Outdoor shower for a summer residence: choice of building and construction algorithm

Outdoor shower for a summer residence: choice of building and construction algorithm

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One of the main buildings in any suburban area is an outdoor shower. It will help to quickly freshen up, or to bounce back after a hard working day in the scorching sun, and therefore, every summer resident should consider the possibility of constructing a place for water procedures on his own site.

Building a summer cottage shower is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. One has only to correctly calculate the forces, determine the direction and algorithm of actions, and get to work.

What can be a summer shower in the country

In each case, it can be a completely different design, starting with an inexpensive film with water from a tank or hose, and ending with a major construction.

Simple film construction

The simplest and cheapest option, which can even be considered a one-time, or a shower for one season. It is convenient in that a similar shower stall can be moved around the summer cottage, constantly choosing the most convenient place for it.

A simple film shower consists of an angular two-sided frame according to the type of screen that can be installed in any corner of the garden, or of a rectangular metal frame that carries the same technical and semantic load. Any frame, full or double-sided, folds and unfolds at the right time, so you can bring it into the veranda or shed for the winter without any problems. But perhaps this is only one advantage that can be considered full. Basically, this is an option for the first time, which can be removed in 15 minutes if you decide to build a more thorough construction.

The film shower is installed in a convenient place in the form of a frame covered with a film or a special curtain made of polyester, a water tank is installed on its upper part or a watering hose with a shower head is simply supplied. Below is an ordinary wooden lattice for legs, on the side there is a simple drain or drainage of water, which most often does not happen at all. Therefore, this design is more suitable as temporary, for example, when construction or repair is underway in the country, or maybe the construction of a new shower or bath.

Capital frame douche shower

This is a more interesting design that can easily serve you for even decades. It simply has a sea of ​​advantages: integrity, good stability, high quality materials and assembly, quick heating of water, excellent ventilation, a simple device for supplying water and its drain. Such a shower room has its drawbacks - it cannot be brought into a house or pantry, but on the street it can quickly become unusable in the cold season, especially if there is not enough care. But this disadvantage is easily covered by the cost of the design and minimal maintenance costs, and therefore, it can be ignored altogether.

What is a capital frame summer shower? This is the simplest metal construction of a square or rectangular shape, mounted on an ordinary foundation, a flat concrete slab, several pipes or even bricks. The design is fixed to the foundation or special racks of the base and fitted with absolutely any material convenient for you. It can be well protected from moisture and drying out wood, chipboard and OSB, plexiglass, plastic panels, metal sheets, slate, asbestos-cement boards after processing with special compounds, polycarbonate and so on. Any of the given materials is easily fixed on the skeleton of the structure with the help of bolts and nuts, screws, welding, other fasteners. Further, the summer frame shower in the country is equipped with a water tank, a curtain or a door, a convenient grate for the feet, a drain of water, shelves and lighting inside, other accessories, such as a lock on the door, hooks for clothes and so on. It can last a very long time, but the structure should be given attention at the beginning and end of the season.

Every summer shower should be carefully examined at the beginning of the warm season and at the end of it. It may be necessary to renew the decoration damaged by atmospheric phenomena, replace some parts, impregnate with antifungal compounds, paint, and so on.

Capital shower for a summer residence

It is more difficult and expensive to build such a shower, but it will be much better and more durable, and it will be possible to use it not only in the summer, but also in early spring and late autumn.

Choosing a place for the design

Before starting the construction, it is required to correctly determine the location. This should be a flat area, in principle, on any ground, preferably in partial shade, but not in the complete shadow of trees or other structures, since the water in the shower will not be able to heat on its own. Also, immediately pay attention to the fact that there should be a place nearby for water discharge, otherwise it may be necessary to lay additional sewage through half the area. Equally important is the aesthetic value of the building, which should not be located in front of the facade of the house or in a well-viewed place, it is best to place a summer shower behind the house and not far from it.

Materials for building

Now you should identify and buy the materials that will be necessary for construction. Let's consider them in more detail.

  • Brick. You should choose silicate, since it does not require obligatory subsequent finishing, but you can also take red brick or ceramic, but you will also have to do plastering work.
  • Cement. Buying cement is worth the quality, the right brand, always fresh, and use it immediately after purchase, so that, for various reasons, it does not have time to deteriorate. Count the amount accurately, but try to make a small margin.
  • Sand. Sand is best ordered by car, as even its remnants after building a shower on the site will not hurt. Sand in bags is unprofitable to buy, sometimes it turns out to be almost 2 times more expensive.
  • Crushed stone and brick fight. These components are necessary for the construction of the foundation and screed. Crushed stone can be bought by quantity, for example, in bags, with the same machine that carries cement and sand, but a brick battle can be found in the neighboring cottages, or even on your own site, so you should not spend money on it.
  • Floor and roof materials. Here everything depends on your personal requirements, since when constructing a major ceiling from reinforcement and mortar, flooring and a roof from wood and slate or tile, or building a roof from timber and other materials, you will need completely different products. Do not forget only that the floors of the building and the roof should not be very heavy for the foundation and walls, they must fully comply with the design, and also, initially be equipped with openings and fixtures for water supply pipes and so on.
  • Summer shower tank. The classic version with a metal barrel disappears immediately, since there is no need to talk about quality in this case, but if you need to save money, or just put such a tank for the first time, then there are no problems. We recommend using a plastic tank, say, for 200 liters of water, which you can now buy in any construction supermarket. It is advisable to choose a flat-shaped container, that is, wide, but not high. Mounting such a tank will be much easier, and the weight will be more evenly distributed over the roof surface.
  • Shower head and faucet. In the same supermarkets, special kits are sold for a country shower - a tube, a watering can and a faucet. It remains only to install the kit through the overlap in the tank, and you're done. But if such an option is not possible, then it is possible to independently construct the flow of water from the tank to the shower room. You will need a pipe, crane, watering can and a special fitting for installing the kit in the tank. But do not expect a good spray of water in the summer shower, it will simply monotonously merge down from the tank and through the watering can, since this system does not have the necessary pressure.
  • Pipes for water drainage. An important element for a summer shower, which should not be forgotten. Initially, calculate the distance to the place where the water will go, and buy a sewer drain of this size. Perhaps the water will go into the garden or vegetable garden, then you will need only a few meters of pipe, but if further, for example, into a cesspool or ravine, more accurate calculations will be needed.
  • In addition, for the design you will need a small window, possibly wooden or metal, entry doors, mounting foam, varnishes and paints, plaster, waterproofing materials and compositions, as well as other materials, the list of which depends on each individual case.

