Garden trimmer: features of choice and rules of use

Garden trimmer: features of choice and rules of use

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The trimmer, electric scythe and gasoline scythe are varieties of lawn mowers and belong to the category of agricultural hand-held motorized tools designed for mowing grass. These modern aggregates are most often used to remove grass from uneven terrain and greatly facilitate the mowing process.

The main types and characteristics of trimmers


Significant areas are processed with modern gasoline trimmers, regardless of the relief features and sizes. Gasoline trimmers have favorable autonomy, are not dependent on electrical wires, are very efficient and practically do not overheat during operation. The use of a self-propelled design improves the comfort of work. For convenience, trimmers are equipped with a hanging strap.


It is used for work in hard-to-reach areas and is an ideal option for mowing grass around bushes and trees. An electric trimmer is perfect for medium to large areas. Such devices are lightweight, environmentally friendly and very easy to operate.


Cordless trimmers are used on fairly smooth surfaces. The absence of an engine greatly facilitates the overall weight of the tool. The advantages are also the simplicity of the design and operation of the device, as well as the absence of harmful emissions and affordable cost. In addition, when working with this trimmer, there is no need to pull the electric cable and purchase expensive fuel.

How to choose a trimmer

Engine Location in Trimmer

An engine is a device that converts energy into mechanical rotation of a knife. Depending on what engine power is, it is possible to evaluate the rotation force of the cutting element. The main parameter for an engine is its power, measured in kilowatts or horsepower. The trimmer motor can be electric or gasoline.

Engine nameMain characteristics
Electrical engineThe power is designed for processing an area of ​​five hundred parts and can be about 1.4 kW. Relatively low noise and vibration make the job much easier. A connection to the electrical network is required, and the efficiency of the unit depends on the availability of a quality extension cord. The electric motor is very sensitive to overheating and is not designed for long continuous operation. Do not use a trimmer with this engine in high humidity
BatteryFreedom from electrical wires is combined with compactness and the ability to mow in inaccessible areas. However, the power indicators of such a trimmer are very small. The standard battery life does not exceed 40 minutes, and the charging time is quite long. This trimmer option is the perfect complement to a traditional lawn mower and allows you to handle hard-to-reach areas.
Gas engineThe most productive models have engines up to 3 kW. There are two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The first option is more budget and easy. The second type of engine produces a minimum of harmful emissions and consumes a small amount of fuel. Two-stroke engines run on a mixture of gasoline and oil and require strict proportions. In a four-stroke engine, a valve system is used, which involves a separate oil and fuel fill. To reduce harmful vibrations, some models have a steel spring engine or an integrated Oxy-Power system.

An important characteristic is the location of the engine in the trimmer. The most budget options are characterized by a lower engine layout. It is typical for battery models with low weight, low power and insufficient protection against moisture. The traditional, or upper, arrangement of the engine is characteristic of a significant number of gasoline and electric trimmers.

Trimmer selection criteria: which is better

The comparative characteristics of different types of trimmers greatly facilitate the selection of such a tool.

Technical specificationsGasoline modelsElectric and battery models
Engine powerTwo-stroke single-cylinder with power from 500 to 3300 W, working on a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and oil. Single-cylinder four-stroke engines in which separate tanks are used for gasoline and oilTrimmers with a lower engine position are characterized by power from 170 to 650 W, a fishing line is used as a cutting element. The engine gets dirty quickly, and after 20 minutes of operation, the device needs a break.
Models with an upper engine are characterized by power from 550 to 1500 watts. A complete set and a fishing line, and a knife. The device is more versatile and powerful.
Cutting elementThe design is a spool with fishing line with a thickness of 1.2 to 2.5 mm. The device can be equipped with three-blade or four-blade knives. The width of mowing fishing line from 24 to 44 cm. The rotation speed of the knife varies from 6 to 11.5 thousand revolutions per minute
Tool weightA standard gasoline model can have a weight of about 5 kgThe least powerful power tool has a weight of 1.4 kg to 2 kg
Fuel tank capacityAffects the duration of the work and ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 liters-
Work areaLarge areas with the most even reliefSmall areas, corners and areas near curbs

When choosing a trimmer, one should take into account the weight of the device, the type of cutting tool that can be represented by fishing line or knives, the type of rod, which can be straight, collapsible or bent, engine power, fuel tank volume, the presence of a connector with nozzles and the working width.

Operation and maintenance of the trimmer

To extend the life of equipment such as a trimmer, the rules for its use and storage must be observed. It is very important to observe safety precautions, which will avoid injuries when working with this type of equipment.

  1. Before work, wear safety glasses, work gloves, work clothing and earphones.
  2. Grass should be cut evenly, simultaneously removing no more than a third of the total height of the grass cover.
  3. The average height of the lawn should be from 4-5 to 8-9 cm, depending on the time of year.

The trimmer should be looked after, conducting regular cleaning and timely maintenance, which will make the job as safe and very effective as possible.

Electric Trimmer: Feature

The electric and cordless trimmers should be thoroughly cleaned of grass and debris after work. It is not recommended to charge the battery trimmer immediately after use. Keeping the battery fully charged will extend its trouble-free life. When using a gasoline trimmer, standard care, which is necessary for any gasoline tool, should be carried out.

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