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Polycarbonate fences in a summer cottage

Polycarbonate fences in a summer cottage

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Polycarbonate fences appeared on the market not so long ago, but have already managed to gain noticeable popularity. The reason for this is a considerable number of advantages, which distinguishes polycarbonate fences from other types of fences.

Technical characteristics of the material, ease of assembly and installation, as well as an additional list of the positive qualities of polycarbonate fences, often bring them to the forefront of sales, among other assortment of fences on the market. This is accompanied not only by the aforementioned reasons, but also by a great demand of customers, whose reviews are most often positive.

What is a polycarbonate fence

Polycarbonate guards are considered sectional or stacked. Their installation is possible in that, and in another case, everything depends only on the wishes and requirements of the customer. The design is a base or frame made of metal or forging, on the back of which a polycarbonate sheet selected by thickness and other parameters is attached. Most often, this is a rectangular, fairly lightweight fence design that can be mounted in place or can be delivered ready-made. Installing these sections is quick and easy, therefore do-it-yourselfers can build a polycarbonate fence with their own hands at least once in their life.

Types of Polycarbonate Fences

Due to the huge demand for decorative fencing, today the market offers a considerable assortment of various fences, a considerable part of which are high-quality polycarbonate fences.

Sectional or typesetting

Just a few lines ago, we mentioned them in our article, but now we will tell you a little more. Such fences are also considered welded, because the frame for installing the polycarbonate sheet is boiled from metal - a standard corner or a profile pipe. Further, on the back, on special clamps or even on safe self-tapping screws, the necessary piece of polycarbonate is mounted. The section turns out to be very neat and easy, it’s convenient to work with it, therefore the installation is quick. Such fences can be decorated not only with a metal base, forged fences with polycarbonate also exist. Of course, the price of a polycarbonate fence and forging is much higher than for the standard version. The cost of fencing can change dramatically due to the quality of polycarbonate, its color and transparency, thickness and compliance with your requirements, as well as the weight of the structure and the quality of the metal.

Stone or brick

Another type of unique and very original fencing that entered the market just a few years ago. Its popularity was due to the success of polycarbonate, as a high-quality and reliable material, as well as exclusive design ideas that could perfectly combine polycarbonate and stone, as well as polycarbonate and brick. Forging already known tandems, forging and other elements were added, which significantly increased the decorative effect. Stone or brick-based cellular polycarbonate fences became a bestseller, which further increased their price. Although, to tell you the truth, the special mark-up on these types of fences does not justify itself, since the bar is raised artificially. This can be proved by counting the cost of materials and work separately. You can immediately see a significant difference. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to install a polycarbonate fence with your own hands, especially on a stone or brick base, then you will save some money.

Polycarbonate Fence

Advantages of Polycarbonate Fences

To tell you the truth, there are plenty of advantages to such a fence, but there are also minor disadvantages, which we will also talk about. But, we begin, perhaps, with the positive aspects of the material and fences made with its use:

  • Polycarbonate fences are not subject to corrosion and moisture, fungi and mold, insects and the various effects of their life. The material is also not afraid of temperature changes, the constant presence of sunlight on its plane, windy weather and frost;
  • Fencing easily withstand considerable loads and impacts, can bend in the right direction and take some forms (be sure to see the instructions and special tables of plasticity of the material);
  • The cost of polycarbonate fences is not as high as it might seem right away. It all depends on the base materials, the cost of the work, and the requirements that you set for the fence and the material itself. In this case, we are ready to declare that it is also possible to buy an inexpensive polycarbonate fence;
  • The original appearance of such a fence for a long time will make the neighbors in the country or private area talk about your innovation. In addition, you can always choose the color of polycarbonate, its transparency, combine with a variety of ornaments, some accessories that increase the decorativeness and exclusivity of the product. Do not forget that the material can be transparent and translucent, which means that you can control the shadowing in the yard and around the fence, which is very important for landscape design and for some light-loving plants.

Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Fences

  • Firstly, a polycarbonate sheet must necessarily be fixed on all sides, otherwise over time, and with constant temperature effects, it may lead a little;
  • Secondly. Impact resistance, of course, is good quality, but remember that polycarbonate can never be compared in strength to metal, stone or concrete, so with such a fence you will need to behave very carefully. You can’t play a ball with him anymore, you will not paint inconspicuous scratches with a nail and so on (almost all the pranks that apply to our children).

There are other shortcomings of the material, but they no longer apply to the manufacture of fences and barriers from it.

As you can see, polycarbonate fences are quite high quality, if you do not pay attention to some small flaws. Therefore, we can say for sure that polycarbonate fences for summer cottages are just perfect, especially if they are installed correctly and in combination with the materials necessary for strength and reliability.

DIY polycarbonate fence

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