Tools for work

Here we also cannot give an absolutely accurate list of tools, but what will be necessary in the first place is necessarily there. So, this is: a container for mixing the mortar or a concrete mixer (if possible), a shovel, a hammer, a hacksaw, a grinder, a drill, a plumb line, a level, a building cord, a trowel and some other tools.

The algorithm for building a shower in the country

  • Foundation. It can be tape or solid fill. To do this, you will need to mark the territory, dig a trench or hole under the foundation, make the formwork, lay a gravel pillow (mixed with broken brick) and install an arm belt. It is advisable to bandage the foundation with walls to increase the strength of the structure. After that, only pour concrete and allow time to settle and dry. For such a structure, a foundation of 40-50 cm deep is enough, it is no longer required.

It is better to immediately wall up the water drain pipe in the floor of the “shower cabin”, so that later you do not have to make a hole under it with a perforator. Lay the pipe only after accurate calculations and always with the necessary slope.

  • Walling. On the finished foundation, make markings, and most importantly, outline the location of the door. Further, using a plumb line, level, as well as other tools and materials for masonry, you can begin the construction of walls. In order for the design to be strong and reliable, laying in half a brick is enough. During the forcing of the walls, do not forget to leave holes for the window and ventilation, as well as to block the bars for overlapping at the required height.
  • Overlap. We are talking about a simple ceiling, without raising the roof and pouring reinforced concrete slabs, and therefore, a waterproofing layer and slate with a ready-made hole for supplying water are laid on the built-in bars. It is necessary to nail slate to the bars of the base of the ceiling with special nails, under a slope to drain water from rain and melting snow.
  • Tank installation. The tank is installed on the roof is very simple. For this, special fastenings are not necessary, the tank clamps are enough, or the lining and wedging if it is cylindrical. Further, the connection of the tank with the water supply pipe through a pre-drilled hole in the tank, the mounting of the tap and watering can.
  • Interior decoration. You should start with waterproofing, with which we recommend finishing the floor and the lower part of the walls, as well as the joints of the floor and walls, so that the foundation and the lower rows of bricks do not collapse from moisture. To do this, you can use any available material - coating, bitumen, special hot compositions and so on. After, it is necessary to make a screed at an angle so that the water always leaves the shower and does not linger inside. Further, the installation of the door and window, everything is in the usual way - a box, a spacer, blowing foam (which, by the way, you can blow out the roof for tightness), installation of slopes and so on. Now that the main work is over, you can proceed to the decoration itself. Here we are not advisers, since each summer resident has his own taste and will choose those materials that suit the taste. We only want to say that it is necessary to choose moisture-resistant materials, and plastic is considered the most popular for decorating a summer shower. If the opinion is the same, then treat the walls with antifungal compounds, make a wooden crate on the walls of a thin lath, opened with varnish or varnish, and install a plastic sheathing. Naturally, for interior decoration, you can use plaster and paint, ceramic tiles, conventional painting, but, as we said above, this is only a matter of taste and budget.
  • Exterior finish. Many people do not attach any importance to the exterior decoration, especially if the brickwork was done beautifully and accurately, but if you wish, you can always plaster the walls or even revet them with weatherproof materials.
  • Lighting, ventilation, decor, accessories. For many summer residents, these elements are very important, but some do not attach any importance to them, but just in case, a little more about the main thing. So, it is not necessary to carry out lighting in a humid room, you can install LED lamps and batteries, which are enough for the whole season. It is very simple and economical, if we talk about ventilation, then if there is a window, it is not needed, it is enough to open the window and doors on time after taking a shower. In terms of decor in such a booth you do not need anything, except for a mirror, a shelf for bath accessories and hooks for clothes. They can also be attributed to the most necessary accessories.

Video on how to build a budget summer shower

As you can see building a shower in a summer cottage is very simple, and we will not tire of repeating this, since we have repeatedly tried this process on ourselves. You only need to correctly determine what your shower room will be - wooden or capital, draw up a project, make the correct preparation and begin construction. Believe me, if you have an irresistible desire to have a shower in your own area, cool and fresh, then nothing will stop you.

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