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How to choose equipment for fertilizing the soil

How to choose equipment for fertilizing the soil

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Fertilizing in the soil for planting a variety of crops is very important, but the method that is used for application is no less important. If you are the owner of a small plot where you only grow berry bushes or flowers, you will need enough carts and some garden tools, but if the cultivated area is much larger, and this is a garden or even a field, then you should think about special technical means for fertilizing .

Today we will talk about spreaders and fertilizer spreaders, their classification, parameters and advantages, we will also consider working methods, types of some equipment and determine what is most suitable.

To date, all fertilizer applicators are divided as follows:

  • By type of fertilizer applied. This may be a special technique adapted for working with organic or mineral fertilizers;
  • By appointment. Functional technology for fertilizer preparation, transportation machines and application technology;
  • By fertilizer technology: aviation and centrifugal fertilizer spreaders, equipment for anhydrous ammonia, liquid manure spreaders, special manure spreaders and dust fertilizer spreaders, fertilizer seeders and fertilizer spreaders, manure and slurry spreaders;
  • By mobility. Stationary and mobile equipment, among which one can distinguish self-propelled and non-self-propelled (saddle, trailed, semi-mounted and mounted fertilizer spreaders).

Such a classification gives us the opportunity to understand the specifics of such a technique and choose a fertilizer spreader or other fertilizer applicator according to our requirements. But, before determining a really suitable machine for fertilizing the soil, it is necessary to consider the types of such machines.

Types of fertilizer applicators

Regardless of what volume is expected on your site in the near future, we will try to consider modern equipment for applying fertilizing to the soil. Of course, this can be both a hand-held spreader and heavy agricultural machinery, which will provide processing of a multi-hectare field. But now we will consider a more serious technique (and a little later we will move on to the summer cottage format), because it is always necessary to look to the future, and hope that a few hundred under planting flowers will become hectares of prolific income-generating crops.

So, the following few paragraphs will introduce us to the necessary technique:

  • Organic Fertilizer Machines. These are special towing devices, which are distinguished by high rates of carrying capacity, which is very convenient in operation. Such multifunctional equipment can be used all day, work without downtime and not “go empty.” What does that mean? In principle, everything is very simple - the machine works as a fertilizer deliveryman to the destination, then it makes it into the soil, and on the way back it can take along any heavy cargo, once again confirming its multifunctionality;
  • Mineral Fertilizer Machines. This technique can be widely used on the farm. With its help, the owner of the land will be able not only to feed his own field with solid or liquid mineral fertilizers, but also organize feeding of the pasture or meadow;
  • Liquid Organic Fertilizer Machines. If we talk about the functionality of this technique, there are no equal at all, since such machines can be used not only in cases where liquid organic fertilizers are applied to the soil (intrasoil and surface application). Among other possible tasks, equipment may be set to requirements for transporting liquid cargo, water, washing the rest of the equipment, or even extinguishing fires.

It is clear that expensive imported equipment, and modern domestic one, is capable of much, but far from always we can afford to purchase it, and indeed we do not always need such volumes of work. Therefore, now we will focus on manual fertilizer spreaders, which can be used not on a huge dusty field, but on a cozy summer cottage, where we are going to sow the crops we need.

Manual fertilizer spreader

Such a device is really practical and multifunctional, and now you do not need to manually apply mineral fertilizers to the soil, and spend a lot of time on it. Also, with its help you can not only evenly distribute fertilizers on the surface of the desired area, but also sow seeds and make sand into the soil.

As you can see, the compact assistant has a considerable number of capabilities, is easily controlled by a person, and quickly copes with the tasks. That is why such cottage equipment is becoming increasingly popular in our time.

Benefits and Functionality

We have already paid attention to trailed and mounted fertilizer spreaders, which are excellent for a large volume of work. Now we will consider the possibilities of a cottage spreader.

Uniform scattering

Firstly, this small two-wheeled assistant is able not only to evenly distribute fertilizers throughout the site, but also to help with sowing, for example, a lawn, which is very difficult to do manually. Secondly, having bought a successful spreader model, you can add sand to the soil, or even sprinkle icy paths with small stone crumb in the winter.

Free wheeling

A special function called “free play” ensures that the contents of the container are ejected only when the spreader wheels are in motion, so you can easily avoid overdosing and loss.

Other features

In addition, you can always choose a fertilizer spreader with other special features, for example, a telescopic handle for ease of use, a lever to block the output of the contents of the container with a special shutter, easy travel and good grip based on high-quality protectors and so on. As you can see, using this device you can not only save time, but also your own strength.

Fertilizing with a tractor

How to choose and buy a fertilizer spreader

This question can be answered with the words of experts who often recommend something like the following:

  • Choose only high-quality and reliable equipment from high-quality and durable materials;
  • Do not chase a low price, but do not overpay, which means that you carefully study the goods before buying;
  • Be sure to pay attention to the functionality and compliance with your personal requirements;
  • Try to choose a product not with a large number of possibilities, but with their high-quality execution.

As you can see, everything is quite simple, you only need to be careful when buying and try to choose a good product, as with any other purchase.

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