DIY squirrel house

DIY squirrel house

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The cottage near the park zone is always characterized by the appearance of small animals on its territory, which come to us to feast on something tasty. Often these are squirrels that are very fun to watch. And in order to be able to do this more often, you can build a house for a furry guest in your country house.

Indeed, there is no problem to lure the little rodent to itself, settle it on the nearest tree and constantly observe its interesting behavior, feeding nuts. It is only necessary to build a small housing for the squirrel so that the animal feels not only full, but also comfortable.

Do-it-yourself squirrel house building. It is not much different from a standard feeding trough or birdhouse, and therefore, you can even pick up old drawings, if any, and work on them. If not, then the whole process will have to start all over again.

How to make a squirrel hut

Before you start tinkering, you need to provide for a lot of important little things that will regulate the appearance of the squirrel in the country and its survival in the territory. The list of requirements will include the location of the dwelling, and its arrangement, and the most natural look. But about all this strictly in order.


Squirrel - a creature almost tame only in parks, where red-headed babies are often fed. At the dachas near the forests, in view of the instinct of self-preservation, the little thieves are very prudent and careful, and therefore, inviting them to settle at home will not be easy. The most correct option would be the correct location of the house, which we were going to build.

Try to place a small tower closer to the border of the territory, at a distance from buildings and crowded places, away from loudly working machines and tools that are used in the country. Also, it is necessary to provide for the height of the house, the similarity of trees to the main plantings in the natural area near the cottage, the maximum disguise of the house and so on. Such a move will make it possible to outsmart the squirrel a bit, which will help to lure it to your cottage and leave it to live there. Naturally, over time, the animal will understand your good intentions and get comfortable a bit, allowing itself to come closer and closer and take food even from your hands, but this requires not only time, but also the right course in which your acquaintance will take place.

Creation material

Proteins of various breeds and habitats can behave too differently, and therefore, linking their behavior together is simply unrealistic. In the United States, proteins pose some danger to crops and their bins, and therefore can even be destroyed. But it’s exactly there that cunning trespassers freely roam the lands of farmers and settle in attics, in sheds and other places, choosing for themselves not only wooden or cardboard boxes for life, but even tin structures, buckets and so on.

Looking at our regions, there are some doubts that the squirrel will come and live in a bucket with a hole so easily, and therefore, in view of this thought and our predisposition to work with a tree, we will create a squirrel house from natural elements.

Next, we will talk about how to make a hut out of wood, individual parts of a board or plywood, but most importantly, we will use natural materials in the production, which will not only scare away the squirrels, but also attract them.

Building drawing

The drawing and the correct dimensions are more important for you, for the convenience of creating the structure, than for the animal itself, for which only some parameters must be precisely observed. And therefore, you need to take a sheet of paper and a pencil, sketch a light project, and then, during construction, try to follow it as strictly as possible.

Drawing up a drawing is very simple. This is the back wall, the bottom and the roof of the house, the front part, side walls, several shelves. You can choose the dimensions yourself, but remember that the house should be approximately the following parameters - 25x25x40 cm, in width, depth and height. These are approximate sizes, and the dwelling may be somewhat larger, but it is advisable not to make it smaller. Also, be sure to provide on the front part an entrance and a shelf, an internal shelf and a reinforcement of the base of the silkwort, on which it will be fixed to the tree.

Tools and materials

Such tools and materials may be useful: a hacksaw, a hammer, a drill, a ballerina nozzle, nails, screws, a screwdriver, tape measure, a pencil, a tree (edged or unedged board), a wooden beam or a mounting level, approximately 40x40 cm.

Naturally, in the process of work some other necessary objects or consumables may be remembered, but their binding depends only on the complexity of the design.

Building a squirrel

The initial stage of the work will be the transfer of all sizes from the drawing to the working material, that is, to the board. Next, there is an exact cutting of the material with a hacksaw on wood.

Now that all the elements are ready, we begin to work with each of them individually.

We make holes in the front element of the squirrel for entering the house, a small round hole with the help of a “ballerina”. About 10 centimeters in diameter will be enough, but options at your own discretion are possible.

Now, next to the hole, we need to attach a small shelf, the so-called balcony, to the facade. It can be made of a wooden beam, in the form of a step, or on the same beam to apply part of the board to make the ledge larger. You can fix everything on nails or screws, as you wish.

Further, on one of the side parts a shelf is applied, which should be located inside, directly under the entrance hole, but also not overlap the entire structure inside, so that the squirrel can lower to the depth of its house. Such a shelf adapts to the side wall by fixing it to nails or self-tapping screws that enter from the outside of the wooden element.

When building a squirrel hut, try not to use toxic materials with strong odors that can scare away the creature, and also, work very carefully with the design so that there are no sharp elements that can injure the animal.

Now that we have everything ready for assembly, we can put the squirrel together. This is done in the following way. On the back of the house squirrels, from the inner side along the edges, two mounting strips are stuffed from top to bottom, which is done with the front part. It also requires a clearance for installing the side walls.

After they are fixed, the back wall is laid flat on a solid surface and, more precisely, on the packed planks, the side walls are strengthened. Everything happens with a screwdriver and self-tapping screws, which is very simple and fast. When you get a U-shaped structure (top view), that is, the back with the side walls, it remains to fix the front part. Everything happens as in the previous step.

When the house is almost ready, it is necessary to install its roof and bottom, and then make installation.

Product Installation

As in the case of a birdhouse in the country, the squirrel house can be mounted on a tree with special clamps or wire. Also, it can be stuffed on the dead part of the tree, so as not to injure him. It is advisable to do this in more or less dense vegetation, without turning the facade to noisy places, so that the animals feel a certain security.

It is better to set the squirrel house higher, at the level of 3-6 meters, but do not forget that working at height can be dangerous, and therefore, be sure to use insurance.

Squirrel house made of stump or wood

From a high stump, a squirrel house can be organized very simply, for example, by cutting a hollow inside. This is done as follows - an even cut is made from the top of the stump to level the platform for installing the future roof, then, again from above, a cavity is cut out in the stump, a hollow is cut out from the side, and everything is covered with a roof from above. Naturally, this will require effort and time, but believe me, it is worth it, since you will organize not only a truly natural and natural house, but also an excellent decorative element for decorating a summer cottage.

Squirrel house and feeder: video

In a tree, the squirrel tree is arranged in a similar way, but without a top cut and roof installation, it simply cuts a hollow in the place where the tree is already inanimate, for example, on a large dead branch. The hollow is cut out using a special tool - chainsaws, drills with nozzles and so on, then it is slightly cleaned from the inside, protected at the entrance - and that’s all. The squirrel house, as natural as the previous one, is completely ready.

As you can see, there are practically no difficulties in building a squirrel tower with your own hands. Sometimes, of course, such a question rests on an instrument, practical knowledge or free time, but if you ignore all this, tune in and quickly create your first masterpiece, you only have to do one thing - to lure a squirrel to her new house and put her in a new building for a long time .

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