the advice of even more experienced ones, as well as their own observations. They also often pay attention to special calendars, with the help of which their work can be systematically organized and painted for convenient periods. So, before us is a short calendar for the gardener for the fall:

  • September. In the first month of autumn, which is often not yet very different from summer, it is required to remove fishing belts from trees. Many simply burn them, but some, more economical gardeners, boil, treat them with special pesticides and save them for the next year. This may bring you some cost savings. It is also necessary to remove from the garden all remaining on the ground and spoiled fruits. They can be taken to a landfill or used for household needs. From the garden, it is also worth taking out the props and special gaskets from the forks, which prevented various damage to tree branches. They can also be burned to destroy pests, namely caterpillars of the codling moth, which are often collected in them;
  • October. In October, a thorough inspection of the plantations for pest infection should be carried out. For this, special accounting inspections of trees are carried out diagonally or quarterly. At the same time, trimming and removal of shoots, tops and branches damaged by pests is carried out. The next step is the garter of the trunks with reeds, sunflower stems, or just special protective nets from hares and other rodents;
  • November. Collect the fallen and cut branches and leaves into one big pile and burn. Many pests will die in the fire, which could simply overwinter in a heap and leaves and again spring in fruit trees. You should also dig the soil around the trees. It’s not worth deepening near the trunk, more than 10 cm, you can damage the roots, but after a meter and a half you can already work in full bayonet. When digging, apply fertilizers - superphosphate - 100g under the tree, potash and nitrogen (not necessary) - 50 g under the tree and, of course, organic fertilizers, 300-400 kg per hundred. Re-examine the trees, remove the possible pest nests in them and burn them, remove the dead bark from the trunks. Prepare young trees for cold weather, insulate, support and protect from snow breaks.

Proper and high-quality garden care will help not only save trees from winter cold and winds, as well as other misfortunes in the form of snow breakers and pests, but also prepare them for next year, in which you will definitely have a huge harvest of juicy and fresh fruits.

October fruit tree care

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